Don’t be cruel…

Well, well, well…I just received my first truly negative comment yesterday. It was from an anonymous visitor to my “Eden has better taste in women” blog, who decided that he would “vote for less of Eden Mor”, closing with a childish anti-Semitic insult. One of MyBoobSite’s regulars quickly jumped to Eden’s defense, saying that the previous respondent simply didn’t know what’s good in life. Another then added that Eden was easily one of the top ten big boob models of all time. Now, although I’m able to moderate the comments left here, I decided to let that one remain as a testament to thoughtlessness and stupidity. Granted, Eden might not be Mr. Anonymous’ particular cup of tea, but that’s no reason to be cruel. As the great Buckaroo Bonzai once said, “Hey, hey, hey. Don’t be mean. We don’t have to be mean because, remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

Besides, meanness can lead to such horrific events as this: A 16-year-old girl in Cornwall was so relentlessly taunted and bullied over her 36K breasts, she threatened her mum that she would cut them off, blaming her boobs for ruining her life (rather than blaming the ignorant twats who abused her at school). Realizing her daughter’s crippling emotional distress over the situation, the mother got her referred to a surgeon with England’s National Health Service, who reduced the girl 11 cup sizes to a 36D. As there was no mention of back pain or any other complications arising from her enormous endowments, we can assume she was in good physical health otherwise. Thus, her beautiful breasts were lost solely as a result of the mental anguish brought on by the cruelty of others. :~( Click here to read the full article whilst I try to find something right with the world. *sigh*

So, in celebration of my anonymous visitor’s thoughtless comments (and in an attempt to restore some semblance of beauty), I dipped into my hard drive and pulled out a few favourites from my Garden of Eden archive, providing a glimpse into the vision of loveliness that is Eden Mor…

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

…oh, and I thought I’d include some videos, too (I am thoughtful, aren’t I?):

Eden Mor - One More Night Video - Clip 1    Eden Mor - One More Night Video - Clip 2

Eden Mor - One More Night Video - Clip 3    Eden Mor - One More Night Video - Clip 4

Eden Mor - One More Night Video - Clip 5    Eden Mor - One More Night Video - Clip 6


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37 Responses to “Don’t be cruel…”

  1. Jim Says:

    Ahhh Eden Mor videos not working! Need videos man :)

  2. Reese Says:

    Gack!! You’re right! Just fixed ‘em… :~) …thanks for letting me know!

  3. gustave Says:

    I can’t understand why women would be so agressive . I know the case of a girl not much older that the one from your story, and she went to surgery to reduce her breasts( she took off 800 grams approx. in each of her breasts) because older men said nasty things to her and her classmates will always yell or do gross things to her.

  4. cd_RW Says:

    it’s really a shame to learn what had becoming of that young girls breast in that article. it’s good that she now feels a little better that people aren’t saying cruel things to her, but i feel that she couldve embraced what she had and maybe even learned to love them had no one said anything negative.

    this post is great, as usual. let the celebration continue!

  5. Geeky Says:

    Are there any HC photos or videos from Eden?

  6. Stany Says:

    Ciaoooooo!!!!!!!This site it’s so wondeful!I’m from Italy and I love too much Merilyn.Please insert something more of her!!!
    This fucking guy doesn’t understand nothing if says these orrible things about Eden.Another super busty explosive girls!W big tits

  7. dan Says:

    The photos were great, but the videos were an awesome bonus. You rock, Calvin. My jeans are wet.

  8. cuncun877 Says:

    where is Nadine jansen?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Eden Mor may very well have served with the Israeli Army.Can you imagine her in full dress uniform at a parade stamping and marching about wobbling everywhere.Or in combat gear at a check point leaning into your car asking you to get out and giving you a body search.Or perhaps in fatigues breast bursting out of an unzipped top as she is covered in oil from working on a jeep.Goddess this woman is a goddess.

  10. mihrac suat yilmaz (turkey) Says:

    hello EDEN

  11. prince of asia Says:

    i wish to marry one of the big boob i will treat her like gold i loves big tits n i loves to fucks everyday n night,loves,i am hoping one day i will be staring in one or more in the blues movies with the big boobs .Hope u will accept my application i cock can get up in minute the moment i came out sperm within the count of 10 to 20 seconds my cock get up with full ejaculation.belives it u girls should try it sure u want it again n again until u satisfied the most,thank you,loves u big titts,bye

  12. wizzo Says:

    ive learned that no matter where you go or what the issue is you can always count on someone somewhere saying something negative. Its like that saying goes, if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all”. These guys are always the biggest losers too, if they took that same energy that they use to talk shit and focused it on something positive. They’d might actually have something. Like a life.

  13. Michael Orion Says:

    Eden Mor is so lovely. Why people have to be negative is something beyond me. Eden is one of the most beautiful women ever.

  14. NOVA Says:

    Thanks Dude………….Keep on coming wid dose Clips… You realy Found Out what we REaly Want of EDEN’s Garden of Bust ..


  15. ironmonkey Says:

    love to squeeze n suck those titties

  16. merouane Says:


  17. sumon Says:

    i love u

  18. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:


  19. Dj_T0g3 Says:

    wooo yeeeaahhhhh wauuuhhh asoooyyyyyyyd

  20. sexy polish Says:

    if you ever want a dick to play with you can use my polish big dick

  21. kush Says:

    love to suck the tits and fuck those who have tits like u.

  22. Rezvan Says:

    Hi Please Send me Photo

  23. mehran Says:

    i like you eden more

  24. Kamrul Islam Says:

    Hi Sexy Eden,

    You are so sweet looking having nice shaped boob.
    Its a God gifted asset you are belonging.
    My best wishes always with you.

    Kamrul Islam

  25. Breastmaster Says:

    Is there such a thing as a goddess of breasts? OMF’ingG ! ! If she was MY woman, I’d be bowing down to her like a little bitch boy. That fine woman would be suffering from eternal orgasms if I had it my way.

  26. eden Says:

    i love your big tits put my cock between them

  27. eden Says:

    send me your boobs

  28. darrell hagar Says:

    dam if i had eden mor as my girlfriend or roommate i would be proud to have a hot hot smoking mamma like her as my girlfriend she is a mlf

  29. michael Says:

    hey eden how are you. you have some really fab pictures . u look stunning. so hows ur day been. do people dis u alot, i know it must be hard sometime as bpeople give u shit. well i think u stunning and id love if we could chat more. im looking at making frienda all ovwer the world well wb

  30. andrew Says:

    Is this all you guys have going? Looking at huge tits on the internet all day, and talking about it? They’re just boobs douchebags. I love big tits just as much as the next guy but i don’t go out and try to only bang girls with huge tits. You people have an obsession. Seek help before it’s too late.

  31. Davo Says:

    ur very beautiful and i was reading that someone gave you a childish comment he doesnt know anything your very beautiful, he just must prefer men or something….

  32. joshua Says:

    you r a goddess so sexy so beautiful ı love u eden

  33. bbl Says:

    I have loved Eden now for many years since I discovered her. And I still love her. Although I´ve seen many women with even bigger breasts I think Eden is one of the most beautiful women in the world, because she has everything I like. Her tits are not only very big and natural, but very nice-shaped too, and she has a very nice figure, not fat but just this little bit chunke what I like so very much, wonderful tighs and nice hair and – she has a very beautiful face too.

    If I had to choose I would choose her. I`m a fan of her, and if I would be able to marry her, I surely would stay a burning fan of her for my whole lifetime.

  34. jatt Says:

    ufffffff……. eden plz i haf no money 2 spend on ur site… m a poor man nd m ur big fan…
    plz provide me ur free videos…
    plz…… i rlly need dem
    i love u my girl!

  35. vyom Says:

    Eden I wanna sleep with you

  36. femsup Says:

    Without doubt oen of the most astoundingly beautiful women in Israel and certainly the thought of her in uniform commanding me is lovely.I have seen her in fatigues and those pics were some of the most deliciously wankable ones of her.

  37. Weston Says:

    Without a doubt, this site features some of the ugliest boobs I’ve ever seen. Why in the world do people always seem to think that bigger is better? It’s quality that counts, folks, not quantity.

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