Lana Ivans on XX-Cel vs Heavy on Hotties

Now here’s something you don’t see every day, E-cup tits on My Boob Site!..

Lana Ivans E-cup breasts on My Boob Site from

…the below our mammary gland minimum but still reasonably big breasts above belong to beautiful 32E busty redhead Lana Ivans as featured in her recent softcore shoot for the XX-Cel site and, forgive me, but I just wanted to use her tits today to make a point (no, not that kind of point). Despite her being a cup-size smaller than the standards of measure for my ideal woman, lovely Lana is still a stunningly sexy girl with a most beautiful breast shape (and seeing nice norks with inverted nipples is a bit of a novelty here, too!). And so, with push-up bra tits packed tight in a top cleavage tease stripping nude, here’s E-cup busty Romanian redhead Lana Ivans from

Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at

Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at

Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at

Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at    Lana Ivans at

(note: full photos available for download at XX-Cel are 3000×2000 resolution)


…no, wait, I’m not done yet! To be honest, ’twas that last ass on big boobs from behind shot that really clinched the deal for me since, before I began paying attention to tits’ statistics, I always used to judge a girl’s juggs by whether or not you could see the curvature of her breasts from just such a rear view perspective (in fact, my first wife was only a C-cup, but even she had a bounty of boobage from the back side as well, and so they were big tits to me). So, you see? Cup-size isn’t everything in assessing the ample bosom, not even in my large breast obsessed case; there are also “back boobs” to consider! ;~) Then again, luscious Lana Ivans looks good from pretty much any angle, so here she is, once again, stark bollock naked as presented in continuously rotating perspective, courtesy of

Lana Ivans 4x4 shot from

(“4×4 photo” courtesy of

…but even cup-size is not the issue today, as the point I really wanted to make was with regard to my fucking hardcore porn post from last week. A favourite comment came from my mate Elliot James, an esteemed author from The Score Blog, who had this to say about my problem with porn…

Elliot James wrote:

Reese, are you switching over to watching romance and lovemaking? Are you eating boxes of chocolates and drinking rose while you view new videos? Are you also reading Harlequin romance novels? Do you watch Lifetime movies now? Please don’t tell me that.

And ‘endure’ is not the word. She definitely seems to enjoy hot, nasty action.

Never forget Russ Meyer’s definition of eroticism. “Out of focus sex photographed through dirty wineglasses.”

…well, yes, Elliot, I do prefer to watch two people making love, or at least trying a little tenderness in a hardcore context, rather than all of the fucking rough sex I’ve seen lately. Whatever happened to a slow, comfortable screw? Do the vast majority of porn surfers actually like seeing a guy take a girl and basically begin “masturbating with her hips” (something that was once said about an ex- slut girlfriend fuck-buddy of mine with respect to her abusive boyfriend at the time)?? Can we not simply relish the sublime eroticism of two (or more) lovers enjoying each other’s bodies to the point of orgasm?!

Apparently not!! Oh, and with regard to your other inquiries; yes, I do eat a lot of chocolate, but prefer a good claret over rosé any day; I’m not so much into romance novels, as it’s strictly visual or aural erotica for me; and, no, I’m not even sure we get the Lifetime channel here in Britain! However, I do know what I like in my hardcore porn and, while I can appreciate there are a fair few horny girls out there who really enjoy a quick & dirty seeing to hard fucking fast, we just don’t get to see enough of the soft & sensual side of sex in hardcore porn of late. And that’s the real reason I brought lovely Lana to my boob blog today, as her most recent video on XX-Cel Cel’s Heavy on Hotties hardcore site represents the total antithesis of tenderness to me. :~P

So, apologies if you find this as offensive as I do, but I’m just trying to put my point across (and am most curious about all of your opinions either way), via 32E busty beauty Lana Ivans’ hardcore video from

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17 Responses to “Lana Ivans on XX-Cel vs Heavy on Hotties”

  1. peeb Says:

    Reese, I get that this stuff doesn’t do anything for you. And I wouldn’t want to have nothing but rough sex in my life. But I like it sometimes, and quite a number of women like it too (if you have any doubts about Lana Ivans, check out Annette Schwarz sometime). And I like this, and would be quite happy to buy it if Cel ever decided to do DVDs.

  2. Great find! Says:

    Fantastic new model (for me, at least)! As for the hardcore part, I personally like hardcore, but I’m not necessarily a fan of that type of hardcore. That said, I’m glad you posted it anyway because with a new model, I am happy with whatever.

  3. Charles Says:

    Sorry, buddy. Lana does not make the cut. Gotta have a cut somewhere. The only reason she ‘has a nice shape’ is because she’s short. She has short legs and her boobs don’t make the cut. I’ll pass.

  4. JK Says:

    I’m with peeb, I wouldn’t want it rough ALL the time, but definitely sometimes. Maybe even usually. Plus, I frequently have women request it of me. A lot just want to be pounded hard (after a little romance, of course) and sometimes even slapped and spit on.

    So Reese, I disagree with you somewhat but see where you are coming from. What I don’t want to see is robotic/going-through-the-motions porn. As long as there’s an appearance of real passion and enjoyment, whether it’s rough or vanilla, I’ll dig it.

  5. peeb Says:

    JK, for me you hit the nail on the head- as long as there’s passion and enjoyment. Some of the best porn scenes I’ve seen are totally vanilla, and some are anything but. (Annette Schwarz is an a-cup I think, way too slim for me, but damn some of her scenes are just on fire, and it’s b/c she brings so much passion to them)

  6. BigDee Says:

    I am with you Reese all the way.
    Over and done with the rough shit

  7. EeerkE2 Says:

    Not the biggest fan of hardcore, I’m with you Reese, focus on the girl. That’s why I check this site, to see big tit women…

  8. Black Mantis Says:

    I have to say, some of the rough sex videos are a bit outlandish. I’m not a fan of them all of the time. Most do seem like they’re going through the motions, and not because they’re really that into it. If they are, and it comes through the video that way, then I don’t mind.

  9. Svlad Cjelli Says:

    Roughness isn’t bad in itself. It is frequently used as an excuse for laziness or incompetence.

  10. Just A Model Says:

    She slapped him first, right? He slapped her straight after that. Much harder.
    My guess is that he asked her to slap him. Actually, he probably TOLD her to.
    Still, she looks like she’s enjoying it, so it’s OK, yeah?
    Some of these women deserve Oscars, they really do.
    Not that I’m saying not all of the models enjoy this, of course some do, just like we all like different things at different times.
    However, if someone spat in my face, I’d take his cock deep into my throat, look up into his eyes, and bite the fucker clean off.
    I expect he’s enjoying it, he had a hard on, right?

  11. BigBoobFan Says:

    Not a fan of the rough stuff personally, but as long as both participants like it and are willing, then by all means… let them go at it. I don’t have to watch it if I don’t want to. Keep it safe and fun and consensual.

  12. Svlad Cjelli Says:

    “She slapped him first, right? He slapped her straight after that. Much harder.”
    Myeah, that’s always been sort of “unfappable”. Creates an easy association to a fight, so if you have been in a couple of brawls before, it gets you in a non-erotic mindset.

  13. Period Says:

    I’m actually shocked that the guy who did xx cel videos (which was an ode to womens and softness essentially) does rough stuff like this. Obviously it’s faked and I don’t like rough stuff at all, so it’s a fail for me.

    (But on the other hand, in my opinion it would be nice to see some “action” (but with tenderness) in xx cel movies)

    Saying that womans likes it rough is false.
    Just imagine, as a guy, a dick in your mouth that makes you gag and thow up ?
    Then imagine that you’re getting insulted and slapped.

    Really nice doesn’t it ?

    No ?

    Rough stuff is the reason for me to make pornography diseaper for ever

    I can’t even understand how a normal guy could get a hard on while watching a girl slapped or gaging. I just can’t.

    To me, theses guys are suffering from very very disturbing mental illness.

  14. Period Says:

    Oh forget to say : She has fake tits by the way. Just like Madisson.

  15. Merv the Perv Says:

    What does XX-cel stand for? Double extra gross-out fat lech weirdo, that’s what.

  16. geoff teller Says:

    Looks like I have to pay XX-CEL another visit. Been four subscriptions so far. He wrote back when I asked about models though he didn’t even come close to providing personal details on them. I found Cel to be sadistic towards some models but he manages a lot of full body, total nude shots with foot soles exposed and that drives me crazy. This pinching models and making them flop their beautiful breasts around has got to stop. Please be kind to the models. And Cel ain’t no model and when he photographs himself with the models it is a crime! A waste of film.

  17. Koos Says:

    What name of a Guy ?

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