Lazing on a Sunday afternoon…

OK, so maybe it’s actually already Sunday evening here in the UK, but it was afternoon when I was sitting in a field with Vix and some mates, enjoying the British sun and a sumptuous barbecue, and suddenly thought: “Blimey! I haven’t blogged yet this weekend!” Thus, I shall now set out to rectify this oversight. But, being the occasionally lazy git that I am, and not having edited videos or prepared anything in advance as I usually do, I decided to take the easy way out – free hosted galleries!

Busty Britain being one of the most prolific providers of these, sending at least a dozen new “best of big British boobs” photo & video galleries to my e-mail in-box each week, I thought I’d let them serve up the bountiful buffet of breasts for today’s entry whilst I relax, recharge and prepare to recommence my regular full-scale blogging for the new week. In the meantime, here are a few choice selections from

Busty Britain Photo Galleries:    Busty Britain

Busty Britain    Busty Britain    Busty Britain

Busty Britain Video Galleries:

Busty Britain

Busty Britain

Busty Britain

Busty Britain



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2 Responses to “Lazing on a Sunday afternoon…”

  1. Very Free Says:

    I still get confused between BustyBrits and Busty Britain.

    I just watched a commercial on TV, where this plastic surgeon talks to the patient (the camera) about having bigger breasts. In the end it ends up being a commercial for the local fast food chain’s new chicken breast sandwich! Damn! Had me going there for a minute!

  2. Gav Says:

    The big difference is Busty Brits is mainly a softcore picture site with some movies.

    Busty Britain is mainly a movie site but also contains a lot of picture sets and its content ranges from softcore to full hardcore.

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