Stop the Presses: 36JJ Alicia is Lactating!

The other day, I was lamenting over on MyBBWSite that we still have five months to wait before we get to witness the pregnant 32JJ Maxi milking. But fret no more, as I’ve just learned from one of MyBoobSite’s regulars that luscious newcomer Alicia 36JJ from Divine Breasts is lactating right now! It was my mate “Very Free” who passed along this tasty tit-bit of information…

“I just had to find out more about Alicia at so I signed up. Well, Hell, no wonder Alicia’s fuggin’ 36JJ udders are so ‘Holy-Shit’ big! Them mams are fully engorged with MILK! She’s wetting down the front of her blouse with them! So we here and now have with Alicia what we’ll have with Maxi in several months. To paraphrase Reese, ‘What a lucky sod her newborn baby is!'”

…and indeed he was right (as usual): I logged on to Divine Breasts and found the following video of Alicia – basically the full version of the teaser vid in my first blog about her – and, if you watch the last video clip below, you can see her gigantic JJ-cup juggs expressing milk! Ladies & gentlemen, the wait is over. At long last, we have achieved lactation on MyBoobSite! Here are a few clips from the video:

Alicia 36JJ at    Alicia 36JJ at    Alicia 36JJ at

Alicia 36JJ at    Alicia 36JJ at    Alicia 36JJ at


P.S. And lest you get the impression that I’m totally infatuated with Alicia (which I am), I thought I’d best share two of my other favourites from the site, Jessica & Joanna (the latter of whom some of you may remember as Eden Mor’s girlfriend):

Joanna from    Joanna from    Joanna from

Jessica from    Jessica from    Jessica from



39 thoughts on “Stop the Presses: 36JJ Alicia is Lactating!”

  1. HI webmaster,i ve seen Alicia’s clips. what can i say???no words to describe her H U G E tits. thanks u so much for having put her on ur blog: the model i ve been searching for my opinio,much better than milena velba (and i ve always liked milena more than the others busty models). i hope to see soon other Alicia’s pics and clips here

  2. I Love you site! I have been coming here for several months now and I only have one comment…..since MicroSoft is no longer updating it’s Windows Media Player for the Mac, could you PLEASE help out us poor, Breast-loving Mac-users and convert these files into mpeg or .mov file formats?

    If you could do this, you would truly be my hero!


  3. Oh my, I could watch her squeeze them like that all day long…on and on and on…!! (Although I’d probably still prefer Milena…maybe…)

    It’s funny though, how all those East-European and Russian girls give themselves funky international names like Alicia or Marilyn or whatever…!? She’d be hot even if she went by Irina or Olga or Raissa or whatever…! :)

  4. What I would give to suck on those! As I said before they have to be 2 of the best tits ever. I love their shape and how low they hang. I’d really like to see her walk toward me so I could watch them sway. God, they truly are magnificent!

  5. Like mangaphreak, I love to watch Milena suck milk from her own huge boobs. But I think one of the best milkers was Yolanda AKA Tolanda AKA Ms. Twin Volcanoes. Here, they talk about her, and also about some special FX machine that made porn stars look like they’re milking, which I didn’t know about.
    You can see a pic of Yolanda here, on a DVD from Wild Bill’s, where there are a lot more huge milking juggs (also Sweet Pea’s P cups).

    Anyone know anything about GUBA? If you have an acct, I’d like to know if it’s worth it. Pls email my Yahoo acct veryfree333. Thanks.

  6. 100% agree. I have never seen such an exiting girl and she will be my favorite now in front of Milena Velba who was my star before…
    Is there a lot of videos on her website ?

  7. In reply to someone who asked in her first, original blog how much do Alica’s tits weigh: here’s my best guesstimate.

    I would estimate the diameter of each of Alicia’s boobs as somewhere in the 6 inch (15cm) to 6.5 inch (17cm) sphere (her right one looks a bit bigger than her left). The volume of a sphere that size is 2000 to 2500 cubic centimeters, and the weight if filled with water would be about 2 to 2.5 kg or 4.5 to 5 pounds. Reese gave me a correction figure of 0.9 for the differencs between fat and water, but since Alica’s juggs are filled with a lot of glandular tissue and milk, I’d say they weigh more towards the heavier figure. Besides, it’s nice to believe they’re really heavy, since we can already see they’re really big! So I’d say, 2.5 kg or 5 lbs full of milk, and 2kg or 4.5 lbs empty. I’d just love to be the one who empties them! YUM!

    My only complaint with the videos is that they’re all the wrong aspect ratio for Windows Media Player, DIVX, etc., so she looks narrower than normal (there’s no way to change the aspect ratio). I D/L’d Videolan, an open source video player. It allows me to set the aspect ratio to 16:9, which makes the video look normal. But I can’t figure out how to keep the settings after the movie quits playing – everything reverts back to the default settings. But at least I can play them properly.

  8. sculptor1111~

    What version of the Mac operating system are you using? I do all of the video editing for MyBoobSite on a Mac, including the creation of the .wmv files used for the clips. Let me know what OS you’re using, and I’ll be happy to see if I can find a free player or QuickTime plug-in for viewing my vids…

    ~Reese! :~)

  9. Hey Reese,

    I am running OS 9.2…..if you could find me a player to run your wmv files, that would be awesome.


  10. Get Flip4Mac directly from the Telestream site:
    The MS site seems to lag behind linking to the most current version, and this is important for complete compatibility to QT 7.0.4. Player is free and for a few dollars more you can get import/export functions

  11. Well, since he seems to working with Mac OS 9 (why in hell’s name would you??) the Flip4Mac plugin won’t do…!? Actually I don’t think there’s much you can do there, sculptor1111 — except for upgrading to the 21st century and switch to Mac OS X! ;)

  12. I say WHO CARES about mac!#$$#^$@ vs mac(U^&^$$# I just want more ALICIA!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SO FUCKING GREAT. I really want one of my own now (an Alicia). I feel thirsty just looking at her wasting that great milk dribbling over her boobs……..fetch me a towel. Great site you have here Reese:-) I look forward to seeing what you have added each day after work. By the way I live in Australia. Keep bringing the good stuff! bye. oh and keep the WMV coming HEHE.

  13. Alicia….is super !

    Information Alicia..s Nationalita ? Poland, Italia…East Europen Girl ?

    Webmaster is Italien Ident .

    Greeting Aliciafans from Germany Berlin

  14. Alicia is now in the same awesome class as my other top titty girl, Milena Velba–lets see them go breast to breast- squirting!

  15. >Alicia is now in the same awesome class as my other top titty girl,
    >Milena Velba–lets see them go breast to breast- squirting!

    Better yet, breast-to-breast suckling. Oh, God – Milena’s milk overflowing from Alicia’s mouth and vice-versa….I think I’m gonna pass out from visualizing that.

  16. Alicia is awesome!! When i first saw her my head exploted! And for me she is pretty too! I would like to be between her and Nadine Jansen! Wow, that would be my dream come true!
    And if you like really pretty and common girls with huge real breasts, then you might like to see this:

    This girl is so pretty and has such big naturals tits than i felt in love at once with her!!

  17. quelles belles msanges ,j’attends plein de video de ALICIA elle est vraiment superbe et quelle visage ,salutations

  18. Very Free.
    My wife’s H cup gland filled tits weigh 5 lbs each, so Alicia’s JJ’s must be heavier. I wonder if 7 lbs each would be far out?

    I’ve had my head buried under those 5lb H cups with serious risk of suffocation, and headache from the weight, but I’d LOVE to lose my head in Alicia’s, just before draining them.

  19. Dear sir

    I think Alicia is an excellent equal to Milena Velba as she is also 36JJ and have a beautiful face and she is very exciting just like Milena Velba but perhaps she needs more time to be recognized well. Alicia will increase my huge natural breasts women that I adore and so they will become :

    1- Milena velba

    2- Eden mor

    3- Nadine jansen

    4- Alicia

    Yours sincerely


  20. this site just keeps getting better oh how I wish I could get this close to these fantastic ladies
    keep up this quality work

  21. I am attracted you have liked Bahk Do you want unmarried monogamy like Atakplin or one of the Akhtiarki be beautiful

  22. Alicia is so great. I wonder if she’ll ever do hardcore? I notice that most of her clips are shot in like an amateur style, so I’m guessing that she’s not planning to go any further in her career just yet. I really hope she will consider it though – I’d love to see a titfuck scene with her in it!

  23. All of the beautiful women in everyone’s posts are unbelievably desirable. So, we all dream; we all drool; we all would give quite a bit to be there in the instance of the gorgeous videos and pictures we fantasize over… How do we convince these women that we (I) would be the most amazing lovers they would ever experience in their entire lives and that one of these incredible beauties needs to come feed this bottle baby, that is always trying to make up for the lack of a good healthy start in his diet?

    Get back to me ladies. I’ve got a few qualities you might enjoy…that I could trade evenly for the obvious qualities I lust for!..MWWahahaahhhhh!
    Thanks for being you..and letting me see you!!!!

  24. Absolutly lov e huge squirting saggers especially if the saggy owner is doing the sucking and the swallowing

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