More to life than Imogen?

OK, I admit it: I have an Imogen fixation. The stunning star of BustyBrits captured my heart years ago, and has been my #1 big boob model ever since. Curiously, unlike with other porn and despite her gorgeous 38GG breasts, I often catch myself staring into her eyes. Utterly captivating…

BustyBrits Imogen 38GG    BustyBrits Imogen 38GG

BustyBrits Imogen 38GG    BustyBrits Imogen 38GG

however, I’ve since realized that my fascination with Imogen is unfair to the other buxom British beauties that grace her site. To keep them from feeling left out, here’s a small sampling of the dozens of other lovely models you’ll find on So take your pick (except for Imogen, of course…she’s MINE!):

BustyBrits Lora 32E    BustyBrits Fairy 36GG

BustyBrits Chaz 34H    BustyBrits Kerrie Marie 34G

BustyBrits Blue 34FF    BustyBrits Lindsie 32GG


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13 Responses to “More to life than Imogen?”

  1. bearsdsleya2 Says:

    Hey ! I agree Imogen is great – though I’m also hot for Lora as well !
    Have you get any other stuff about imo – her ast name, for instance, that will help on web searches for her loveliness ??
    Thanks – in hope !

  2. Reese Says:

    Great to see another Imogen fan! I must say that Lora’s a bit too small for my tastes, as I tend more toward the Leah-Jayne end of the spectrum. As for your inquiries, I’ve just answered you in this post.

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. beardsleya2 Says:

    Ok Lora maybe small compared to some, but she’s still hot !
    I agree about L-J boob-wise, but her face puts me off !
    Real turn-on at the moment is Chloe Vevrier – producing some completely horny sets.
    Top stuff !!

  4. Reese Says:

    I love Chloe, too (just blogged her last week, in fact)!

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. Axel Says:

    I just can’t get over Imogen’s gorgeousness, when did she fall down to Earth from Heaven?!!! She reminds me of the 50’s classic Playboy models with a real women’s figure ( alot like my ex, honest! ). How do I find out a bit more of her and what is her surname? This would help a great deal more when I’m browsing on the web. Thank you Lord for the Second Coming!

  6. Reese Says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more – Imogen’s my all-time #1 in the world of big boobs! As I’d mentioned in my most recent Imogen blog, I’ve not been able to find any further information on her… :~( …nor have I found photos of her anywhere else, as she’s 100% exclusive to the Busty Brits site. However, if I do ever find out any more about Imogen in the future, I’ll definitely share it here on MyBoobSite!

    ~Reese! :~)

  7. Martin Says:

    i wish i could put my cock up thier pussies and make them scream my name!!!!!!

  8. =D Says:

    come lean over my lap i want to do something wiv them all

  9. sh Says:

    theank god you showed us your pretty boobs lindsie?
    but where can i find pix of your your pussy babe?

  10. Cortexbomber Says:

    I’m a bus driver in Portsmouth and Kerry-Marie all to fleetingly got on my bus -I was so gobsmacked it took me a few seconds to answeer her query about how to get somewhere and then she was gone. I’ll treasure that memory for a long time. She’s lost weight and she still looks absolutely stunning.

  11. Horny Master Says:

    imogen are you single and pure as you look, because i dont think you have ever fucked anyone- i see it in your eyez, i want to be the first to marry you and enjoy your lucious body. Ohh haah hhh hhh ohh ahh

  12. sanjuguru Says:


  13. sandy Says:

    Please upload a 3D Stereoscopic Video of Kerry Marie. I am a big fan of her

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