Ding dong, Merilyn on high…

Our second selection of festive Christmas boobs comes courtesy of Merilyn Sakova. Although best known for her work on Score’s Busty Merilyn site, she also models as Anya at Top Heavy Amateurs, which is where I’d found the following festive photos (and, although they might overtax our invisible tree, I’d take Anya / Merilyn’s magnificent 32G “ornaments” over the teeny boobie baubles on offer at Ann Summers any day!):

Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G    Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G

Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G    Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G

Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G    Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G

Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G    Busty Merilyn / Anya 32G


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5 Responses to “Ding dong, Merilyn on high…”

  1. peter Says:

    Hi, my name is peter, and i´m from spain:

    (First: Sorry for my poor english)

    Ok, Merilyn is beautiful, but you have forget the most beautiful woman in the world: Devin Taylor. I have not seen that woman in your blog, and i cant´understand it because is the best bbw, and she has a boobs incredibles!!!

    Please, put some photos/videos of Devin Taylor in your blog!!!

  2. Carlos G Says:

    Ho..ho..ho !!! WOW !!! this is the best present that Santa’s brought to US !!!! this girl has a VERY NICE PAIR OF ORNAMENTS for so long …!!!!!
    Thank You Reese !!! you’re a real friend bro !!!
    Greetings from Argentina

  3. mike Says:

    still tring to
    chat back too her on-line live
    for her eyes only
    i do what i hav to do

  4. Mike Hunt Says:

    peter are you kidding Devin Taylor is like the fatest chick
    ever even though she may have ok tits you can find bigger
    tits with skinnier chicks!

  5. jay Says:

    what ever happened to Marilyn’s hardcore video that was supposed to be out last year?

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