Slim And Stacked September Strips The Stripes

There is none so deserving of the label slim and stacked as the sublimely sexy September Carrino.

Measuring in at 34-25-36 and with an impressive JJ (or K) cup, September has it going on.

September Carrino gets her big tits creased in colored striped in huge boobs too tight bra plunge neckline cleavage shot from

Here’s an extended video preview in which we see the sultry September manhandle her magnificent mammaries in a marvellous cupping caress. She swings them and slaps them together. She lets them hang and she pushes them about.
Basically, she is doing all we would do to them, if they were at our disposal, too.

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Then there’s those nipples! What a wonder to behold! Like puppies with eager noses, her nipples seem to be permanently perky and are crying out to be sucked. Forgive me, the puppy metaphor ended, before I got to the sucking bit. Really, it did.

And there’s more! Here are some behind the scenes photos, from this video shoot, from

September Carrino colored stripes big boobs behind the scenes photos from


10 thoughts on “Slim And Stacked September Strips The Stripes”

  1. Long breasts are amazing, and when they’re as full as that AND topped by the best nipples of all-time, what left is there to say apart from HNNNG.

  2. incredible!!!! this girl is stunning and those knockers are fucking amazing… there soft and pliable and have an amazing shape to them and offcourse those nipples!!!!!!!!!! great clip guys im gonna watch over and over ….. love the bit when she pulls out the bra and those snoopies fall out all over the fucking place,, YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! magnificent hangers,, i do believe shes a little underated in the tit world which is hard to believe but if you get talking to a fellow tit man quite a few names get banded about before septembers and i think its high time those great guys at score got in touch with her,, anyone agree???

  3. Hi Vix and Reese! I hope nothing horrible is going on over there for you all. Not sure why the drop in posts recently, so I hope it isn’t something major for you all. Looking forward to things getting back to normal, because 3 posts for the entire month so far is rough!

  4. I love big breasts capped by big nipples and September might be the perfect combination of both. And thats in addition to her natural beauty and perfect body. My only criticism is of the camera lens. Her nipples and breasts are spectacular – there is no need to exaggerate what she naturally has in abundance. Are there any videos or pictures of her that are taken with a lens perspective based in reality?

  5. These breasts are simply stunning, with the best nipples EVER!

    She seems to have removed her piercings permanently now, but you can still see the holes, I can’t decide whether her nipples are hotter with or without!

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