Kathryn MacGregor

You know how I’m always going on about fake lesbian porn? Well, I’ve finally found the genuine article! I was doing research for a blog on the stunning 36F beauty Kathryn ‘Karen’ MacGregor when I stumbled upon “How to Pick Up Girls: A Guide for the Dating Impaired” from Passion Fruit Video. Kathryn, aka Maxine Owen, stars as the film’s flaming femme sex-kitten Sunny, a stark contrast to her self-professed “shy lesbian” personality. She also co-wrote the script with her friend Alpha, sitting on the latter’s bathroom floor whilst stroking her bunny (no, it’s not a euphemism – Alpha really has house bunnies for pets). Alpha, who also directed the film, described the reasoning behind the project…

“It kind of all started with my last documentary, ‘What Can 2 Girls Do Together?’ It was all interviews with straight guys, asking them about their fascination with lesbians and lesbian sex. The answers were alternately intriguing and infuriating, but one fact emerged — most guys learn what they think they know about lesbians from porn. Porn made by guys. Starring mostly straight girls. So I went and rented a bunch of lesbian porn movies to see what they were seeing. And after watching a whole lot, I was alarmed. For one thing, the depictions of ‘lesbians’ were way off the mark, and as a filmmaker, I knew I could do better.”

…and she’s not wrong, either! Alpha & Kathryn succeeded in producing an excellent lesbian romantic comedy that is alternately amusing, engaging and really hot (oh yes, the lesbian sex scenes were wild, nasty and truly authentic). They had a lot of fun doing it, too, as evidenced by the out-takes at the end of the film; especially the girl-girl “pee off”! :~D Big kudos to the pair for proving it’s not all just artificial lipstick-lesbians that populate this particular genre of porn. I really interested in seeing their next film, too, which Alpha refers to as “a very fun spoof of Xena and Monty Python with a lesbian twist!”

But all of this talk of rampant lesbianism has only served to take me off track of why I was pursuing Kathryn MacGregor in the first place: I just wanted to see her beautiful FF-cup breasts! So, I decided to go the more conventional porn surfing route and simply visited her KathrynMacGregor.com website to fetch the following galleries of this luscious lesbian lovely (hmmm, I wonder what it would take to at least ‘convert’ her over to bisexuality?!):

Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F

Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F

Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F

Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F    Kathryn (Karen) MacGregor 36F


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11 Responses to “Kathryn MacGregor”

  1. JQ Says:

    Damn it! you beat me to the punch again – i was gonna do a big blog on Kathryn – lesbian or not – she is one of the hottest big natural boob models around… sigh.. now what am i gonna do? JQ

  2. J Says:

    she is really beautiful!
    I’ll have to look into this “real take” on lesbians on film. Maybe I could write a thesis or something. It will require hours of research and comparisons. hmm? could need a grant…

    thanks for this post

  3. Very Free Says:

    Hot damn! Thank you, thank you, Reese. For awhile I’ve had that middle pic of her with her panties partially pulled off, and I always wondered who that was. Who owned those wide hips, those long legs, and those milky white boobs? Mystery solved. I’ll have to email you some pics as a reward. ;-)

    I need some more Alicia to take my mind off Karola’s Super Whoppers. Sort of like washing my mouth out with wasabi to get rid of the habanero taste. :-O


  4. gustave Says:

    All of those were old pics of her,¿do you have some pics from her Score phase? by the way ¡¡great choice again!!, she has a tasty body, such a shame she wouldn’t consider bisexuality……:(

  5. DodOz Says:

    OMG, wonderful babe with no comment ^^,
    BUt all the photos are old
    so got new??
    =D tell me

  6. Michael Says:

    Where can one pick up or find the video “How to Pick Up Girls: A Guide for the Dating Impaired”? I’ve been looking for it for some time now. :(

    – Mike

  7. helena Says:

    Im Helena from Italy and i got to say that young busty big melon Karen MacGregor is a real godess! shes a real sex fantasy not only for you guys, but also for many women like me as well. I am a great fan of her. I like that she looks so shy and innocent but in fact she is a realy dirty and horny pornstar and she knows very well how to do her job. and ofcourse shes not an “easy” girl. she’s got those big natural 36 size melons and i think she must be proud of them- yeah, we would all like to taste them but we just cant have her :P-i guess she must spend much of her freetime at home playing with those boobs!i love watching her takin them both in her mouth to lick them.lol. her huge tits are so strong but i also like her big fat pussy and her great big round ass with this little sexy brown hole inside…
    her best photos are those in the bath and the bedroom with her giant boobs ass and pussy all exposed!and she has a lovely fuckin face with 2 beautiful green-blue eyes. looks like she says”ooohh…i feel so horny”.shes not a famou pornstar yet but someday i hope i see her starrin in many sex movies with her big boobs and ass fucked. i have many pics of her. does anybody know where can i find her full galleries?

  8. maria Says:

    i have to say about this big girl karen that she is great! i want my mouth on her big boobs and my tongue on her pussy and inside that big ass… i imagine karen making a big “aaah…” with my tongue in her ass…
    her boobs are so big and natural. but
    i would like them more with my face between

  9. YUMIKO Says:

    i am Yumiko from japan and although i am a girl , i like girls and i search for girls with big boobs on the wed . i am helens friend and she has just informed me about this big busty girl and her photos. I have to say i am a fan of karen macgregor. i dont know if her real name is karen or kathryn or katherin or karin. the only thing i know is that she has REALY huge tits!!!! i just watched her galleries and i have to say that i would like to be her towel to sweep her perfect body after the bath and stuck on her huge natural boobs…oh i realy would like to be her boobs and pussy cleaner… or the toilet paper to use on her juicy ass!! THe picture i like more is that on her bath gallery with her huge ass all opened! yeah , that brown hole calls you inside!!! i hope you will offer some more of her another time

  10. Olivia Says:

    yeah this is a good and lickable pair of big tits! sometimes nature creates such beautiful things… i think every girl would like to be her.. right?

  11. Kelan Says:

    Where can I find the full photo sets from Karen’s lesbian shoot in the woods with the blonde chick…who is the blonde chick? Oh and where do I find the Passion Fruit DVD’s?

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