Big Boobs Bosom Buddies Eden Mor & Terry Nova

Well, it seems that Cel – that master of mammary arts from XX-Cel – has done it again. I remember recently being thrilled to the back teeth (wherever does that phrase come from?) when he got 34HH Eden Mor to bare all on the site, but now he’s gone one better in providing a pictorial answer to that age-old question, “What do you get when you cross our heavenly HH-cup host from the Garden of Eden with 32FF Terry Nova?”

Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay

A busty bifurcation of big boobs bosom buddies? A compelling consort of curvaceous colossal cleavage companions? Multiple massive mammary mates? Topheavy titanic tits twins? A double dose of dairy deliciousness? A jizzsome jugate of gigantic juggs? A pair of pussy playmate partners? Bugger – in retrospect, it doesn’t really answer anything at all, does it? And, besides, I’m just getting alliteratively silly now and should probably stop before I seriously embarrass myself (as if I haven’t already). :~P [This does raise one rather ponderous question, though: What’s a good collective noun for a communal gathering of several pairs of breasts? You know, like a “gaggle of geese”, a “murder of crows”, a “pod of whales” or a “prickle of hedgehogs”. Whatever would an amassment of multiple mammaries be?!]

Anyway, back to our beautiful boobsome twosome of Terry & Eden. As words worthy of these two well-endowed wonders going tit to tit together escape me – especially after exposing myself to that double pussy flash in the 11th photo below (now wouldn’t that induce a terribly troublesome cunnilingus conundrum of which to go down on first?!) – I’ll just get on with the pics. Here are voluptuous busty beauties Eden Mor & Terry Nova engaging in a lovely little bit of light lesbian play over at

Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay

Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay

Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay

Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay    Eden Mor & Terry Nova go tit-to-tit as big bosom buddies ay

(note: actual photos available for download from the site are 1600×1064 resolution)


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31 Responses to “Big Boobs Bosom Buddies Eden Mor & Terry Nova”

  1. Lucas Says:

    It would be nice to see Eden fully naked like Terry is. I’m so tired of seeing models with their stomachs and other parts covered up.

  2. Xan Xan Says:

    it wont be long before Eden Mor does hardcore….(unfortunately)

  3. moy Says:

    Eden need to eat some pizza and donuts or something. Too skinny these days.

  4. x Says:

    Looks like Eden has even lost some weight from her chest ! How unfortunate.

  5. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Yeah, I was thinking that too. Eden is definitely slimming down up top :-(

  6. dreyfuzz Says:

    Have to agree with you. Eden is not what she used to be. :(

  7. Sam Says:

    I can’tr believe it Eden More’s breasts are smaller than Terry’s. Wow two yeras ago I am sure this wouldn’t have been the case. She needs to get back to her plump self!

  8. tehfak Says:

    … holy shiet O____O she lost all of her juice X___x ALL OF IT !!!

  9. David Says:

    I like Eden better with some weight on her bones….she looks kinda deflated now and her tits do not look as nice.

    Just my opinion.

  10. Vadd Says:

    Eden just slipped out of my top 10. Still a beautiful girl, just not as “DAMN! LOOK AT HER!” as she once was.

  11. Mikee Says:

    Although I applaud Eden’s interest in a healthy diet, it seems to be taking a negative toll in areas of her body that we are keenly obsessed with. We hereby nominate Cel to convey this unfortunate news to Ms Eden…pardon me whilst I dry my watery eyes…On the bright side, Terri looks bigger and better than ever!! :}

  12. rasta68 Says:

    come on guys, who would still not want Eden, even if she’s lost a couple of pounds, the thought of cupping those big natural boobs……. hmmmmm!!!

    oh Lucas, just flip back into previous postings of Eden so you can admire her naked torso, besides as Reese stated picture 11 is hardly leaving much covered up ;)

  13. Phil Says:

    All these comments about the great boobs, come on guys, don’t you read Reese’s text? His awesome alliteration is a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature right there!! And while I’m at it, I’d say a collection of breasts is a “babbage”

  14. henk Says:

    I love photo 07 where Terry shoves her udders to the sides. Love seeing that stuff from behind, say doggy :)

  15. Samantha38g Says:

    Eden’s boobs do look half the size along with the rest of her. Sadly this is one of the side affects from losing weight.

    Also her skin no longer glows. I am worried about her. Rarely would I say anything, but her past pics, Eden always had such a beautiful glow to her skin. A person couldn’t help but stare at her beauty and glory.

    Glow equals health. Now I am very concerned.


  16. mg Says:

    Eden’s (almost) lost for the cause :-(

    Once one of my all time favourites, in this set I prefer Terry hands down.

    All the best. mg

  17. Dr Evil Says:

    Odd to think that if Eden’s breasts were always their current size, most boob-loving folks would be lauding her assets. I must admit though, I’m a little saddened to see that her gorgeous globes have gotten smaller in recent times.

    Having said that, she is still a beautiful woman with fantastic breasts.

  18. Charles Says:

    Samantha has put her finger right on it. Now I only wish she’d get her fingers on me!!! Seriously, the healthy glow is missing. Something healthy looking about Eden’s plump profile a year ago. Well to be fair I think she is actually prettier now, her face looks more beautiful with more slender cheeks, but the BODY! Oh, it’s so different. She’s no longer ‘HH’ Eden. In fact they are SO much smaller I am wondering if she has not had a reduction. I remember in V-mag a few years back she says she nearly went for a reduction surgery but after her debut in V-mag she fell in love with her boobs all over again. Maybe she finally went through with it????

  19. Tommy Says:

    I could cry when I see Eden. She was such a beautiful lovely babe before she’s lost so much weight. She doesn’t look very healthy and all her charme has gone

  20. cd_RW Says:

    Im with all you guys. Like I said about the last Eden post, she’s gone down quite a few numbers on my list because of her weight loss. However, I will always fully support her in what she does both with her body and her career. However, I’d be lying if I said it doesnt make me a bit sad inside.

  21. Lance Says:

    Yes, this is distressing news about Eden’s much reduced tittage. However, on the bright side, she DOES seem more confident about herself in her latest slimmed down incarnation. I have noticed that she does smile a bit more now and is more willing to lay her pretty tummy bare, unlike before.

    And I will second Charles’ comment.. Her face does look even prettier than before.

  22. Cel Says:

    The “glow” you guys are talking about she had before is called “photoshop”. Just like Chloe Vevrier, what you see on her site isn’t really what you get in real life. I’ve known Eden for years and she has never been as healthy and happy as now. I too kinda regret the ZZZ-cups she had when she was younger, but I also think she’s a much better person now. So I love her anyway. :)

  23. FrankNZ Says:

    I have to go with Dr Evil here: Eden is still a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous pair of pendulous breasts, and her areolae remain a wonder of nature. If Eden is happier with her current shape, then we should respect that. And we have plenty of photographic evidence to marvel at how a woman’s breasts change over time. It’s all good from where I’m sitting.

  24. Andy Says:

    Eden is looking fine all the same bigger is generally better, however I didn’t realise Terry’s were that big. BTW Terry = hottest redhead

  25. johniker Says:

    I’m sick of all you guys talking about how bad you think Eden looks now. I think she looks great, and I’m glad she’s getting healthier! Frankly, I prefer a “healthy” figure with a little meat on their bones than downright fat. Don’t get me wrong, Samantha 38G is one of my favorite models in the business, but there are some women I’ve run across on this site that just… overdid it for me. I hate the twig-like near-anorexic figures that people seem to drool over nowadays, but I think there is such a thing as going too far the other way. That’s just my two cents.

  26. poorEden Says:

    She was alright larger. Her boobs are smaller and “deflated” now. There was a point where she would have been as big or bigger than Terry. :( It’s like what happened to Taylor Stevens…sad. :(

  27. Ben Says:

    I agree with johniker. I think Eden still looks great.

  28. Eden Fan Says:

    Eden, please go back to your natural weight!

  29. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:



  30. sucknfuck Says:

    I love the beauty of Eden. She is slightly careless about her health but I’d suggest she maintain the size of breasts by consulting some physician or cosmetic expert. I wish I could hold and fondle her massive juggs of joy!

  31. robert edwards Says:

    I love Eden to but the girl needs to eat some Red beans & Rice!

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