Australian Boobs in the News with Angela White

The Sunday Telegraph reported this past weekend that a whopping 40% of Australian women wear a bra-size of DD-cup or larger! One Australian bra manufacturer recently noted that it’s current top-selling bra-size is a 10G (equivalent to a 32G here in the UK), citing that they’ve been fitting a lot more small-figured girls with big breasts than ever before. While some are quick to place the blame upon obesity as the culprit in these increasing cup sizes, a Sydney cardiologist said that this booming bout of bigger boobs could well be caused by the artificial oestrogens found in foods, plastics, cosmetics and higher doses of the hormone in contraceptive pills which have been proven to encourage the development of breast tissue as a side-effect.

In light of this exciting news on the big boobs busty front, I thought I’d take a moment today on MyBoobSite to celebrate this generous growth spurt in Australian breasts – and who better to represent the growing breasts of Australia than gorgeous G-cup Aussie Angela White? A stunningly beautiful well-endowed woman, Angie had the honour of being elected by Score as their Voluptuous model of the year in 2007. And so let us now join 36G Angela white nude in the bathtub, getting her tits all soapy & shiny in photos & videos that come courtesy of

36G Angela White photos at DDFBusty

Angela White from    Angela White from    Angela White from

36G Angela White videos DDFBusty

Angela White videos from    Angela White videos from

…in other news, it seems that DDF Busty simply cannot resist the urge to fuck with their big breast models’ names! I find this practice immensely annoying as, should you find a busty model that you particularly like on the site taking lovely redhead Lucy Williams as a prime example whom they’ve rebranded as Amber – arguably because of her ginger hair – you’ll come up with nought upon Googling her for appearances on other big boobs porn sites.

This may, however, merely be a clever strategy on their part to keep porn surfers from venturing elsewhere to see her! If this in indeed the case, then that’s just cheating (imho) as these girls deserve maximum exposure for all the wonderful work they’re done. It could prove to be counterproductive as well considering that, say, you might’ve first found Lucy Williams at BustyBrits. In this instance, a search for her model name would yield her appearances on every big boob site but DDFbusty!

Meh, big tits porn sites should standardise their busty models’ names. It would just make life so much easier for us as big breast lovers and quite possibly prove more lucrative for them in the long run as dedicated boob fans start seeking out the busty girls they like the most! But enough rambling on about petty porn annoyances and on to perving over the photos & videos of voluptuous Amber nee Lucy Williams at

Lucy Williams aka Amber photos at DDFBusty

Lucy Williams aka Amber from    Lucy Williams aka Amber from    Lucy Williams aka Amber from

Lucy Williams aka Amber videos at DDFBusty

Lucy Williams aka Amber videos from    Lucy Williams aka Amber videos from

…whilst over at DDF Busty collecting content for today’s boob blog, I also happened upon some new photos & videos of the perfectly pendulous Terry Nova and her girlfriend Pam engaging in a bit of big breast bondage with Pam’s tits in a harness and Terry wielding the whip – well, actually, it’s more of a riding crop – and, considering I don’t have nearly enough in the way of boob-oriented light bondage here on the blog, I thought I’d include this as a supplemental sidetrack into the BDSM world. Thus, here’s Terry Nova & Pam breaking out the whips & chains and getting it on with some light lesbian bondage in photos & videos from

Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage photos at DDFBusty

Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage from    Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage from    Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage from

Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage videos at DDFBusty

Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage videos from    Terry Nova & Pam big breast bondage videos from

…last but not least, I wanted to close today’s boob blog with Jannete (yet another annoying case of model renaming since she goes by Wendy Star or Westy at other busty porn sites, the latter identity of which I’d previously blogged here & here) for no other reason than just being so fucking cute (and I do suppose that being blonde and having big tits factor into the attraction equation as well). So I now shall bid you adieu with photos & videos of the incomparable cute Jannete at

Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete photos at DDFBusty

Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete from    Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete from    Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete from

Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete videos at DDFBusty

Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete videos from    Wendy Star aka Westy aka Jannete videos from



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4 Responses to “Australian Boobs in the News with Angela White”

  1. Maarten Says:

    Between Kylie and Angela White, I’d take Angela any day. The woman is a goddess, and more sex appeal than many. More of her please, she’s stunning!

  2. FrankNZ Says:

    Superb blogging, Reese, although DDF Busty make it relatively easy with their gorgeous photography and array of beautiful busty goddesses.

    I have been in lust with Angela White since I first saw her on Scoreland. Hard as it is to admit as a Kiwi that anything good comes from across the ditch, Angela is a true representative of everything that is wonderful about the land of Oz. Love the Oz flag bikini in that shoot.

    Lucy Williams is lovely too, for that matter. I get the impression that you Brits are getting the same level of exposure to oestrogens as the girls over here. I wonder if I need to set up a Kiwi branch for DDF…

    And as for the Czech contingent, in my book Terry Nova is future 30JJGC Kitten material. Her huge pendulous breasts are perfect.

  3. Phil from OZ Says:

    It’s a pity any mention of “Australia” and “big breasts” always segues back to the default model Angela White. There are so many big-breasted women over here, why don’t we see more of them in mainstream porn?

  4. Elliot James Says:

    Lucy modeled for November 2008 Voluptuous. She didn’t tell us to include a surname at that time so she is simply known as Lucy.

    If there are any lovely, big-boobed Australians besides Angela White, they’re either not interested in modeling or they’re staying at home behind drawn shades because we have not seen or found anyone close to her in Australia since Angela first wrote that fateful letter to us back in 2003. In either case, Angela’s sheer enthusiasm and exuberance in showing off her assets is unmatched. That girl has a lot of energy running through her chakras. The only time I ever saw her nervous and worried was when Hurricane Frances was approaching just as we were wrapping up shooting the Busty Ladies of Wrestling video. But she safely flew out of Florida for Oz land before it hit us.

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