Spooning in bed with Sapphire…

Blame Sapphire for today’s post, as I truly cannot be held responsible. You see, I was visiting her Big Boob Gem site, perving over the pics of this lovely, voluptuous redhead and her J-cup breasts when I inadvertently read some of the words she’d written. To wit: “My 38J big boobs were so heavy and swollen that day. I remember putting on my bra and barely fitting into it! It was such a relief to pull out my boobs for the photo shoot and show everyone. It makes me feel sexy to know that guys like to fantasize about my soft pillowy breasts.”

‘Twas the last sentence that got to me and, despite my initial thoughts of “How could someone like Sapphire not feel sexy?” I felt compelled to oblige her with a fantasy of my own regardless of my fears that Sapphire – being the subject of so many others’ fantasies that she’s no doubt reached critical mass in that regard – could spontaneously combust in an orgasmic explosion of sexiness if too many of us contributed to these feelings. Then again, I suppose it’s a risk we all have to take.

My fantasy was inspired by a photo series of Sapphire asleep in bed her side, her massive breasts laying one on top of the other and forming a mountain of mammary goodness extending more than a foot in front of her chest. I imagined myself quietly crawling in under the covers behind Sapphire and gently spooning myself up against her back. Snuggling in tight with my hips against her bum, I wrap my arm around her cuddly tummy and bury my nose near the nape of her neck to take in the scent of her hair. As she’s not awakened, I decide to become a bit bolder any slide my hand from her belly up to her chest to nestle my hand within the warm and cavernous cleavage formed between her huge breasts (as Sapphire demonstrates in this pic). Just feeling the immense weight of the one breast resting atop my hand whilst the other acts as its pillow, my already tumescent erection suddenly becomes rock hard, throbbing its way through the triangular opening where her thighs meet her ass cheeks and coming to rest pulsing passionately against her plump pussy. Sapphire lets out a nearly silent sigh, as if to acknowledge the sensation and let me know she’s awakened from her slumbers. “Is that okay?” I asked in a whisper, just to make sure I wasn’t taking inappropriate advantage, to which she turned her head slightly toward me and, with her eyes still closed, smiled softly and simply replied with an extended “Mmmmmmmmm.” Further acknowledgement was soon received in the form of the growing moisture I could feel against the top of my cock as it continued to throb eagerly against her now swollen pussy lips. I eased myself down a bit, allowing the rim of my engorged cock head to slowly slide over her erect clit until it settled against the fold between her wet pussy flaps. As my penis had been so intensely erect, straining rigidly against her pubic mound nearly to the point of being painful for me, it’s desired angle combined with Sapphire’s copious natural lubrication made pussy penetration an effortless task. She ground her bottom against me as I shifted my hips upward, both of us encouraging the length of my cock to probe ever deeper into the invitingly warm folds of her love tunnel. I just wanted to remain within her forever, but Sapphire obviously had a different agenda based upon her continued and accelerating pelvic thrusts against me. Reaching up through her breasts so as to take hold of what proved to be far more than a handful of breast flesh within my fingers – an easy task, her cleavage being all slippery and sweaty from the physical exertion (which of course prompted me to think, “Hey, next time, a tit-fuck might be nice!”) – I complemented her relentless rhythm with counter-strokes of my own, shoving my cock so far into her that I could feel my dick-head bump up against Sapphire’s cervix and then withdrawing until the flange of my meatus was brushing against her wet pussy flaps. The sensation was incredible, not to mention the intensely sensual sound of our love-juice soaked genitals engaged in a most erotic dance while the inescapable aroma of sex permeated the air, that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Fortunate for me, Sapphire’s orgasm came first, the waves of her vaginal contractions crushing against my cock like a fleshy vise. The sensation of her pulsating pussy squeezing my manhood combined with feel of her breasts encompassing my forearm was way too much for me, and I immediately exploded in turn with wave after wave of hot cum filling what had now become a rather tight, constricted space. As the delicious magnitude of our mutual orgasms subsided, we stayed locked in the comfort of a post-coital embrace, my now depleted penis remaining inside of her vagina with both of us still pulsing in the afterglow. Sapphire fell back asleep soon thereafter, leaving me to wonder – now exhausted from our impromptu sexual encounter – if I might perchance enjoy the profound pleasure of waking up inside of her should I do the same.

*takes a breath* Well, that’s my fantasy, but you can make up your own. In order to assist, here’s Sapphire with the same stimulus which served as inspiration for the above waking wet-dream courtesy of BigBoobGem.com:

Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com

Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com

Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com

Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com

Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com    Sapphire 38J in bed at BigBoobGem.com




18 thoughts on “Spooning in bed with Sapphire…”

  1. Amazing set of pics and some sweet erotica there Reese. You should explore that talent. I gotta say, the pics of Sapphire lying on her back holding her mammoth juggs simply blow my mind. Her breasts are so inviting and delicious… must… have… more!

  2. Sapphire if you happen to read this post. I Love You! You are beautiful woman and I would be honored to be your friend.

  3. damn! damn! damn! and double damn! thats a lovely sight for bored eyes!
    should pair her up against miosotis and see whos larger!
    i think it would be close.

  4. Keep up the good work Reese. I second the vote for a comparison w/ Miosotis in Lana’s directory…a unique study of wonderful contrasts…

  5. I love those big blue veins on her huge, soft beautiful breasts! I could spend days licking and sucking those beauties! Please post more of her whenever you can; can’t get enough of her!

  6. Whatever Xan or anyone else says- I personally hope to God she does more hardcore, and soon! She is just about the ideal woman.

  7. damn her tits are jus like my girlfriends tits maybe my girls are like a tad bit smaller but i love the rosy red pink nips and the veins that alone gets me so bone stiff!!!
    i luv it
    good work BTW reese!!

  8. Sapphire, I like everything and anything that consist of you that you are in. I think the best of you with your innocent look that you carry in your photos. I could watch you all day.

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