Delving deeper into Chloe…

When I first blogged Chloe Vevrier earlier this month, I was awe-struck by the amount of raw sexual energy she’d infused into her website, However, being a newcomer to her site at the time, I had no idea of the true depth of this woman. At the risk of sounding heretical, I dare say that her intellect and insight have become as much of a turn-on for me as her incomparable 36GG breasts!

I knew from the outset that this was Chloe’s own personal site…I just didn’t know quite how personal it was until I’d had the opportunity to spend some time there. Sure, she’s appeared in numerous magazines and on other websites, but the words accompanying the photo shoots were not her own. It’s a shame, really, because Chloe possesses a unique talent for sensual self-expression that rivals the best erotic authors (and the fact that all of her writings come from her own sexual experiences and fantasies makes it all the better!). Although her prose is peppered with misspellings, it’s easy to forgive when you realize that English is German-born Chloe’s fourth language.

As one might expect, a good measure of Chloe’s sensuality revolves around her boobs, and to hear something like breast sex described genuinely and explicitly from the female perspective is positively breathtaking! Honestly, it’s worth joining her site just to vicariously experience the unique pleasure a woman derives from masterful mammary manipulation…not to mention picking up a few good tips along the way for the next time you’ve got some big boobs about that you want to impress!

And that’s only the beginning. It would be so easy to classify our Chloe as a nymphomaniac, judging by the raw carnality of her Loveschool writings, but that would belie the true depth of her passion. To say that the girl loves cock, for example, is one thing (and an accurate one, at that), but her “Penis, My Love” essay borders on the poetic! To top it off, her personal diaries are some of the best I’ve ever encountered on-line, inviting you to be a part of her life through words and pictures. It’s a dangerous site, really, as you soon find yourself feeling as if you know Chloe more intimately than you know yourself. She truly lets you get a glimpse inside of her, in more ways than one! ;~)

Then, of course, there are the images…and, I have to hand it to her, the sheer intensity of Chloe’s sexuality shines through in these as well:

Chloe Vevrier - Missing You    Chloe Vevrier - Missing You

Chloe Vevrier - Missing You    Chloe Vevrier - Missing You

Chloe Vevrier - Missing You    Chloe Vevrier - Missing You

Chloe Vevrier - Missing You    Chloe Vevrier - Missing You

Oh, and in addition to the 6,000+ photos on Chloe’s site, she also provides a generous collection of over 100 movies. Here are a few clips from her “Garden Nymph” video:

Chloe Vevrier - Garden Nymph Video - Clip 1    Chloe Vevrier - Garden Nymph Video - Clip 2

Chloe Vevrier - Garden Nymph Video - Clip 3    Chloe Vevrier - Garden Nymph Video - Clip 4


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31 Responses to “Delving deeper into Chloe…”

  1. beardsleya2 Says:

    Great stuff ! Chloe is numero uno !

  2. Carlos Says:

    She is fantastic!

  3. bibby Says:

    I’ve been a fan for Chloe for a long time. Keep the videos and images coming!

  4. juliano Says:

    Primeira vez que vejo sua buceta em close num video.

  5. jimmy Says:

    o my god
    esta es una fantastica mujer

  6. gustavo Says:

    es la mujer perfecta

  7. gustavo Says:

    perdon es la mas sexy y sus pechos son espectaculares, siempre la busco en la web y en revistas

  8. pablo Says:

    pero que tremenda hembra, que no te haria chloe!!!

  9. jazzman Says:

    I know i’d like to go at least 8inches deeper into Chloe

  10. Vyras Getulaitis Says:

    Na kad velnias paimtu bet jos papai kasdien didzioja — aiaiai!

  11. Jimmy Says:

    I love You give me more pics please.

  12. Patrick Says:

    She was born for greatness

  13. HAFIDH Says:

    I want pictures and video of you have liked

  14. funkman Says:

    I wonder about the foriegn language, all of a sudden. Just say Chloe is hot!
    Don’t hide!!

  15. =D Says:

    Must ahve tits + must fuck

  16. mc Says:

    She is my ultimate goddess!!

  17. Henry Lamon Says:

    Where could I download the full set?? Its a very nice set to have.

  18. jak Says:

    i would pound the shit out of he so hard and fast. i love her. she is perfect in everyway. i would so love her to give me a titwank and let me cum in her mouth n in her face and suck on my cock….who’s with me on that?

  19. Hyperion Says:

    Chloe is simply beautiful from the crown of her head, to the sole of her pretty feet! And whenever she’s dressed in white, or shimmering silk-like
    slips her beauty smacks of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty, whose already great prettiness was further enhanced by a magic girdle! Chloe’s own natural beauty and allure can substitute for any magic!

  20. Guy Says:

    Chloe is and will always be one of my all-time favorites. It seems that central Europe has produced an abundance of beautiful big bust beauties. (Try saying that three times quickly, in a row :)!!) Just wish that Chloe hadn’t Americanized, I am an American (USA), but I do not enjoy the fact that all the women seem to want to be little (prepubescent) girls, with no body hair. There are lots of big tit beauties out there, but Chloe’s bush and especially her pits, made her extremely special. Would love to see some of her classic pictures, some that were taken before she discovered the razor!

  21. JC Says:

    Reese, Chloe’s got 2 DVD’s for sale, one solo and the other with Denise Davies, can we get a review or something form these discs, please, it’d be appreciated (especially the one with Denise IMHO)

  22. JS Says:

    Mustubate…Masturbate some more… Then BAM! ;)

  23. Serious Sam Says:

    If any of you are members, what does the name of the charge on the credit card bill? I don’t want it to sound obvious that I subscribed to a porn site in case I join.

  24. Bryanoz Says:

    To Serious Sam
    It says ” I am going to kill you” The Wife


    Seriously it says “CV INDUSTRIES”

  25. RICKBACH Says:


  26. tt Says:

    I’ve been masturbating to Chloe for over 20 years. Thanks!

  27. delacomté Says:

    Chloe is the most marvellous big titted woman I love.
    She has this sex-appeal that no other one has got.

  28. dave berry Says:

    has those big aeorolas she has the nicest boobs on the internet. plus she is drop dead gorgueos. what a combination this big flopping tits are a 10

  29. dink winkerson Says:

    her ass looks pretty flat and ordinary to me

  30. bob long Says:

    she has very big boobs i wonder how much they weigh?

  31. алекс Says:

    помогите скачать все фото и видео хлои вевриер, с сайта не получается, не могу зайти

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