Breast Worship …or, “Who’s afraid of the big, bad boobs?”

“Women are evil and should be stuffed up chimneys.” This was a favourite catch-phrase of my best friend growing up. Far from a reflection on his sexuality – for, indeed, he loved women – the sentiment was instead founded within his own experiences of relationships (and even the active pursuit of such in the instance of unrequited love) and the negative impact it had upon his other friendships and life in general.

Although I strongly disagree with his broad generalisation of the “fairer sex”, my mate need only take a wander through history to gather support for his claim. Even the religious tradition within which we were brought up largely portrayed women as evil influences. In human form, those “unattached” were oft cast in the role of a seductive temptress endangering one’s faith. In the spirit world, aethereal female entities were most commonly either false goddesses or demons.

Solomon himself, arguably the wisest man of his time and far richer than Bill Gates (having accumulated just under 173,000 gold talents during his reign which would have a modern value of approximately $346,000,000,000US), lost his kingdom when he forsook his faith for the worship of Ashtoreth, goddess of sexual love and fertility, under the influence of his 700 wives (forget the scale of Solomon’s wealth, I’m far more interested in the size of his bed!).

The most notorious demoness amongst our preternatural pantheon is, of course, Lilith. A member of the demonological class known as “lilin”, she is made manifest as a seductive woman with long hair who descends like a succubus upon anyone sleeping alone in a room at night. Bride of Samael and allegedly Adam’s first wife, the nocturnal Lilith flies about as a screech-owl, corrupting her adult victims and killing children who have been “sinfully begotten”.

But, despite all of these negative associations, we, as men (and some women), are inexorably drawn to the erotic allure of the feminine form – the most overtly prominent physical characteristic of such being the breasts. In ancient times, goddess forms were portrayed as having huge, pendulous breasts and those among the living who possessed such “qualities” were considered exemplary of beauty. In our modern world, many still revere the bountiful bosom as an endless source of joy (especially here in Britain).

And who can blame us? The power of big breasts is inescapable and, fortunately for mammophiles like ourselves, there are plenty of resources through which we can harmless indulge in our breast fetish through fantasy. However, nowhere else on the net have I seen a site which elevates breast worship and the female form to such reverential proportions as ikandiweb

Augusta at

…their ability to invariably capture both the outward and inward qualities of the sublime wonder that is womanhood and then project their models in an almost goddess-like manner, encompassing fantasy and reality in equal measure, is second to none. In their latest update, we at long last get to feast our eyes upon Augusta (whom I’ve been waiting for ever since they’d published their Sundari goddess page on the site).

Although Augusta has smaller breasts than ikandiweb model Joana, there’s something about her that I simply cannot resist. Perhaps it’s the playfulness that she exudes in this photo shoot, taking on the role of goddess as a natural extension to her personality. Perhaps it’s the obvious appreciation that she shows for her beautiful breasts as if blessings to bestow upon us.

Whatever the case, I felt compelled to share the divine Augusta with you today, courtesy of

Augusta at    Augusta at    Augusta at

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Augusta at    Augusta at    Augusta at



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11 Responses to “Breast Worship …or, “Who’s afraid of the big, bad boobs?””

  1. mad about BBW Says:

    Thnx 4 sharing she is soooo cute

  2. Sam Says:


    Sign me up, she is beautiful. I love the red hair thing going on! Oh, I nearly forgot the breasts are wonderful too!


  3. MaGnUs Says:

    I love the red hair too, plus, she’s the kind of REAL woman I like, round hips and big boobs. I’d worship her any time!

  4. Frank Says:

    I agree, Augusta is beautiful and what wonderful breasts. She reminds me of Lorna Morgan, who is one of my all-time favourites. As a fellow mammophile, I am happy to worship such bountiful goddesses!

  5. S.B. Says:

    “She reminds me of Lorna Morgan”

    and reminds me too… face, not tits… Lorna tits is better…

  6. Axel Says:

    Looks very familiar? Augustina from Scoreland and XLGirls? Does she come under another name and if so, where can I find more of her? p.s. she does look like Lorna Morgan but more voluptuous…better!

  7. Beautiful Mind Says:

    Guys, you wont beleive me, I have Augusta’s email adress… How much do you pay me to give it to you?

  8. Radic Says:

    Wow… red head goddess :))))

  9. Hman Says:

    I LIVE for BIG Boobs! Maybe I’m “unique” but personally I love Big Boobs and a small waist! PLEASE post some slim & busty women. thanks! Hman

  10. Serious Sam Says:

    Me too! I love the hourglass figure, slim waist, and big boobs!

  11. benzene Says:

    Wow. Augusta is one desirably exquisite woman. Let the fantasy take hold. I an now shaking with excitement.

    My ultimately fantasy is to be breast fed by an exceptionally wonderful woman – not unlike Augusta. The incredible sensation of being mothered by such beauty would send me into a trance. She would be able to direct my attention to anywhere she wished me to suckle from.

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