Fun With Dick and Jane

Don’t you just want to relocate to Romania?

Here’s yet another boobie beauty from Bucharest.

36F Sensual Jane has the same hometown as other top titty totty, including 38G Lavina Dream, 34L Micky Bells, 36F Vicky Soleil, 42G Roxxy and 32G Arianna Sinn.

With an hourglass figure of 42-28-36, Jane certainly stacks up some serious stats.

So, Fun With Dick and Jane? Yeah, I kinda meant your dick (should you possess one) and Sensual Jane.

Jane is in the shower and she masterfully manipulates the hot squirting head in her hands, splashing water into her mouth, on her breasta and cascading it down her body to run through her tight cleft of a cunt.

Ah, to be a showerhead.
In Bucharest.

Sensual Jane at

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4 Responses to “Fun With Dick and Jane”

  1. Mentok Says:

    Wait wait wait. They’re not only all from the same country, but the same town!? I know where in Romania I’m moving to!

  2. luvembig Says:

    The fact that all these beautiful women not only come from the same country, but the same town is mind boggling. Makes you wonder if there are even more large breasted beauties there waiting to be discovered. Gotta be something in the water. Oh, how I wish I could book a trip to Romania, Bucharest in particular right now. I believe Alicia Loren is also from Romania, although she may not be from Bucharest.

  3. James Says:

    Why would we want to relocate to Romania? Doesn’t Vix live in Jolly England?

  4. Bustygirl Says:

    Oh, my! Aside from Jane’s shower, I think a valid question is: What is in water in Bucharest?!

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