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Just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be in Scotland over this coming week, so I won’t have the opportunity to blog again until next weekend (when I return from having been summarily stuffed with deep-fried Mars bars). In the meantime, and as an “ample” substitute for satisfying the breast obsession whilst I’m away, I thought I’d provide a retrospective of the big boobs I’ve featured over the past month on MyBBWSite:

Non-blonde (yet still sexy) Samantha 38G...    Maxi 32JJ at 5 months...    Wallowing in Strawberry Cummings...

The wonder of P-cup boobs...    Devilz in a red dress...    Sam & Devyn do Miami (and each other!)...

A little bit of Xtasy...    Anyone up for a 30-minute blow-job?    Wank along with Jennie...

The ultimate wet t-shirt model!    Whats an MMBBW?    Samantha gets a second pair of G-cup boobs!

I see you baby, shakin that ass...    Pregnant Maxi 32JJ (4 months on)...    Tracy the tit-fuck wonder...

Sweet Devilz Candy    Hippy Chicks lesbian sex romp...    Hello and Welcome to MyBBWSite!


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5 Responses to “Blog Break”

  1. Pornster Says:

    Have a nice trip!

    Unfortunately, I’m on a blogging break myself right now. Locked myself out of my account… sort of. Nothing to do for me than to wait for Blogger’s support to answer my email…

  2. Very Free Says:

    Gawd, I love to see Deja flop those whoppers around with her pectoral muscles.. And her ass wiggling too. :-P

  3. schwarz Says:

    good site

  4. Jake Says:

    Hi massive tits is not particularly my thing but this sight really shocked me lol and i loved it, couldn’t blive some of the pictures, keep up the good work also I noticed and correct me if i am wrong that there is no black girls on this website, just thought that was a little weird since i am used to seeing black girls around with massive breasts, I would have thought they would commonly make the cut here

  5. GoxFloup Says:

    huh… 10x for )

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