Anorei Collins Pregnant & Lactating !!!

It was in my very first first Anorei Collins blog of her new site adorable 40NN Anorei herself popped in to confirm she was pregnant reporting, “Indeed da\/e =) I’m almost 4 months into a surrogate pregnancy right now =) Hooray for bigger boobs to come! =D” Thus, that’d put her at nearly 6 months pregnant now and, truly, our super busty voluptuous tits vixen has with even more massive breasts and big preggo belly beautiful become the very sexy picture of pretty pregnancy perfection…

Anorei Collins pregnant in huge tits big belly nude surrogate pregnancy photos from

…ah, one can but imagine waking up next to such a voluptuous nude vision as she, her gorgeous face eclipsed by huge tits with baby belly hanging heavy below (and to think Anorei’s boyfriend isn’t a big boob lover in the least!). Ah, but that’s not the biggest boobs news of her pregnancy to date, as the best of her pregnant breasts is yet to come!

To wit, remember my massive boobs mood swings blog wherein large breast loving boobhound offered his colossal cleavage congratulations on Ms Collins’ pregnancy saying this extremely well-endowed woman was incredible and kindly inquiring if there was any chance we’d get some nice lactation pictures in her fertile and fecund future? Well, in her latest photo series on the site, I’m pleased to report that pretty pregnant Anorei Collins is lactating now!

Well, perhaps to put it a bit more accurately in terms of milky breast perspective, Anorei Collins has started lactating (i.e. entering Stage I Lactogenesis wherein a heavily pregnant woman’s breast milk ducts secrete colotrum leaking from her nipples and areola area, that being the first mother’s milk a breast feeding baby receives). Thus, we’ll have to wait until after she gives birth before we can actually see Anorei Collins breast milking her tits in the lactation porn manner of massive mammaries to which we’re accustomed.

Now, choosing from the epic 220 photos in this high-resolution series proved a difficult labor for me (erm, no pun and all that), but I at long last late-term settled upon a small handful of preview size pics for the express purpose of giving you all a gigantic tits milking taste of breast milk to come. So, getting her giant boobs out of an extra large NN-cup bra and squeezing her nipples until we see the first sticky sweet signs of lactating breast milk dribbling down her fingers plus showing off her sexy pregnant belly bump totally naked too, I give you big tits fertility goddess Anorei Collins pregnant photos plus just one of her pregnancy gallery’s milking Anorei Collins lactation photos from

Anorei Collins pregnant in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy photos from    Anorei Collins pregnant in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy photos from    Anorei Collins 40NN pregnant in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy NN-cup bra photos from

Anorei Collins pregnant belly beautiful in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy photos from    Anorei Collins pregnant in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy photos from

Anorei Collins pregnant in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy photos from    Anorei Collins lactation photos with massive breast milking nipples close-up colostrum dripping from NN-cup huge tits pregnant pictures from    Anorei Collins pregnant in huge boobs super busty BBW pregnancy photos from

(note: high-resolution photos for download on site are 1800×1200 in dimension)



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15 Responses to “Anorei Collins Pregnant & Lactating !!!”

  1. Jake L Says:

    there is a creator and he must love me.

    on a different note, i wonder who anorie is surrogating for….

  2. boobhound Says:

    AMEN!! to that! Thanks for sharing, Anorei! My mind is running wild with fantasies of Anorei surrogating for me, and we planted the seed the old fashioned way! (Side note – how her man could NOT be a breast lover just boggles my mind! What a waste…) WHAT A WOMAN!!!!

  3. boobhound Says:

    You know, thinking about this, which I have been extensively ;), the next thing I can’t wait for is the 9-month-pregnant shot, where her baby bump has grown to its max, and her beautiful breasts no longer HANG, so much as they simply LAY on her belly, serving as a table on which her breasts can rest…. I’ve seen Maxi like this, and look forward even more to Anorei.

  4. PreggyLvrX Says:

    I can’t wait to see her full term! Surrogacy is a beautiful thing. ‘Though I’d be apprehencive about letting my wife do it. I wonder if the parents know their baby is a fetal porn star. :P

  5. ilikebigtits Says:

    Actually… if you read on her site, her breasts have recently been measured to a OO cup…. wow that’s amazing!

  6. jonjon Says:

    WOW I hope that baby has a big appetite!

  7. NonExclusive Says:


    I’m with everyone else in that I’m looking forward to seeing her full-term. I’m sure she won’t disappoint!

  8. clarity Says:

    Not since the 2008 pregnancies of Nadine Jansen and Maxi Moom — which Nadine’s barely went eight months — have we seen such amazing shape! I have a lot of respect for a woman who will photographically document her pregnancy and share it with the rest of us. Anorei is really taking her site to the next level with these.

  9. illuvbigtits Says:

    need a page putting her up against Jenny Hill.

  10. jakemeister Says:

    Adrift on a sea of JOY.A TIDAL wave of tits tummy and all things yummy

  11. Ann Says:

    What an absolutely beautiful woman. From head to toe a gods gift.
    For a woman she is wonderful. Would desire to make love to her and please her.


  12. shandy Says:

    i used to slag her older photos off for being utter crap.but these are amazing well done.i just wish i could see some pink sometimes.or just a one off insertion.

  13. Angel Says:

    I want to drink her milk!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  14. walter Says:


  15. Yes Sir Says:

    I want Anorei to lactate all over my dick and then I want to shove my milking dick all the way, smashing my balls, inside of Aileen’s tight asshole. Then I want to blow my seed in her Asian guts and slowly pull my dick out of her overflowing asshole and let her cousin and sister slurp her sweet ass juice and my cum from my dick at the same time while I finger both of their tender assholes getting them ready for some more hot Asian asshole banging.

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