Just like Bert & Ernie, but with boobs!

I received a query from a site visitor yesterday asking if I had any more information on my all-time favourite model, Imogen…such as her last name to assist in seeking her out on the ‘net. Unfortunately, I don’t know our 38GG lovely’s surname, but I do know that she’s completely exclusive to BustyBrits – so you won’t find her anywhere else.

However, this does provide me with a good opportunity to address another Imogen-related issue that’s been troubling me for some time: In quite a few of her pictorials, she’s featured with another BustyBrits model named Alexis. One gets the impression that Alexis is always lingering about the house, as the two seem inseparable. In fact, their domestic arrangement bears a striking (yet decidedly more provocative) resemblance to the relationship shared between Bert & Ernie on Sesame Street!

I went through my extensive Imogen archives searching for evidence of this premise, and here’s what I found at BustyBrits.com (hover your mouse over the photos for captions):

Once again, Alexis & Imogen forget their umbrella.    Sharing...that's what it's all about!

Coz two in the bathtub is more fun than one!    Imogen makes sure that Alexis has washed her hair.

A victim of unrequited love, Alexis stealthily mounts Imogen in her sleep.    Imogen checks to see if Alexis is a boy or a girl.

Able to take no more, Alexis attempts to strangle Imogen.    Domestic bliss restored.


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9 Responses to “Just like Bert & Ernie, but with boobs!”

  1. Casssidy Says:

    WOW…Imogen is really hot. I had never heard of her before. Thx for the great pics!

  2. Dave Says:

    LOL! I haven’t laughed so much in weeks! Very true. Imogen is gorgeous, it has to be said. Great blog.

  3. Sameer Says:

    yaa im very much impressed looking at IMOGEN pics can u update on her latest pic or the site were it is available, she is very very impressive figure
    and a great look plz update me,reply

  4. Sameer Says:

    yaa im very much impressed looking at IMOGEN pics can u update on her latest pic or the site were it is available,plz reply


  5. =D Says:

    i wish i was in the room in between them having hardcore sex wiv em

  6. the rio grande kid Says:

    Imogen is justthe hottest I have ever seen. How tall is she and how much does she weigh, Please answer?! That is the key to her appeal.!!

  7. Doc Says:

    hey, i think i m in love with this lady called ‘Imogen’!
    but the thing is that i’ve been hovering around this imogen’s section of this website but i dont any updates for quite some time now.
    please try and add some more pictorial and if u can do add some videos too, i’ll be obliged!
    thank u.

  8. a.z Says:

    for lady IMOGEN

    treasury is treasury

    its better to be alone, no need to share to others

  9. Man Says:

    I would most gladly cumm on their tits.

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