Alice 85JJ at Divine Breasts, Too + New Suzie Q

Don’t shoot the massive mammaries messenger (since we’ve taken a lot of big tits flack in the past for posting a particular super busty model too much on My Boob Site in a row) but, as Paul pointed out in one of his colossal cleavage comments on our most recent Alice 85JJ blog

Alice 85JJ at

…Alice is now appearing at Divine Breasts, too!

Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at

Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at

Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at

Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at

Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at    Alice 85JJ at

P.S. Oh, and there’s also some new Suzie Q, again at

Suzie Q at


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19 Responses to “Alice 85JJ at Divine Breasts, Too + New Suzie Q”

  1. xan Says:

    alice is amazing.

  2. Anthony Says:

    What a find!! I have followed myboobsite for a long time now and i would even dare say that Alice is possibly one of the best natural big tit models i have seen on this site over the last few years. I like all viewers have a few favourites but the size and weight of her tits makes her one of a kind in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

  3. toomuchofagoodthingiswonderful Says:

    Critics of the previous post on Alice may notice that the veins in her tits are less pronounced than in the previous set of photos. Some women have profoundly translucent skin which, under certain light, allows the veins under the skin to pop out. Also, I love Suzy Q. She’s probably close to my age, and is proof that older women can be beautiful and sexy.

  4. NonExclusive Says:

    photo 14, imagine being under her!

  5. ca united kingdom Says:

    na,, not for me either of them,,sorry… seems to have a great following tho and i think sometimes titmen just get lost in the sheer size of a womans breast… as long as her tits are huge thats good enough and for me thats not what being a titman is about…

  6. ca united kingdom Says:

    perhaps these comentators are young??

  7. dreyfuzz Says:

    Keep her coming Reese. I wouldn’t mind a new Alice blog every day! :D

  8. Bern Says:

    Suzie Q seems to have aged horribly since the last set of pictures.

  9. nick Says:

    The more I see (of both of them) the less I like.

    I also think both are quite old, or look quite old.

  10. Paul Says:

    You’re playing catch up now guys :)
    For the Alice fans, there is another set on DivineBreasts. Popping out of a black dress. Glorious!

  11. IzzyLazarus Says:

    I’m a huge fan of both of these … Alice is incredible and seems to enjoy it in front of the camera … Suzie Q, for me, is the ultimate stacked older woman I’m dying to be seduced by, I think she is AMAZING. I would do anything to get with her.

  12. Zeke Says:

    Can’t see the appeal of Alice, to be honest. I was sticking with the “if you can’t say anything nice, stay silent” adage but since is the third post about her within a few weeks I figured I’d mention it.

    She has the bad kind of macromastia/gigantomastia where you get the huge sizes but all of the side effects, like overly pronounced veins and swelling/bruising. Rather than someone like Abbi who has almost none of the side effects – other than the weight of course! Really flat nipples too.

    As someone above wrote, being a titman isn’t all about the size. It’s about shape, features etc. Being discerning, not basing it on “dude those are huge”. A smaller, nicer pair of breasts trumps an overly saggy/veiny pair any day. Quality of tit, not quantity of flesh.

    Just my opinion, of course.

  13. Hankloveshooters Says:

    Oh Suzie Q. Where have you been? I love the cute little butterfly tattoo on your left arm. The size of your nipples are amazingly hot, just calling out to be sucked on.

  14. Btlx Says:

    Two fantastic looking women.

    Keep ‘em coming Reece!

  15. Spiegel Says:

    For your Information: She works as an escort in Duesseldorf in Germany. Just google her name, maybe some of you guys go over there on a business trip or something. As far as I know her rates are quite good, around 70 Dollars for half an hour.

  16. ca united kingdom Says:

    well said zeke…

  17. andruff Says:

    i think she is not the prettiest woman in the business. but her breasts are really outstanding. by looking at her pics she seems to be close to Miosotis’ size. what do you guys think?

  18. razorjules Says:

    Hell, i’d gladly pay 70 dollars for a half hour!

    Alice may not be as stunning & beautiful as a Leanne Crow, but she’s still
    kinda cute and has a raunchy sex appeal.
    I like to look at both types of girls.

    Alice gives me that sort of primal, let’s do it in a motel somewhere, vibe.
    Leanne Crow gives me that, i want to make love on satin sheets & kiss you all over, romantic vibe.

    It’s all good!

  19. anon Says:

    shes gorgeous from head to toes like Micky Bells . also i would like to see her ballbusting a non-hispanic white american guy

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