A Disappointing Titfuck from Maggie Green & Brandy Talore

They say there’s no such thing as a bad blowjob (upon which I beg to differ, ‘tho that’s another story altogether), but can you get a bad titfuck? Now, I’m not just talking an ineffectual titfuck here (i.e. one where you don’t cum), as such fine phallic foreplay never fails to give me great penis pleasure feeling my cock caressed in cleavage regardless of its orgasmic consequences. No, I’m talking titfucks that just leave your phallus feeling sexually frustrated.

But, first, I’d like to answer a question posed by sayno2sillycone yesterday when he asked, “Who was that special photographer in Jana’s video clip?”…

Mammary mystery big tit photography friend from PinUpFiles.com

…well, Mr Silly Cone Opponent (a point upon which I must also differ, since all my best titfucks have cum from a pair of faux F-cups), Jana’s mystery tit photography friend was gorgeous 36F Maggie Green, which gives us a nice segue since she’s one third of our disappointing titfuck threesome today!

But how could I or any other large breast lover be disappointed in getting a titfuck? Well, since you asked, I got this gallery from the Maximum Maggie site that came entitled Titty Fuck w/ Brandy Talore with a titfuck tag line to wit, “Maggie Green and Brandy Talore take turns titty fucking a hard cock.”

“Cool,” I thought. Splendid, even, since I feel F-cup breasts are the perfect size for tit-fucking and, besides, we’ve not had DDD-cup Brandy Talore on my boob site in a while, so I clicked to see what titfuck photos lay therein…

Maggie Green Brandy Talore titfuck threesome a non-runner for poor penis pal in photos from MaximumMaggie.com

…notice anything conspicuously missing from this mammary masturbation series? Yes, that’s right, there’s no actual tit-fucking taking place! Sure, we get plenty of penis on breast play with nipples touching todger and such, but where’s the beef bayonet in boobage? The noodle nested in norks? The cock in cleavage combo? It’s just not there. Meh, maybe it is just a preview – a prelude to a titfuck, if you will – and our busty girls go all the way in the full photo series. Who can say? All I can say is, if two girls promised me a threesome titfuck and then took turns just holding my penis, pretending to lick my dick when actually going down to suck her own nipples instead, I’d be sadly disappointed. Thus, the answer to our question of whether or not you can get a bad titfuck is “yes”, when you end up getting no titfuck at all. It’s all well and good to get a girl rubbing her erect nipples on the sensitive underside of your swollen shaft but, without full cleavage coitus – your big boner buried in boobs head to balls – it’s just not proper breast sex to me.

Granted, I’ve had issues with Maggie Green before (and is it any coincidence that was over yet another threesome double-act?), but I still find this busty beauty and her ideal size 36F breasts “udderly” irresistible, so I’d best give her an opportunity to prove she’s not just some sort of big tit fuck tease via video replete with some real big tit fucking fun from MaximumMaggie.com:

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5 Responses to “A Disappointing Titfuck from Maggie Green & Brandy Talore”

  1. Simpukka Says:

    Well its intresting to note how the production values dropped BIG time once Maggie went from Pinupp Glam to doing boy/girl scenes… Suddenly we are in shady locations with poor lightning, some bloke behind the camera without any sense of directions and lack of any feeling of classy that always was present in the pin up material at least and so on and so on… and her bf or whoever provides the dong hardly makes things better either… (as always we get the 20-second wank at the end where maggie looks bored out of her mind in the clip you provided)

    In her SCORE threesome at least we got the location and some improved production values but that scene left a lot to be desired as well. Granted the lass has potential but all her hc scenes have just felt meh… which is somewhat strange as any model from PG jumping to the “nasties” train should automatically have all of internet go overload haha… but in this case nobody even seems to remotely care of her change or “career”

  2. CountOlaf Says:

    There is another titfuck scene with Brandy Talore in which she actually does take the Dick between her tits. The Male in the scene is Derek, the bald guy that runs LA Direct. Anyway, when the guy Cums Maggie seems pissed that he sprayed some on her.

    I believe her shitty B/G scenes have everything to do with her Husband, Jon. BTW, Jon is not in this scene either. I believe she refers to Jon as Brad on her website. Anywho, she’s not going to take a Cock or do anything too hard without Jon. Which is a real shame. I’ve been complaining about his lack of camera presence and it falls on deaf ears. She avoids all my “cock” questions on other boards but doesn’t fail to recognize when I compliment her.

    Early in her career she said she wanted to do a B/B/G scene. Don’t get your hopes up now. She’s been one major disappointment.

  3. Joe Says:

    I have noticed that much of the porn created recently seems so glossy, polished and fake that it leaves somthing to be desired. When the women have no facial expression or passion in what they are doing then why bother. So many women appear robotic in their actions that it seems strained, hardly erotic. Score has the best women hands down but they need to change their formula and let the WOMEN choose the male actors so their performaces are more realistic thus making a a better film.

  4. Cleavage Lover Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, with most of what’s been mentioned here. I used to think ‘there’s no such thing as a bad titfuck”. How the hell COULD there be?

    Unfortunately, this scene makes it a reality. Nothing like preparing for a 3-way titfuck, and watching two women who couldn’t act more disintrested in pleasuring the guy, if they were in another room!

    To me, the bigger disappointment is Brandy Talore. For one thing, this scene appeares on HER website. I would think her premium members would be pissed off with THAT performance.

    And, we’re talking about a woman that has had her tits fucked on camera, as much as her pussy the last five years. She’s an old pro at this stuff.

    I watched both Brandy/Maggie 3-way scenes, then instantly deleted them.
    I’m not into providing negative reviews, but this one sucked.

  5. Maggie Green Says:

    So sorry you don’t like my scenes. Whatever. Not sure where you are getting your info but I am not married. You think you know things about me but you have no clue. Go fuck yourself asshole!

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