Rare Princessa / Maria Swan webcam video!

Remember how, two days ago when I was blogging Faith & Busty Merilyn, I was disappointed that I didn’t have anything new from the 3rd 32G boobie queen of our tits-tastic trio? Well, I thought perhaps I could make up for that today: After an exhaustive search, I came up with a rare two-minute video taken from a webcam session with none other than Princessa (aka Maria Swan)! Apparently, she does live videochat sessions through a cam site in Germany (and, yes, I’m still trying to find out which one!). Apologies for the quality of the clips – they’re from a webcam, after all:

Apologies, but the webcam video clips have been removed at the request of both Jana and her modelling agency. In return, they have promised to provide me with previously unpublished material to include in future blogs…so, watch this space (well, not this space specifically, but MyBoobSite in general)! ;~)



13 thoughts on “Rare Princessa / Maria Swan webcam video!”

  1. Antonello~

    I didn’t know that there was another Maria Swan webcam video about – I was surprised enough to find this one! I’ll keep a lookout for it, though, and definitely post it here if I run across it. Thanks for letting me know…

    ~Reese! :~)

  2. Hi all of us jana admirerer,

    I think there´s something new at Pin-Up Files of the best model ever.

    But who knows where Jana/maria swan/princessa is giving live cam shows???

  3. You’re absolutely right! Seems our Princessa / Maria Swan is getting around, this time as “Jana” (supposedly her real name) at PinUpFiles.com (the same site upon which the lovely Maggie Green appears). Here are a few of Jana’s photos from a recent shoot with them:

    Jana 32G on PinUpFiles.comJana 32G on PinUpFiles.com
    Jana 32G on PinUpFiles.comJana 32G on PinUpFiles.com


    Still no idea where she’s doing live webcam shows, though… :~(

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …I just blogged another Princessa video over here, for those who may be interested. ;~)

  4. I have that webcam video and also i saw several captures of a webcam session(s) with jana/maria swan/princessa/jana g cup in posing but i couldn’t find those damn videos and yes, she appears by the name princzessin/princzessin.girl. I’ve been looking for those videos but still no luck, wish you luck my friend, you seems to have the best chances of us all

  5. …is it just me, or is most of Jana/Princessa/Maria’s vids and pics being removed by the “models request”? Reese, you gotta put an end to this. Somehow convice her otherwise that free previews is the best exposure or something…. ive been dying to see that bathtub vid forever….Sadly i think ill never see it. =(

    …Lets hope she doesnt take anything else back.

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