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Now that both Miosotis & Kristina Milan have shifted their ample ebony assets to the Score family of big boob sites, there remained but one beautiful and super busty babe needed to complete the big black tits triumvirate they once were. And so, it has happened; 36JJJ Vanessa Del has joined XL Girls!

Vanessa Del at

Now, Vanessa Del is no stranger to MyBoobSite. In fact, I’ve blogged this busty black beauty having a threesome with Kristina Milan some time ago! But, much like Mio and Kris, I believe her big tits shift to the good folks at Score shall give this extra chesty chocolate cutie and her enormous ebony breasts a new lease on life (well, in her big boobs porn life, at least). She’s already done two series for XLGirls, the first being a softcore set with her perfectly pendulous big black boobs in a bikini which sports some exceptional sidewinder shots as well) and the second is a sexy hardcore series wherein our well-endowed wonder appears as if she’s attempting to titfuck a whole head in her colossal chocolate cleavage before full-on fucking cowgirl coitus commences! And so, let’s revisit this ravishing massive mocha mammary maiden and her more than respectable rack of gigantic JJJ-cup juggs at her huge hooters’ new home. Here’s the ever beautiful busty voluptuous 36JJJ Vanessa Del at XLGirls:

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2 thoughts on “Vanessa Del at XL Girls”

  1. I like Vanessa Del cause her name makes you think of Vanessa Del Rio, one of the sluttiest of the classic 80s starlets who just happened to be hispanic. I think Vanessa Del has the same skin tone and carries on in that ultra slutty tradition. She’s a little prettier and much bigger busted than Del Rio. In short she is a porn monster in the making! She’s kind of an airhead, methinks, but all she needs is better directing and she is going to make some scalding HOT porn. She’s a slut and she’s a cute airhead. Just not a blonde. I think she’s the new wave. All real tits too!

  2. Reese you have outdone yourself this time! Miss Del is one seriously busty hotty!

    Love her tits and i wish i was the guy in her hc video!

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