Big Boob Nightmares

No, no – I’m not talking about bad boob jobs here – rather, the title for this entry was loosely inspired by my blog of “Big Boob Dreams” late last week. To be honest, I’ve been having some rather vivid dreams myself recently, which have taken me back to the somnonanistic* slumbers of my youth. While I, quite expectedly, dreamed of big boobs, my older brother would have these terrible nightmares wherein there were hands reaching out of his wall to grab him in the night! Then again, the fact that I would take our mother’s rubber kitchen gloves, fill them with oatmeal and affix them to the wall above my brother’s bed as he slept probably didn’t help matters, either.

My brother’s unfortunate plight also came to mind when I encountered the following preview clips from the bizarre “Busty Dildo Lovers” starring 36EE Cindy Cupps. In the video, Cindy appears trapped in a dank room, surrounded by dildos protruding precariously from every wall. On the other hand, maybe they’re not dildos after all, but actual former glory holes where some sick pervert cemented the participants’ penii permanently in place, continuously feeding them Viagra from the other side of the wall! Kind of Edgar Allen Poe-ish, don’t you think?! Now, just hold that thought for a moment whilst attempting to enjoy these lovely little clips from Score Videos… ;~)

Cindy Cupps 36EE - Busty Dildo Lovers - Clip 1    Cindy Cupps 36EE - Busty Dildo Lovers - Clip 2

Cindy Cupps 36EE - Busty Dildo Lovers - Clip 3    Cindy Cupps 36EE - Busty Dildo Lovers - Clip 4



* somnonanistic: adj. A sleep wanker [derived from combining the prefix “somn-” from somnambulist, a sleep walker, with the adjective form of “onanism”, a synonym for masturbation]

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