Dors from GodsGirls – OMG!

Credit jazzman for the discovery and Vix for pointing her out to me, but I have just laid eyes on the gorgeous, voluptuous and mega-busty babe who goes by the name of Dors at the curiously named God’s Girls website and couldn’t resist tracking down more photos of this heavy breasted honey and her huge tits of indeterminate cup-size. The site itself is a bit Suicide Girls or Gothic Sluts in nature, chock full of goth chicks baring breasts of all shapes and sizes of which Dors has the biggest boobs of the lot (from what I’ve seen so far)! And so, I’m summarily pleased to present the heavy heaving breasts of beautiful busty Dors from

Dors from    Dors from    Dors from

Dors from    Dors from    Dors from

Dors from    Dors from    Dors from

Dors from    Dors from    Dors from


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28 Responses to “Dors from GodsGirls – OMG!”

  1. FrankNZ Says:

    Dors’ tits are magnificent. I think that on she describes her breast size as “epic”. Indeed!

  2. MaGnUs Says:

    She has amazing tits, and a great body… but for some reason she covers her boobs up too much!!!

  3. marcusbig Says:

    I just love women with bodies like this… magnificent is a good word to use.

  4. MrG. Says:

    Full-on GODDESS.
    Please keep an eye out for more on this one, Reese!!!!

  5. Sam Says:


    I am a hardcore monotheist but there is something about the whores of satan that I find very hard to resist especially the ones that have breasts like that and with looks like hers! I love goths they are beautiful. The look is very hard to beat! But, she comes across more punkish rather than Goth though.

  6. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Me want!! Me want really bad. She is so painfully hot. I wish she wasn’t covering up her nipples in nearly every pic here. Gorgeous, hot, sexy thang.

  7. Big Daddy Says:

    She does have potential but fire the set director and cameraman please. What a terrible shoot! Great tits, voluptuous body, pretty face, she even has some very nice facial expressions.

    Her pouty lips and that great smile on the last shot, but the set and props really, they were totally amateurish. It’s like were is she, she’s hiding behind someone’s attempt at being creative. I especially like the tilted picture on the wall…..LOL. Someone get her a professional group to work with she has the goods.

  8. SLOW? Says:

    This site gets news so fuggin slowly. I saw these same pics in the same order on another blog almost 2 weeks ago.

  9. johnsmith Says:

    very pretty too underneath that goth/punk/who cares exterior

  10. Sean Says:

    Holy crap, I think we’ve just found the next big boob superstar!!!!! This girl is as cute as hell and what a rack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. BigBoobFan Says:

    I think I am in love…

  12. charles Says:

    Goddess body! I’m sold on this model! Dors come on over and stand by the window! LOL.

  13. Plauls Says:

    Nice boobs,no question about it but Tat in a girl is the Ultimate turn off for me.

  14. Richlo Says:

    she is so damn sxy…thats what I call a perfect voluptuous woman

  15. Al Socarras Says:

    Wow! The young lady Dors is really sexy. I instantly was aroused by her pic spread. I’m very curious to know why some women effect me in this way. I suppose if I think about it with Dors it would have to be the naturally huge full breast, that gets my attention right off and her eyes just reel me in for the finish. I have to say for me she’s an Angelina Jolie Just like I would like her Body to be.

  16. bee Says:

    I’m gonna jerk off to her for a longgggggggg time!!! Thanks Reese!!!

  17. Joey Says:

    Big Daddy, I agree. I really have no idea who these amateurs are, but they can’t shoot for shit. A pity that gorgeous girls like Dors are stuck with these jokers. Cheron has the same issue. Awesome gal, crappy photographer.

  18. J Says:

    i was totally going to leave a comment that ready “OH MY GOD” before i even saw your title, Reese…

  19. Scott Says:

    Totally stunning, would love to see more of this godess

  20. curvelover Says:

    Dors is an incredible find out of nowhere, I’ve only seen her recently myself. Marriage material. Simply stunning.

  21. radic Says:

    Goddess is the correct word. Wowsers!

  22. x Says:

    Incredibly sexy and voluptuous. Her body is the true definition of feminine form !

  23. CarlosBA Says:

    Simply SHE IS AMAZING!!! voluptuous body!! Incredible TETAS!!!!!

  24. Vadd Says:

    SO, we all like her eh? I totally agree. She is freaking MAGNIFICENT.

  25. jazzman Says:

    Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post this sooner. I really really really dropped the ball on that one :( Please forgive me ;)

  26. Dors Feline Says:

    Well boys i have to say im blushing with your beautiful comments! Godsgirls was my first home for modeling and i have to breakt the news that the set is amature, its a diy that the site gets models to shoot in their own home , what your seeing is a sneek preview of my actual bedroom!

    I have been discovered luckly enough by candy girl productions and im currently waiting for my solo site to go live in the next week!

    can i count on you guys to come over and see me there? ive done some sexy shoots but the videos…ooooOOOOO wow!

    love to you all!

    Dors Feline


  27. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Dors Feline 34K at Says:

    […] An inevitability, to be sure, especially after all of the positive comments she received on my Dors from GodsGirls blog, not to mention the lovely Ms Feline herself popping in to alert us that her personal website was in the works… Dors Feline wrote: […]

  28. TreeHugger Says:

    good luck with the site.

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