Elaina Gregory 34N

Bra cup-sizes are a funny thing. Whilst one might take cup-size to be an accurate measure indicating the size of a girl’s breasts at large, it’s a relative rather than absolute standard of reference reflecting the differential between the circumference of the chest and the fullness of the bust-line. Thus, really big cup-sizes don’t necessarily mean massive tits on a girl but, rather than being some sort of subversive breast deception, it’s merely a somewhat misleading measure of mammary gland mass and/or voluptuous boob volume. Take new busty model 34N Elaina Gregory from XLgirls as an example…

Elaina Gregory 34N at XLgirls.com    Elaina Gregory nude with N-cup breasts at XLgirls.com

…while the titillating thought of N-cup breasts on a well-endowed woman may magically transport my perverted mind into the rarefied erotic realm of “udderly” enormous boobs too big to fit comfortably in the breast / body balance of conventional female proportions (am thinking tits along the line of Anorei here), Elaina Gregory’s big bosom appears the perfect mammary match for her full-figured feminine form. Sure, there’s no denying this beautiful busty girl’s tits are huge by any standard, I wouldn’t have visually estimated her to have N-cup boobs by any stretch of my big breast obsessed imagination (indeed, I’d have given her G-cup breasts at best, as Serenity was the last super busty model on My Boob Site with N-cup plus-sized proportions)!

Then again, in referring to our bra sizing standard, we’re well aware that N-cup tits are just 36-38cm (14-15in) bigger than the un-rounded band-size, so that’d give Elaina Gregory a 122cm or 48-inch bust-line on average, and four feet of boobage seems an entirely reasonable sized rack for a suitably stacked babe whose big boobs are in perfect balance with her body type (and, judging by the way her amazingly full breasts hang out past her sides in that first photo above, I don’t dispute this girl’s got a good four foot around her tits and torso in the least!). Thus, with the absolute relativity of cup-size being a deceptive measure of massive mammaries at best, I propose we establish a new and more accurate standard for evaluating large breast volume for our big tits statistics (some manner of displacement method, perhaps? especially since weighing big tits can’t be accurate either).

But enough going on about our colossal cleavage cup-size conundrum (besides, getting all big bust models to adopt some new breast sizing standard would be an impossible tits task to undertake anyway), let’s all just sit back, relax and enjoy more of adorable and amply endowed new arrival 34N Elaina Gregory in videos from XLgirls.com:

Elaina Gregory videos at XLgirls.com




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12 Responses to “Elaina Gregory 34N”

  1. Xan Says:

    that appears to be Gracie from topheavy. same face, same nipples….same arm hair.

  2. Alex Says:

    This is a somewhat common occurrence. Many times when large-breasted women go in for bra measurements, they find out that their band size is much smaller, and that their cup size is much bigger, that what they had been wearing.

  3. Big Tit Observer Says:

    Her tits are alright, but damn man her arms are way too hairy they distract my attention away from her bangers.

  4. rich Says:

    I some how doubt the 34 as well… I wish there was more reality in measurements, and I hope bigger girls know how much we love them!!!

    anyway another beautiful woman to admire

  5. king Says:

    yea shes nice but she aint so new on the scene but im glad shes back in full effect!!
    this is gracie from THA i actually think that you blogged her b4 too


  6. Jay Says:

    If you take two 1 in cubes, put them next to each other, and measure the circumference the distance is 6 inches. Now if you move the cubes 1 inch apart and remeasure, the distance goes up to 8 inches with the cubes not getting any bigger. That is the problem with measuring for cup sizes. If the breasts are close together the circumference will be smaller than if the same size breasts pointed out to the sides (more space between the breasts) – same as moving the cubes apart. Maybe the best way to determine size is to measure up the outside of one breast, across and down the other side of the breast then across any gap between the breasts, repeat on the second breast and then across the back. That would give a measurement of the true circumference. There is a little measuring device with a wheel that you can just roll across anything to measure distance. Can you imagine running this around the body under the breasts to get strap size and then having to run it around again, going up and down the breasts, to get cup size. Where do I sign up for that job.

  7. Gladius7373 Says:

    Wow! What a stunningly beautiful woman! Rawr!!

  8. RazeTastic Says:

    Yeah…she’s kinda cute…and she’s got a great rack, BUT…those ARMS.

    Good God she needs to shave those things or somethin…that’s ALL BAD.

  9. keith Says:

    She’s got something. My new favourite.

  10. Gladius7373 Says:

    Mmmm, I love them just the way they are!

  11. Nick Says:

    She’s sexy and attractive in her own way, but no, she sure is not beautiful or fit. SHe could improve easily both by getting some work on her face (nose job etc) and by exercising.

  12. Nick Says:

    “Maybe the best way to determine size is to measure up the outside of one breast,”

    if by “size” we just mean ‘bulk” or volume of the breast, there is a very easy way to measure most of them, have them hang down and drop each one separately in a fully filled bucket of pleasantly warm water, catch all the overflowing water each one displaces, and weigh it, this should give you the volume of each breast, ie its size.

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