Why can’t more ads be like this?

← Giving handjobs can be hard work, even for a beautiful big tits blonde slut masturbation expert like FF-cup busty MILF Kelly Madison. So wouldn’t it be great if there was an exercise tool that could help tone the right muscles, enhance endurance & teach girls how to give the perfect handjob all in one go? Well, if you’ve ever seen the actual advertisements for the Shake Weight Trainer on telly, you’d know there already is! Trouble is, although I’m sure we were all thinking that at the time, no one had just “cum” out and said it. So leave it to luscious large breast lovely Kelly to put the truth (not to mention sex and jiggly boobs) back in advertising by being totally honest about it’s genuine jacking off penis potential as a “wank your way to wellness” tool in her own special and far more sexually explicit cock out take on the already phallic fitness ad via her Jack Weight Trainer video from KellyMadison.com:

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14 thoughts on “Why can’t more ads be like this?”


    I totally want to post this on facebook, lmmfao!!!!

  2. LMAO!!
    Who would buy that thing?
    But to watch her demonstrate it is fantastic!!
    Love her biceps work out from the front!!

  3. THIS VIDEO IS HILARIOUS!! I’ve seen the normal infomercial for this and laughed for this exact reason. It was about time someone put together a real porn video for this exercise tool.

    Please post a clean version of this on You Tube it would be an instant hit.

  4. It was quite the turn-on. Kelly is looking priceless as ever. Nice rack as always. But unfortunately, The boys from “South Park” beat her to the punchline (no pun intended).

    [Reese writes: Pah. I must’ve missed that episode, Hank, although I do get a laugh whenever I think of the “red rocket, red rocket” one (being the sick pervert that I am). ;~)]

  5. @ Reese. The episode is in this season’s series. It can be seen on Comedy Central or the Comedy Network .ca. “South Park” version had it’s blaster spew its’ wad on Stan’s mother.

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