Watching Maxi grow…

A lot has happened since I last blogged the mysterious Maxi and her massive JJ-cup boobs: She’s recently launched her own personal website – – and has begun shooting all-new photos & videos for it. The biggest news of all, however, and the reason she’d ventured off to start her own site, is that…MAXI’S PREGNANT!!

In her own words: “As you might know, I was modeling for TopHeavy from 2001 till the end of 2005. I had a great time there and probably would stay forever, but a major thing happened in my life – I got pregnant! :D The new situation forced me to open this personal website of mine, which will be focused on pregnancy and fast growing of my already huge breasts during the next several months. You’ll also see me playing naughty milking games, when the time comes. And my big belly lovers will enjoy now more then ever, since I started eating a lot, hehehe.”

Her new site is “udderly” fantastic, too! In addition to being able to watch the progress of her pregnancy and see its effects upon Maxi’s luscious voluptuous body, she’s also posted a generous selection of never before seen private shots from her early days, even before she’d begun modelling in 2001 (a must-see for any true Maxi fan!). And there’s plenty of photos & videos from after she became an internet big boobs sensation as well. All in all, it’s the ultimate Maxi collection!

The thing I’m most excited about, though, is seeing the impact that Maxi’s pregnancy will have on her already-enormous 32JJ tits. As the hormonal changes of the reproductive process begin to take effect, the breasts typically grow by several cup sizes (anyone care to wager where her JJ-cups will be in 9 months’ time?!). Then, there’s the delicious prospect of lactation as her body prepares for breast-feeding…and, for me, the mere thought of a “milking Maxi” just boggles the mind!

But, as the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. She’s just starting to “show” now – as evidenced in the photos below (her belly’s already grown from 33 to 36 inches) – and she’s recently reported that her boobs are beginning to follow suit! I, for one, am really looking forward to joining Maxi on her journey to motherhood…

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

(note: photos available for download on the site are typically 1600×1200 resolution)

…and, in her current medically-sensitive condition, what better persona to portray in her most recent video than that of the illustrious “Dr. Maxi” (in magnificent 1280×720 resolution, no less)? Mmmmm…I don’t know about you, but I’d let the lovely Maxi “play doctor” with me any day:

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of


13 thoughts on “Watching Maxi grow…”

  1. Any major changes to her breasts, such as major growth and darkening of the areolas, should’ve happened during the first trimester, which is well before she starts to show. So we’ll have to wait until after puerperium to see those huge milkers do their job. And what a job they should be able to do! I’m already salivating at the thought! And until then we have several months to watch her tummy grow. Maybe she might put on a little weight, too.

    Re: her videos, I can’t say I enjoyed seeing her pull off the tape – it was a waste of my time, and it probably hurt. And I don’t enjoy seeing those weird masks with all the gewgaws on them. I wish they’d just wear some plain white mask. But it’s a real joy to see those whoppers hanging down that low. Yeah.. And she’s got a nice venusian body, like Davina’s. Maxi and Davina seem to have breasts of comparable size, but Davina’s seem to not hang down as low, maybe because she’s got a heavier torso. We’ll have to wait to see how Maxi’s turn out after she has her baby. In the meantime, I’m still enamored with Milena’s monstrous milkers. Isn’t everyone? ;-)

    Meanwhile, if you’re interested in tantalizing Japanese “breast fetish” p0rn art by Tohru Nishimaki, go here and scroll down to the “Blue Eyes” series, and check out the pics. The drawings in some issues (4 for ex.) seem to be more realistic, except for those impossibly humongous hooters. I figure that those approx. 1 foot (30cm) diameter monsters, if real, would in total weigh half her body weight. She would have extreme difficulty holding them up, or even standing! But they’re nice to fantasize about!

    While you’re there, search for Yulia Nova, the ‘Gorgeous Goddess’ from Russia, and check out her pics and DVDs. I personally think she’s got Merilyn beat by a mile; slim, but not as bony as Merilyn. And oh, those boo-boo-boo-bootiful blue eyes!

  2. BTW, I forgot to mention that I’m watching the Maxi videos Reese posted and they’re looking distorted, so that she looks too elongated vertically. i’m using Windoze Media palyer, so I don’t think it’s causing the problem. Maybe it was caused by the translation to the lower res from 1280 by 720. I could change it if it was a .JPg pic, but not a video.

  3. I’ve never been such a big fan of Maxi though…she seems to be a nice person and has pretty awesome breasts, that’s for sure…! But I just don’t go for those models who keep hiding their faces, I guess…as much as I am a boobfan, the face is still an important part of the whole person and so all those blurred faces usually kind of spoil it for me…so I don’t even bother checking them out anymore…

  4. Man, those babies are just about hanging to her waist already. I’m surprised they look a little flat. Oh well, so they sag. How great would it be to drink from those massive mammaries.

  5. To All~

    Apologies for the lateness in your comments appearing, but MyBoobSite suffered a massive spam attack over the past few days and I’m just in the process of sorting that out. My first order of business was to make sure all of the legitimate responses got on-line ASAP, so now I’m off to deal with the dregs…but not before I take the time to reply to your comments:

    Very Free~

    Maxi’s breasts don’t look much different now than they did in her pre-pregnancy shoots, so perhaps she’s just a “late bloomer”? As I recall, my wife Vix’ boobs continued to grow noticeably throughout her pregnancy, ballooning up from a meager B-cup to a 36E over the course of 9 months (and she loved the attention from that, finding the most revealing maternity wear possible to accentuate her new-found endowments!). So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Maxi’s case.

    I’d love to feature Yulia Nova on MyBoobSite, but can’t seem to find any websites that feature her (as I’d need to get in touch with the webmasters to get permission to post her pics). Do you know of any sites that she appears on? If so, let me know and I’ll definitely see what I can do!

    You’re right about the preview video clips being elongated vertically, and it’s definitely a case of translation to the smaller format. I’ve seen the actual high-definition video in its awesome 1280×720 resolution, and the somewhat-distorted mini-clips just don’t do it justice. I’ll have to see if I can locate a video encoder that will preserve the aspect ratio of the original movie, so I can make my own previews at the same relative resolution for future blogs.


    I know what you mean about models who won’t show their faces. I was chatting with my mate Liana about this, and she said it’s just her preference for privacy’s sake. She’d polled her site members about this issue, and they all said that they’d rather see her with a blurred face than not to get to enjoy her 38MM boobs at all (and I do understand where they’re coming from, too)!

    In Maxi’s case, she does it because of her “real” job: she’s currently a programmer working for a bank – a rather reserved industry, to say the least – and doesn’t want her topless modelling “hobby” to jeopardize her position. While she’s having a tough time balancing her modelling, work & family lives, her fans have inspired her to appreciate that nature has blessed her with “a gift to make men happy” (and I dare say some women, too!), and it’s their support that keeps her going.


    In the words of Dieter Meier of Yello: “Oh yeah!” ;~)

    ~Reese! :~)

  6. I know of course why the women are trying to hide their faces, but honestly — if I know that woman I will probably recognize her ever if she tries to blur some of her face…!? ;)

    Anyway, for me the face is too important as to neglect it and it really spoils the overall experience, no matter how sexy the rest of the body may be…! :(

  7. Maxi is one hot mamma and now more than ever (curse the lucky bastard that got her). I can’t wait to se how she turns out through and after her pregnancy, and what’s with those masks?, i understand the need of a degree of anonimity but it would be nice to see the WHOLE package…

    VF: De una !!!! I’m glad somebody else took notice of Yulia Nova .She’s a constant muse to Nishimaki sensei, he did the drawings that shows between chapters in her lastest dvds. She’s got 110cm of chest diameter at least that’s what the Bachelor file of her says,¿you think Merilyn is about the same size? and ¡¡¡you are absolutely right about those intoxicating blue eyes!!!
    Reese: she appears in the site but i think it’s a little difficult to get permission to show pics of her. Two years ago, her manager and photographer Satoshi Kizu complained to Google for some photos that were appearing on
    Anyway if you’re still interested i have pics and movies of her and there many sites out there with the stuff you may need…. :)

  8. Reese,

    This seemed as good a place as any to leave you a message. Since Maxi’s boobs are pretty damn close to being the finest pair i have ever seen, i wondered if you had also seen Alicia’s.

    She has a MySpace page now and she links to her page at . I would love to see more of this incredible Italian and i think you might just be the guy to coax her into more appearances.

    Thinking of My Space, don’t forget the wonderful Dawn with those whopping 36HH’s.

  9. Nevcer seen so many whiners complaining of the effects of gravity or hidden faces.Big things sag,,,any true tit fan knows that even a 19 year old with big jugs will sag.Go look at silicone if you dont like natural shaped breasts.and as for the hidden face -yeah it would be great to see all the faces of the hidden big breast models that are on the net but if the want to stay anonymous then we should be thankful we can at least see the big jugs that they are willing to show.Stop yer bitchin’ and act like real men and stop trying to discourage these sexy ladies from showing off their glorious bodies.

  10. Usually, I don’t comment on such sites. I see and enjoy blessed
    to overly developed mammaries for size, look, and siren call beauty
    of women showing their breasts.

    Natural sag, blue vein lines are also natural to the look, feel, and
    texture of the female form. Either you, we, or I take all the natural
    beauty and problems that large lovelies have or don’t call one’s self
    a big bust lover.

    Yes, exercise will help those with blessed with an over abundance of
    chest flesh. For those whom back and shoulder pain can only be cured
    by surgery that is a choice best made by individuals suffering.

    As for those whe are bold and like showing their assets more power
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    endowed sister’s. Take great care of the girls for you and not just a
    few happless, horny, web site watching fella’s such as yours truely.

    I’d always like personal rather than eyeing Boob sites so if I’m not
    looking I’m probably enjoying the feel of real. Take care ladies.
    And Keep ’em up-down and wobbling, jiggling, swaying mamms free
    and healthy.

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