They’re not lesbians, honest…

I’m beginning to sense a theme creeping in, here, as I’ve spent the past few days on MyBoobSite blogging my favourite busty models and their girlfriends. For this I humbly apologize, and promise to return to our regularly scheduled voluptuous variety show shortly. In the meantime, if you’ll bear with me for one more day, I’ve just stumbled across a rather spiffing new series of girl-girl photos from!

Strangely, I’d first encountered this one on a forum where it was classified as “lesbian porn”. I found this fallacious on two counts: 1) I’ve seen both of the women featured in the pictorial engaged in sexual relations with men, “lesbianism” implying exclusivity, and 2) most of the lesbians I know wouldn’t find it arousing in the least, deriding these two as artificial “lipstick lesbians”. Indeed, they’re just two friends engaging in a little bit of bisexual play…and where’s the harm in that?!

Anyway, back to the series, which finds Chloe Vevrier paired up with the gorgeous Brandy Taylor (who has her own website, too, btw). Although 20-year-old Brandy is listed as a 36DD on the website, her measurements of 42-28-34 would have me estimating her more in the E- to F-cup range. And I thought Eden Mor had great taste in women! The combination of Chloe & Brandy as body-buddies has to be the best one yet…

Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor    Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor

Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor    Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor

Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor    Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor

Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor    Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor

Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor    Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor

Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor    Chloe Vevrier & Brandy Taylor


21 thoughts on “They’re not lesbians, honest…

  1. HOT DAMN!!!! Not only is Chloe an amazing woman but Brandy is not far behind!! ¿How can a man stand such a “pair”? =)

  2. Wow! I knew about this set from Chloe’s website, but I can never get enough of it, especially of Brandy. I’m surprised Brandy went on Vevrier’s site because usually, but obviously not exclusively (such as, she is found on hardcore sites that advertise having bbw. I wish I knew about the contest at, I would have dedicated my vote to her in a heartbeat. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Brandy is by far the hottest girl in the biz. Lucky for me, my girlfriend looks, and stacks up to Brandy. Yet I still find myself checking up on what’s new with her quite frequently (she just has that power over viewers). Love the site Reese. Very good choices. And just for all you Brandy fans out there: she is now 24 y.o., is surprisingly only 5’3″, and apparently is a massage therapist student somewhere in Cally I believe. Enjoy this beauty while you can, because I doubt she’ll be doing this for more than a few more years (dammit! LOL).

  3. Brandy says she is a 42-28 and is advertised as a 36DD?

    I would say the guess about her being a 36DD is pretty good. I know I am around a 44-28, about 5-2(Brandy is 5-3 supposedly) and I know I am much bustier then Brandy is. My guess is she is a 36DD and she is not 42 inches around, more like 39 or so.

    I know my boobs are easily bigger.

  4. Heather I agree with you I’m a natural 38F and I measure 44. I have to say though that if Brandy is a DD those are big DD’s! I was thinking at least three…D’s

  5. wow!there hot always had the hots for Brandy but seeing her in a lesbian action with a really hot chick makes me soo hot!!

  6. Tina,
    That is a like a dream come true hey seeing her with Chloe is even better, but with me would be the ultimate…..Brandy is high on my list too!

  7. Now THAT’S more like it. Very elegant, high class pictorial. A true departure from her usual bubble gum style shoots. I hope she does more like this. it suits her well.

  8. From the point of view of real lesbian porn its very unrealistic trust me!!!
    But to the point of how hot Brandy is is just unbelievable. She has the best tits ever! Definately have the hots for her!!

  9. Brandy is gooood Chloe is gooooooood both in lesbo action VERY FUCKIN’ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

  10. Not “Real Lesbians” – So?

    Not real lesbian porn unless they’re honest to God 100% dykes? Is that what you’re tryong to say?

    Don’t be so bloody silly!

    The truth is that there are lots of bisexual women in (and makning) the porn “made by lesbians for lesbians”. There are also lesbian identified women in straight hardcore – Dani Woodward is one & she sure knows how to suck a dick. But I guess because she’s a lesbian it can’t be real straight hardcore porn? Huh?

    Two women having sex in porn – it doesn’t matter if they’re lesbian or bisexual or just plain sexual The only thing that matters is are they having sex with each other and enjoying it? If they are then it is as real as any other “real” porn.

    Actually, some of you guys might be really shocked if you knew just how many queer women work in the sex industry.

  11. Brandy taylor is one of the best porn stars in the business and she does and awesome lesbian scene also. Go BRANDY

  12. Awesome. The white lace and large, damn, I can’t stop thinking about those girls long enough to write. Beautiful pics.

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