Three non-blondes from…

I was just going through my list of favourite big-boobed non-blondes and decided it was high time to expand my horizons. Seeing as I’d been chatting with my mate Cel from XX-Cel earlier, I thought I’d go there for inspiration. Now, I realise that it wasn’t all that long ago I’d blogged three of his newest models – Camelia, Kapucine & Mariana – but, since he’s quite possibly a more seasoned lover of large breasts than myself, I knew that Cel would have just the thing to suite my particular taste in tits.

Trouble was, when I got there, I couldn’t find a single non-blonde there who appealed to me – instead, I FOUND THREE (with apologies to all of the other non-blondes on the site)! So here’s where you come in: I need help deciding between 36FF Joanna, 34G Lorna Morgan & 34H Kerry Marie (a trial, I know). But where to start? In order to keep things relatively unbiased, I’ll present the candidates in order of cup size from smallest to largest…but don’t let that sway your opinion, as I’d be happy with any of ’em!

And so we start off with the incredibly sexy Joanna (or perhaps it’s Joana, or JoJo, as Cel calls her). Although at a 36FF she’s the smallest, boob-wise, of the three, I personally think she’s the most sensual and seductive. Here’s a little bit of Joanna, courtesy of

Joana 36FF from    Joana 36FF from    Joana 36FF from

Joana 36FF from    Joana 36FF from    Joana 36FF from

(note: photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)


…next in our line-up is middle-weight cup-size contender Lorna Morgan. She’s got a rather respectable rack at 34G, but also the sweetest smile and just has a general aura of cuteness about her. Something deep down – no…further down than that – tells me Lorna’s also the dirtiest of today’s threesome (which can be nothing but a bonus in my book). Have a look…

Lorna Morgan 34G from    Lorna Morgan 34G from    Lorna Morgan 34G from

Lorna Morgan 34G from    Lorna Morgan 34G from    Lorna Morgan 34G from

(note: photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)


…which brings us to 34H Kerry Marie. Sporting the biggest breasts of the lot, huge, dark come-hither eyes and pleasantly voluptuous contours, she’s the wild card for me at the moment. Honestly, all three have their respective merits, but I can’t really can’t decide (and for those of you who are asking “why does he have to pick just one?”, I could never allow my non-blondes to outnumber the blondes). Anyway, here’s Kerry Marie from

Kerry Marie 34H from    Kerry Marie 34H from    Kerry Marie 34H from

Kerry Marie 34H from    Kerry Marie 34H from    Kerry Marie 34H from

(note: photos are 1/16 resolution of those available on the site)


27 thoughts on “Three non-blondes from…”

  1. Tit for Tat, It’s Lorna without a doubt in my boob book. She has the most perfectly matched set of Ts As and Ns. They’re awesome! And the cutest face, IMHO.

    But K-M has that voluptuous Venusian body and a head of hair to match, so she comes in a close second, and I do mean very close. We have to give her points for being the biggest titted of the bunch.

    Lastest, Joana. But she’s got a great bod, too. So she’s a close third. I’d like to see her with Lorna’s Ns and As (nipples and areolas).

    But since this is supposed to be about boobs, it’s really not fair to discriminate between blondes and non-blondes. So throw in Davina for contrast. And as you can see, K-M has some streaks of blonde. And if you go to and check out Lori there, you will see Joana as she looks with long blonde hair. Also, if it might make any diff, in a lot of the pics I have of Lorna, her hair is a deep reddish brown. Might that be called henna? Whatever. Besides, Lorna’s a genuine Brit. So be patriotic!

  2. Ahh what a great world when you must choose from such a wonderful aray of ladies as these, I have seen Lorna and Kerry in On Location Key Largo video and they are so cute and entertaining, they seemed to get along quite well trying on different bikinis so these two look and sound wonderful, I have always had a thing for Kerry so must choose her from those two (but Lornas 4th pic is almost swaying me as Ben has pointed out).
    Joanna on the other I find absolutly delicious, her boobs have great shape and her figure is great too, she seems to often start her shoots in really attractive outfits as well so she would be one of those girls in the shopping mall that would make my jaw drop. I am sorry Kerry but Reese has made us choose (couse Kerry is such a wonderful person) but I will be going Joanna (I love her Black hair and the clothes she chooses!)

  3. It would be a dream come true if i could choose in real !!
    But for now i prefer kerry Marie and the pics are so great.
    Cel is a genius !
    thanks a lot Reese.

  4. There you Brits go again, always crafting the devil’s choice…!

    But as beautiful as the all are, I’ld have to stay with the amazing Kerry Marie. She brings the most exotic appeal to the arena. And, she’s always been a very close second for me, next to LDM.

    Special thanks must go to Lorna, for her energy and charm, making this a most difficult decision!! The playfulness she brings to her modeling brightens up half the terminals in the office;)

    Joanna has the beauty, for sure. But she just doesn’t bring as much personality into the mix as the others. Sorry, but I have to place her fourth behind a write-in candidate – Alicia.

  5. Unbelievable pictures of Lorna breasts. Kerry at her best while Joana has always been a favourite.
    Very difficult choice but Lorna looking how she does here wins.

  6. Defintely have to vote for Lorna…I love the last pic…that could be one of my favorite pics that Reese has ever had on the site…I could look at that one for hours..oh wait…I have

  7. Just found this site and scanned blog. Some sort of competition, yes? Well, I discovered it through surfing for new Lorna material. Have been smitten since first introduced several years ago. Those are great pics all right and I already have them but they are among my top 5 sets of Lorna. Love Kerry and Joana too but for me they’re Joana 2nd and Kerry 3rd. Kerry’s lovely but her figure is simply not as good as the other two and she has ‘mountains’ of stuff on the net and tends to look the same all the time. Joana has a devastating physique and pulses raw sexuality and is relatively new on the scene. Lorna simply has the most beautiful eyes, face, breasts, bottom and figure all round. You know she’s only little aswell? Keeping a trim shape with her natural curves proves will power and what could be sexier than being bossed about by that little sex bomb? God, I have to go and re-catalogue all my booby girls right now! Bye.

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