Happy Thanksgiving!

As a transplant to the UK from the ‘States, the huge family gatherings we’d enjoyed every Thanksgiving Day are something I dearly miss. However, my wife Vix does a marvellous job of making up for this by preparing a sumptuous turkey dinner, even though the holiday is a purely US-centric phenomenon. Still, I take it not only as a time to reflect upon all of the wonderful things in my life for which I am thankful, but also to consider those who’ve been less fortunate over the past year. For this, I need look no further than friends & family in my home state of Florida who, although faring better than our neighbours in Louisiana, had to endure the continuous barrage of hurricanes which devastated the Gulf Coast.

One victim of this onslaught of nature was Serenity Davis of eMelons.com, whose Florida home suffered extensive damage as a result of Hurricane Wilma. Much to the relief of her fans, Serenity herself was unharmed, but her house was rendered uninhabitable due to downed power lines and a huge fallen tree which collapsed part of her roof. She’s still dealing with the aftermath, staying with friends whilst repairs are underway. As soon as everything is finally sorted and she’s able to return home again, Serenity promises to bounce back into the on-line world of big boobs with a better-than-ever comeback!

In the meantime, here are yet two more things that we can be thankful for: the monumental 48NNN mammaries of Serenity Davis…

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN

Serenity Davis 48NNN    Serenity Davis 48NNN


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24 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Pornster Says:

    Uhh, these are double-wow.
    Blessed be Reese for finding and sharing such great ladies.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m pretty new to blogging. How do I post a new discussion, it seems I can only post replies to other discussions called “comments” but how do I start a new discussion ?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Im pretty new to blogging. how do I start a NEW discussion ?

  4. Reese Says:

    Visitors to MyBoobSite are free to leave comments, but, if you want to open a whole new discussion, you’ll have to start your own blog. For that, I’d recommend opening a free account on blogger.com (which is where Vix keeps her Tits-Out weblog). And, if you do, let me know and we might exchange reciprocal links!

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. to Pornster: The last time I heard a “blessed be” was when Vix & I attended the Summer Solstice celebration at Stonehenge! Are you perchance revealing some pagan roots, there?! ;~)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just the way a woman should be with breasts not only bigger than your head but as a big lass bigger than her own.

  6. hess Says:

    i am a black guy that loves white girls with big tits

  7. jochen Says:

    Eifach eine perfekte Góttin mit fantastischen Brústen

  8. wendy Says:


  9. crazy a bout samantha Says:

    i am sure they are quite heavy babe but i want to tell u ur so hot and i hope u get fucked as long as u want

  10. logansrun Says:

    omg i wish i was your child

  11. secretsquirrel Says:

    Wow! those are huge!! I think she is damn sexy.

  12. Mark Says:

    These are the boobs from heaven so damn beautiful damn!

  13. Lord Green Says:

    Oh my god those are the best boobs I have seen in a long time! Damn if I was your child I wouldn’t leave home until I was at least 40!

    A London Admirer

  14. ERIC Says:

    GODDAMN!!!!!!!!!! Those are the most LUSCIOUS breasts I have EVER had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon!! & she’s GORGEOUS too! WOW!!!! I’d give my left nut & then some to be her man!

  15. Boobobsessed Says:

    OMG i wish i could fuck all of these gurls hard core i might have some of them hit me up

  16. adam;s Says:

    i would like to touch you live live my dear is the only word taht i can express am deadly in love with you

  17. marco Says:

    Enorme, gran mama, bella mujer, totem sexual.

  18. adamu Says:

    dont tell me these are real natural booooooooobs. if they are, then i’ve got to come take a proper look. i couldnt help it

  19. joy Says:

    daaaammm……the moment is serenity i get hard or even thinking of her makes me hard i wana lick those huge boobs and play with them…

  20. Roberto Says:

    Serenity turns me on, but her website doesn’t. It’s a lot of work to navigate and it’s very time-consuming and confusing. But what really ticks me off is you can’t download pictures from her site. I don’t know of any other site that has this policy. Pretty ridiculous when you’re a paid subscriber. And some of her good photos of her breasts are with her face blurred out when it was earlier in her career when she didn’t want the public to know her identity (face). If she had any respect for customers, she would re-do those earlier pictures with face shots in focus! I will never subscribe to her site again unless I find out her site has improved in customer needs.

  21. Anonymous Says:


  22. alicia Says:

    these are thicker than my total body size…

    oooooo lalaa

    ooo my God

    oooooo Jesus…….

  23. manu Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! god they are huge and hot i would like to suck upon them and milk them.

  24. jamieanne Says:

    I so0 wiosh i was you,you are so hot and i so need mken to want me

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