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More of the K-cup Breasts of Bianca Bloom

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Just a quickie for today, as we’re getting ready to head off for a weekend of partying & erotic photography (always a good combination…until the evening wears on and, due to the conspicuous consumption of potent potables, the photos start to get a bit fuzzy). Thus, I shall eschew my customary rambling nature and just […]

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G-cup breasts need your support!

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

I truly wasn’t intending on blogging another webcam model this soon, but I received a request this morning from 36G blonde babe Micky asking if I could add a link to her ImLive Fan Club on her website. Having just completed making the requisite banner and coding the link, I figured that now would be […]

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Shugar & Sam chat live on cam…

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Off and on throughout the coming month, I shall be occasionally featuring busty models who also do live videochat on webcam as a sideline. Why will I be doing this? Well, quite frankly, their cam chat hosting company – ImLive – is paying me exorbitant sums of money to do so, which will in turn […]

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Retro Boobs with Ebony-Princess & Massive Mocha Breasts with 50I Ms. Diva

Monday, September 24th, 2007

The 1970s were a scary time. Even though I was but a wee laddie, the unfeasibly big hair styles and colourful hippie clothing followed shortly thereafter by that demented disco craze was inescapable. However, for all of the patently frightening fashion faux pas that this disturbing decade of deviant decadence engendered, it also did do […]

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Fuck Me Shoes – Literally!

Friday, September 21st, 2007

I first encountered the term “Fuck Me Shoes” (or “Fuck Me Pumps”, as had been the more common derivation in the ‘States) back in the ’80s. Vix, on the other hand, first heard of “FM Shoes” courtesy of actress Shelley Winters’ autobiography, so the term’s been in use at least since the 1940s. It refers […]

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Busty Women Wanted – Be a Big Boobs Model !

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Today’s blog is a bit of a departure from the normal fare on MyBoobSite, as I need to ask you all a favour: Are you or do you know a busty woman (i.e. wives, girlfriends, co-workers, whomever) with breasts that are a D-cup or bigger who’d like to have her very own website? If so, […]

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Brandy Taylor & Kristina Milan at Big Tits Curvy Asses

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I don’t feel much like writing today as I’ve got tons of PHP coding ahead of me in preparation for a recruitment drive to find amateur big tits models who’d like to break into the boobs biz with their own website. Besides, today being International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day, I’d probably pepper my prose […]

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Busty Asian Hardcore Videos or “What’s the deal with Japanese porn?”

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Well, the results of my little porn poll have been interesting so far. With just under 1,500 votes tallied in the past two days, it seems that 57% of you are completely contented with softcore whilst only 43% prefer hardcore porn (and, since the poll was focused upon softcore, I didn’t break down the hardcore […]

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Big Tits Softcore – How far should it go?

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Call this a bit of market research on behalf of MyBoobSite, but I’ve been chatting with various webmasters lately on the subject of softcore site in the big tits niche and was curious what the considered opinion of big breast lovers at large might be. As far as I’m aware, “softcore porn” encompasses the whole […]

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My Sincerest Apologies to All

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I’ve fucked up royally, and I can only hope that you’ll accept my apologies. You see, this blog was originally about a new site that had been set up for 32G Anya Sakova and, considering that the three other sites currently hosted by the provider in question are indeed personal sites with original content within […]

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I like big tits (and a plump belly, too!)…

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Yes, I admit it. Although I’m not averse to slim-n-stacked girls like Anya, I do like a bit of a chubby tummy to go along with my big tits. I suppose that this is because, to my mind, it’s only natural that the two should go together on a real woman (which is not to […]

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Jenny – The one with the Big Tits – Hill

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

I’d first blogged Jenny Hill when I realised there was a gap in the Q-cup band of my big tits spectrum. Then, about three months later, Jenny sent me some stunning topless photos of herself in bed, thus prompting a follow-up blog. However, yet another three months have passed since then and I feel terribly […]

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Maria Moore Hardcore Videos at PlumperPass

Monday, September 10th, 2007

You know how in Friday’s blog that I was bemoaning the fact that Tyra Moore should be doing more glamour shoots and less hardcore? Well, with one of our many other Moores – 38JJ Maria Moore to be precise – the case is exactly the opposite! You see, we have plenty of options to see […]

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Busty, Black, Slim & Stacked – 32G Tyra Moore

Friday, September 7th, 2007

At long last I’ve found a new model (and an ebony one at that!) to include in my ever-growing pantheon of gorgeous G-cup goddesses: 32G Tyra Moore from the SensationalPass family of sites. This slim-n-stacked beauty is simply exceptional and, studying her overall figure, I’m even tempted to almost consider her as a black alternative […]

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Mammary mysteries of the female revealed…

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

I was speaking to Divine Breasts‘ photographer and occasional model Jessica Pink the other day and she turned me on to what turned out to be the most weirdly wonderful and strangely beautiful porn site I’ve yet encountered: It’s like they’ve combined tits with a mix of Eastern mysticism and Western esoteric tradition (but, […]

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