Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits

I’ve been hard at work updating MyBoobSite’s Model Directory (and yes, Jes, Aneta Buena has now been added to the roster of busty models therein) and noticed that there was one lovely redhead of whom I’m quite fond who only had one blog entry to her credit! As you’ve all no doubt already gathered from the title, I’m speaking of 36GG Fairy from Busty Brits.

It’s a bit of a shocker, really, especially since I’d received so many positive comments when I first blogged Fairy way back in October of 2005! Besides her pleasingly-plump GG-cup breasts and comfortably voluptuous body, she’s just too darn cute!! Thus, rather than leave you without a blog on this busy day, here’s a bit more of Fairy from BustyBrits.com:

Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com    Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com    Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com

Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com    Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com    Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com

Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com    Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com    Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits.com



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22 Responses to “Fairy 36GG from BustyBrits”

  1. Jes Says:

    Love her outdoor pics. I wouldn’t mind seeing some vid clips of that series.

  2. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Nice additions to the directory Reese, Aneta in particular has been long overdue. Nice fairy pix. Has anyone been able to notice how pretty her eyes are?

  3. BigBoobFan Says:

    She’s a darling. Very natural and very beautiful. Gotta love those Busty Brits! :)

  4. Johnny Says:

    Boy what I wouldn’t do. She’s wonderful, nice butt shot too.

  5. Curvelover Says:

    Fairy is Bloody awesome.

  6. Mick Says:

    Damn, she’s gorgeous. Is she still around though? Not been any new pics of her for ages :(

  7. finn Says:

    I used to love this site but man, lately there is way too many bbw’s

  8. dom Says:

    finn what? BBW with huge knockers is what it’s all about

  9. finn Says:

    maybe for you dom…

  10. Matty Says:

    Fairy has to be the most gorgeous chick on this site, is she ever gonna release her own dvd & some new pics cuz i can’t get enough of her :)

  11. jolleyredgiant Says:

    Fairy, she so beautiful, hey?

  12. Darkstar_101 Says:

    I would tear that ass up. I would get hr nice and wet, bend her over a chair and fuck her like a sewing machine until I came or she came.

  13. mat Says:

    All dead links now unfortunately :(

  14. Reese Says:


    All fixed, brought back to life with the updated URLs! Thanks for letting me know…

    ~Reese! :~)

  15. Cope(soldier) Says:

    Please more. Please. Fairy is so gorgeous. There needs to be more.

  16. Peter Says:

    Would love to see her in some hardcore fetish action!

  17. kate Says:

    Nice Boobs

  18. yeakubhasan Says:

    what a beautifull boobs
    i enjoy it
    please send me tits natural

  19. Mature Says:

    Thanks! More Fairy please!

  20. Mark Glaude Says:

    She’s the kind of buxom gal who would breastfeed a man with her massive mams which are full of warm creamy milk. I would want to be that man – no doubt!!!

  21. bhatti Says:

    why fairy donot show her pussy?

  22. Raymond Says:

    Yes, whatever happened to Fairy? married? 15 kids? Or still working? Seen nothing of her for 3 or more years. Any clues?

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