Bouncy breasts in advertising…

I love living in Britain. For one thing, they’re not afraid to show bare breasts in the largest-circulation daily newspaper in the UK: The Sun. Yes, every morning, their infamous “Page 3” spread brings a new pair of boobs to the family breakfast table (granted, they’re usually too small for my tastes, but what’cha gonna do?). For another, the Brits aren’t averse to featuring naked knockers in their product adverts.

Case in point, the new on-line advertisement at If you go to their bounce-o-meter comparison page, you can see the dynamics of breasts in varying degrees of strenuous physical activity (but, alas, fucking’s not one of them). And big kudos to them for including everything from an A-cup to a G-cup in their scientific analyses, with the larger of the two travelling up to 14cm per bounce!

Of course, all of this is in an effort to promote their new Shock Absorber line of sports bras by demonstrating their benefits over those of their competitors. But, let’s be honest here, whatever could compete with bare breasts? As for me, I just went there to see the big bouncing boobies:

G-cup Boobs on Shock Absorber's Breast Bounce-o-Meter


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6 Responses to “Bouncy breasts in advertising…”

  1. cd_RW Says:

    haha this was extremely entertaining. thanks for the link!

  2. Boobsucker Says:

    Thanks to this sentific demostration, I identified the boobs size that would suit me–DD and E+F. Unfortunetly, just too few women in this world have sizes larger than D.

  3. mister critic Says:

    The link was great. thx.
    But the bouncing boobs look like they were glued to the ribs. Only the nipple is moving pretty much. Still funny though.

  4. Vix Says:

    Why on earth would anyone want to have their boobs taped to their body like that?

    I like the bounce!!

    I also cannot understand why they make such an effort in making sports bras for women with G cup tits (like me), and yet do not seem to spend so much care in making things that are pretty and/or sexy, in my size.


  5. xApexX Says:

    haha that is fuckin AWESOME! =D

  6. serious sam Says:

    Vix, sports bras are necessary to help large breasted women exercise. I think many of them are afraid of damaging their breasts when running and jumping so they don’t exercise. Then they don’t get physically fit. So for this reason, I think a sports bra is more important than sexy clothing because, as the guys say, they’d prefer the nudes above anything else they had there on the bounce-o-meter.

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