Breast deception…

I was chatting with lovely mega-mammed model Liana (and her magnificent 38MM boobs) the other day, when she revealed that I had been the victim of deception. You all know how much I love tube-tops, don’t you? Well, I had just begun complimenting Liana on the tube-top she wore in her 4th of July shoot for, when was suddenly compelled to make this confession…

“I bought the patriot outfit thinking I really only wanted 1 piece – the top – but I’d take it as an outfit because that was how it was sold. I waited impatiently by the door for days until it finally arrived. It was here. My package. My new sexy outfit. My stars and stripes. I opened it, and the halter top that I was so excited about woudn’t even fit over 1 breast! It was so tiny, I couldn’t believe it. Who, I wondered, could fit into this – and this is a large? For who, Lilliputians? So… chin up, I thought… and I took out what was to become the greatest patriotic tube top of all time… a mini skirt that came with the halter top that I originally wanted! Still, it was a challenge even to cram myself into the skirt (as a tube top). There. Phew. I finally got that off my chest (no pun intended)! :D”

…no worries, Liana, all is forgiven – provided, of course, that you order more of those marvellous makeshift tube-tops:


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7 thoughts on “Breast deception…”

  1. :GRIN: There’s no crime in being forced to use a skirt as a tube-top…in fact under my book it puts a woman on the fast track to sainthood…

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