Merry Christmas from MyBoobSite!

Well, it’s Christmas morning here in the UK and I thought I’d take a moment to wish all of you a most Happy Christmas before getting on with the business of unwrapping presents. Then, after a leisurely morning together, Vix & I will probably head over to the pub to spend the rest of the day with friends. Vix is planning on wearing her Mrs. Santa outfit, too, so no doubt she’ll be tits-out by evening! ;~)

Speaking of presents, in the Czech Republic, one of the most-requested gifts on women’s lists this year was bigger boobs. Strange, as I’d always thought they were particularly well-endowed over there (though, with competition like the stunning 32G Jana Defi in their midst, I suppose they’ve got a lot to measure up to!). Hmmm, I wonder how many Czechs found bigger breasts under their trees this morning?

Well, as promised, our final instalment of festive Christmas boobs are the biggest of the lot. With her 48NNN naturals, Serenity Davis of has the most massive mammaries ever to be featured on MyBoobSite! And to think, I used to live just 80 miles away from Serenity when I was in the ‘States. At that meager distance, you’d think I’d have been able to feel their gravitational pull, wouldn’t you?

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN



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30 Responses to “Merry Christmas from MyBoobSite!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Please find some videos of these boobs in action! :)

  2. D BO Says:

    These tits should have a zipcode. I mean damn they’re huge. I wonder does she get some kind of tax break for having two small people attached to her.

  3. Houdini Says:

    Believe it or not, Serenity has grown since those pics a couple of years ago and reported a breast measurement of 70 inches. Spectacular!

  4. Gazzarelli Says:

    Absolutely bloody awesome!

  5. jochen Says:

    Goddes-wonerful-sorry german- will ihr sklave sein goddes

  6. dawgshotz Says:

    majestic,these tits cud cause a solar eclipse, plz put up serenitys preggo pics soon,keep up the gud work.mail me some pics.

  7. Rob T Says:

    Last Iheard was that Serenity was pregnant and expecting this summer — but nothing’s been posted on her site since June 14. Anyone heard anything about Serenity? The though of her engorged and lactating is mind-boggling!

  8. Lucious Jackson Says:

    This site was OK when I was a member a few months ago, but its just not updated much at all — and the popups are annoying.

  9. Fred Says:

    A truly wonderful set of tits!

  10. Charles Says:

    Woah yea, if she is expecting that would be some kind of world record! Please find out some news on this subject if you can!

  11. Charles Says:

    Now I have been to her website at last. I used to be a member but drifted off after a while. Now I have simply GOT to see that video of her pregnant. It should be on top of every boob lovers ‘must experience before I die’ list. The webmaster says she has gotten ‘a lot bigger.’ This is wild. As soon as I see she has returned I am so THERE!

    By the way, it also mentions they have pix of “Kiki Kakuchi.” Is this the same Kiki we have seen blogged here??

  12. Dee Says:

    can i please suck on em

  13. megan Says:

    so hott

  14. eric Says:

    more of serenity davis 48nnn. she is amazing

  15. Mark Says:

    Damn I want to use them babies for a pilllow when I go to sleep tonight! And every night…

  16. Fred Says:

    I dont think those udders are real.

  17. Me Says:

    I agree, they have the look of implants

  18. Clancy Says:

    Yeah, the look great, but they can’t be real. Was a member on her site and the videos of her lying on her back are a dead giveaway that they’re fake–they’re waaaaaay too round when she’s lying flat. I’d still hit it, though. :)

  19. madrooster Says:

    I’ve been with girls with huge real boobs that stand up while they’re on their back. There’s an 18yo I know with 46 G’s that are so perky they almost stick straight out when she’s laying back. And I can assure you they’re 100% natural. This site is awesome btw, wish it was a lil’ more towards an X rating though.

  20. cannon Says:

    Guys …They are real I can tell from the shape and the way they pull a lil south , Plus there is no bulge on the top of her breasts

  21. gazza Says:

    Need more pics on this site please of the divine Serenity!

  22. James Says:

    Serenity I want you for Christmas!

  23. dj Says:

    anjriiitttt so beutiful naked fucking woman .iwish ihave hand to reach to her bbobs

  24. walter Says:

    serenity,please i like see LACTATING MILK of your boobs
    please MILKING OF MAMAS. thank you. kisses

  25. UdderLover Says:

    Ab – so – fucking – lutely gorgeous!!!!
    Houston, we have a boner!

  26. paul Says:

    is she married

  27. freddy Says:

    fuck ! Those milkers are huge, my dic would get lost between them but i wouldnt mind

  28. DIRK Says:




  29. Ripts Says:

    I can’t imagine when my dic fucks your boobs…,It might make me ejaculated and cum over them..

  30. jack Says:

    Nice, big, pretty. What’s not to love here?
    I could probably stretch my mouth to the point of ripping the sides of my cheeks just to accommodate something as warm, suckable and soft as Serenity’s thighs, never mind her …oh I’m so depressed I can’t suck on such beautiful breasts as this daily!
    I want gorgeous tits like this everyday, and I am more than happy to pay for our existance!
    Please…come take advantage of me!

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