Big Boobs in Bras with J-cup Sapphire

More & more, I’ve been getting e-mails & comments from MyBoobSite visitors asking for more big boobs in bra shots. While I prefer my tits totally topless, I do understand the certain allure that the brassiere holds in deference to what’s held inside. Lingerie in general can be quite sexy. However, my own aim is to get it off ASAP to enjoy the naked breasts partially concealed within. Still, if some of you are fond of these “over the shoulder boulder holders”, then so be it. This blog’s for you.

Equally, I’ve had a significant number of inquiries as to when I was going to bring 38J Sapphire back to the blog. Thus, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone today and feature lovely redhead Sapphire in a bra! To be slightly more accurate, it’s Sapphire getting out of her J-cup bra, which suits my preference down to a tee. So, for those of you harbouring a not-so-secret bra fetish (based upon your feedback), here’s Sapphire in (and out) of her big beige bra at

Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from

Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from

Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from

Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from

Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from    Sapphire 38J from

….then, we’ve got two video clips illustrating precisely why Sapphire needs a bra (you thought it was just for support, didn’t you?)! Of course, we’ve seen her J-cup juggs jiggling when she jogs, but the following videos seem to imply that Sapphire can’t stop her 38J breasts jiggling even when she’s just standing there! And, since harnessing them safely away in the comfort of her brassiere appears to be the only solution, that’s precisely what she does (although this one seems a bit small, as we can see breast-flesh bulging out the bottom as she makes her final adjustments). And so, in an effort to bring closure to the photo series above, here are a couple videos of Sapphire getting back into her bra courtesy of

Sapphire 38J bra videos from    Sapphire 38J bra videos from



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43 Responses to “Big Boobs in Bras with J-cup Sapphire”

  1. Xan Xan Says:

    god i love her so much. i hate that she did hardcore, but when it comes to her, whatever. shes still awesome.

  2. Sharky Says:

    I love that she did hardcore! Now is there anyway we could ask her to pose with Maria Moore…pls..;) That would be a pair or quad for the books.

  3. Speed Racer Says:

    Finally, Sapphire in a nice bra shoot. She looks best wearing sexy normal everyday bras. The lighting is okay too.

  4. sam Says:

    Reese you’ve done it again good boy!!!!

  5. BigBoobFan Says:

    Most excellent. Those are awesomely huge boobs and she is beautiful!

  6. buntl1 Says:

    Sapphire is easily one of the most BOOBIFUL and beautiful models in the universe and beyond!!! She’s got some enormously fine boobs and what a pretty smile :) By the way did anyone notice she colored and streaked her hair a bit and all the freckles she has on her arms ……………. ???

  7. Tony Says:

    The wait has been too long, glad to see you back Sapphire!!! I think you are the Greatest! :) Hope to see you soon!


  8. Tony again Says:

    Was wondering when you will be modeling next, thanks.

  9. Mason Says:


    She has done hard core?? I must be slipping…

    Thanks for the heads up. It looks like I will have to invest in a subscription to Divine Breasts.

    Hey Reese, how come you post anything on Melina Velba? I think she could be an excellent addition to your blog.


  10. fellini3 Says:

    Wow, Sapphire is a real goddess! I can’t get enough of her! To my knowledge, she’s done two HC DVDs: Bikini Busters and Busty Cock Worshipers. Anyone know of any others? She’s my favorite redheaded huge-titted plumper and as a matter of course, I collect all of her “oeuvre”.

  11. Charles Says:

    Mason, you must be a bit behind on MV news: her material is heavily copyright protected. Reese has mentioned this a few times. I’m let down too. She’s about one of the few bigger busts that Sapphire…

    Oh, god I need a cleanup on aisle 9! That is an awesome photo set of a great set! I am one of the bra lovers. And I like that type of bra especially that covers the entire boob like this one Sapphire is wearin! Holy jizzshooters batman she is prettier AND bigger busted that last time! Thanks and do it again! More!

  12. deVerbantig Says:

    Pure voluptuousness — love the freckles! Sapphire’s already in the legends category with Robert Smallwood & Co. Certainly the best in the Divine Breasts stable along with Anne Vanderbilt. One of the best clothed big-breast model I’ve seen in the last 40 years, too!

  13. Lee-Harvey Says:

    I have also somewhat of a bra fetish, but mostly because of what’s inside of them- and unwrapping was and is always fun.
    A beige bra is not what I consider to be sexy but in the size of a J cup- it’s damn awesome!
    Nice photos of a nice model.

  14. Mr. Unnatural Says:


    I had asked Reese that same question at least a few times. Having checked out some older blogs, I came across some information. Apparently Resse is unable to post Milena pix due to her photographer who won’t release any of her work to the site. Reese had been flooded with requests on the subject, not just by myself, and had gotten to the point where he just wouldn’t respond to those requests anymore. I had suggested knee-capping the photographer, but even this went without a response. Lame isn’t it? But, hardly Reese’s fault.

    Reese, if my memory is faulty here, I don’t want to tell tales out of school. Feel free to weigh in, of course, and set the facts straight if I’ve gotten them wrong.

  15. Reese Says:

    Mr. Unnatural~

    You’re spot on with your explanation there – thanks for replying to that one. I’d mentioned the situation here nearly a year ago in this post…

    …and have been fairly quiet about it ever since. Thanks again for stepping in.

    ~Reese! :~)

  16. peeb Says:

    Wait, why would anyone hate that Sapphire did hardcore (for the Score Group, fyi)? I still can’t get enough of those 2 scenes, and if I was a prayin’ man, it’d be for her to do more, more, more!

    Man. She is the ultimate woman.

  17. r Says:

    WOW. I am one of those with the occasional bra request. So Happy! This is a perfect set! I love the progression from clothed to naked, turning to display the bra and then exposing the amazing breasts. What a sexy girl she is. I see big chested girls all the time and you can always see the bra strap, and the seam stretched across the fullness of the bust. I always ache to see the shirt removed so I can see the bra creating that shape. Then when you pull the bra away you can see the bra lines on her breasts, making me want to kiss and soothe and comfort them. Yeah, I am a freak I guess. This freak is having a good day today thanks to this awesome set. Thanks to Reese and of course the lovely Sapphire!!

  18. r Says:

    I was so excited I didn’t notice that you also included the TAG SHOT!! Very important to the bra freak. Bless you! If that site does a bra set like that for all the models I may have to go join.

  19. Mason Says:

    Thanks for the update everyone…I am kind of new to this blog.

    I have been reading it for about several months. I only started posting messages in about the last month or so. I have tried to go back and read the old message but “damn” there are way too many.

    I love the site!!! Like I said Resse if there is anything I can do please feel free to email me and let me know. I know it must be a lot of work, time and money to keep this site up and running.

    I won’t mention MV ever again. Is it ok if I ask about other beautiful babes I spot while surfing the beaches of the net? Or would I be violating the code of the Brotherhood of Boob Worshipers Annonymous (BBW) :).

    Thanks Again

  20. ben Says:

    love the pics of sapphire. her big ol bra filled up with bit titties does it for me!

  21. Tony Says:

    Who else, where else has she modeled before. I am always googling her name but get nothing, well pretty much nothing. And I have to say I think there is someone at Divine Breasts that she admires. It just looks that way in her :)

    Sapphire, can you get any HOTTER!!!

    Thanks again!

  22. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    I had gotten sidetracked taking about Milena to the point that I didn’t mention anything about sapphire. Silly me. The bra fetish isn’t really one of my faves, I too prefer the boobs running large and free. But, I admit this is a rather fetching set of pix of Miss S. Would I ever love to get lost in there, and it would not be hard to do.

  23. sam Says:


    I know that we shouldn’t mention Melina Velba but, I’ll do so only to make a point. I saw the coments made between you and Mason and I am aware of the situation and have been for a long time. But to be honest the site now is taking on a whole new dimension. The site is now getting bigger, more popular and we are truely members who critique as well as share a love. This site is becoming sophisticated in that it has members who share roughly the same values (BBW lovers), (slim ‘n’ stacked lovers (like myself)) you’ve obviously read the comments and running debates, I digress….. Basically you’ve engineered you’re membership into the interlectuals of the big boobed world, the connoiseurs so to speak. Not to state it too highly.

    This is a train that is about to leave the station and if Miss Velba & co haven’t bought their tickects then………

    Sometimes I think the photographers et al forget that this business is like any other forgeting the product for a second. If you isolate a section of the target audience then you also affect income stream… Sorry for being so crude…I like Melina believe me, she is amazing and a natural on two levels but I will not spend a penny to see her because of the way her management do business with this site, my club. That is one example of the way they are losing money. Money that is there to be got but not realised is an avoidable loss.

    Reese, it may be time to ramp up the mebership and have levels of bloggers and I don’t mind paying for the privilege (of being a part of the boobsite blogg council) ! You’ve put in a tremendous amount of work maybe it’s time you and the site should be rewarded. The site should be in a position now to say to models and their business machines, “look, we can help you but we can also have an affect on the market!” Unless you getting rewarded for the advertising, I’d still like to be a part of an elite membership group.

    I’ve been here since the beginning and seen the way the models now want to be seen here rather then just the bloggers. I’m not sure others will agree but I thought I should share my ideas with you and the others for the feed back….

  24. Fizzy Says:


    Great set! I hope for more bra sets in the near future!

  25. Boob Stalker Says:


    Sapphire is also on and it looks like they are releasing a DVD with her and Nicole Sands

  26. Audrey Says:

    Nice pics, she needs really wearig her bra, it gives her much better looking cause her boobies are sagging too much…

  27. Mason Says:

    All I have to say is “Thank You Sam!!”

    I agree with your message…I have never found a site like this before. Not only do I get to peruse lovely large breasted ladies but I also get to talk to other patrons that shame my affinity.

    This site has turned into a daily visit for me. At first it was for the pictures, videos and potential new sites I could invest a subscription in. Now the first thing I do is read the blogs then I look at the rest of the stuff. I can’t stop saying this enough, this site is amazing!! I would shout it’s prises from the mountain tops, however I do not think the rest of my “white collar” world would understand. To be honest with you I really don’t want the rest of the world to find out. I like being part of a club and would be willing to pay for membership.


  28. Davey Says:

    Agree with Fizzy…more of the same!

    Outstanding pictures.

  29. rex Says:

    Helemaal onder spuiten!

  30. Rubberduck Says:

    Very very nice pictures! I love to see them hang. Reese you are the man =)

  31. Jes Says:

    To a point, I agree with Sam…although I wouldn’t look forward to paying for a blog…

    For many of us, this site is, as I believe it was Maria Moore who put it, our daily paper.

    on another note:

    I’ve also visited several other blogs linked by this one, which don’t link back here. There is also a blog that merely cut & pastes this entire blog as it’s own!! [although I’ve forgotten which one it is, sorry Reese :~(]

    Reese – your ‘blogging lark’ has definitely set itself apart from the rest…and it’s entirely because of you. You’ve earned better from those piss’ant photogs!

    Maybe you should try sponsoring an amateur search, yourself? You could help hook up some lovely, fresh talent with deserving photogs like JuggMaster and XX-Cel.

  32. Mr. Unnatural Says:


    I love this site, I hear what you’re saying. But, pay for a blog? Are you mad? If this site became a pay site, it would kill it for me, rip my heart completely out.

  33. pete Says:

    samantha dear,
    my darling u bring so much fun in sex. Loved to see u get naked. every inch of yur body size and shape is soooo PERFECT!!! u R born to be a GODDES of BBW,no doubt!!

  34. steve spackman Says:

    thats what i call a sexy hot redhead

  35. gazza Says:

    Methinks her tits are getting bigger! Wait soon for the K cup bra!

  36. mad about BBW Says:

    WOW thnx alot

  37. Hyperion Says:

    Sapphire is another woman of considerable beauty who immediately incites feelings of love (not to mention passionate desire) in me.
    Her smile is definitely affection-inducing! I especially love her naturalness!

  38. pullin it Says:

    hug me while I spunk off over your pants honey
    god i’m wearing out my dick since finding this site
    it’s like every couple of hours i got to jerk off
    looking at a new pair of titties
    my hard-on just won’t stop cumming

  39. billy Says:

    hey girl if u ever come to bloomsburg pa tell me becouse i want them big tits in my face and we can get a bath 2 gether

  40. Sug T Says:

    i jus wanna no where do u get bras from?? I suffer so bad here trying to find them and I am a J cup in the virgin islands go figure

  41. Steve Fehl Says:

    Hello!! I would like to see young women search hard with all there heart to JESUS!!! that if they are alone and unhappy the Lord will find these folks a mate!!! because i PERSONALLY!!!! do not want to see and hear people taking SATANS lies and this brainwashing earth!!! message of you know!!!??? mother earth let’sa save the planet,tree huggers!! blah blah blah all B.S.!!! please pray for one other there are so many folks out there SUFFERING!!! they need to be healed right now!!!! thank the LORD JESUS IN WHAT YOU HAVE!!! so true in Jesus name Amen.

  42. gunarso Says:

    Sapphir is beautiful sweat. I love you full.

  43. fredchurch Says:

    i have a fascination with women that use there bra cup as a pocket usually for money or cell phone. and it gets better if she has something bulky in her bra like lots of money—camera—large cell phone—-address book even her car keys. and then she should wear a tight fitting white tank top. thats my fetish. any women do this?

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