Leanne Crow 34HH / 32J

Just a quickie for today, but I have to introduce you to the latest busty pin-up babe to grace the pages of PinUpFiles

Leanne Crow at PinUpFiles.com

…her name is Leanne Crow and, well-endowed with beautiful J-cup breasts (but sometimes HH-cup as well) poised perfectly pert for their significant size on such a slender sylph-like figure, this super busty slim and stacked Page 3 girl is sure to become a sensation with big breast lovers or the more lithesome ladies the world over. Heralding the arrival of their latest busty British babe on the big tits scene…

PinUpFiles wrote:

Every year around this time, we make waves with a BIG new model debut and this year is absolutely no exception, because stunningly sexy all-natural 34HH Leanne Crow is here to rock your world! Leanne has been making huge waves in her native Britain as a Page 3 girl for a while now, appearing on the covers of newspapers and driving fans wild. So all it took was one look and we were sold… we simply HAD to make her a Pinup girl! Leanne is lovely, luscious and wonderfully sexy and also happens to have some of the most jaw-dropping, gravity defying boobs we’ve ever seen. She’s also an incredible sweetheart of a person, with a warm, fun, bubbly personality and a mega-watt smile that absolutely shines through in her shots. Leanne is one new addition to our pinup girl roster that you are going to love so check her out now!

…and so we shall! :~D Here’s the stunningly beautiful busty slim and stacked 34HH / 32J Leanne Crow topless in a few fine preview pics from her big boobs debut at PinUpFiles.com:

Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com    Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com    Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com

Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com    Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com    Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com

Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com    Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com    Leanne Crow topless photos of busty British Page 3 model with 32J breasts from PinUpFiles.com

(note: actual photos available for download from PinUpFiles average 3000×2000 resolution)




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80 Responses to “Leanne Crow 34HH / 32J”

  1. Xan Says:

    jordan carver and denise milani could learn a thing or too for her. she’s off the bat better then the both of them.

  2. Breyen Says:

    Are those things real? (i know, who cares…)

  3. BTnA Says:

    Oh my……super super hot! Forget Jordan Carver or Dana Hamm, this is slim and stacked done right – All natural. I hope we can soon see a lot more of her, literally and figuratively. Freakin Gorgeous.

  4. Charles Says:

    Wowsa … vEERrrrry impressve. Are those 100% real?

  5. Charles Says:

    There’s a video up at Dailymotion. Leanne in bed. About 35 seconds. She kind of reminds me of an English Brandy Taylor. Not convinced they are real…

  6. rc Says:

    Looks like I’ll be the first to say: Phoar! Hubba hubba! Bravo!
    Putting my skeptical hat on for a second though, are we really sure she’s “all-natural”? And how much has she been air-brushed in these pics?
    Still excellent to look at though.

  7. illuvbigtits Says:

    wow! she’s just wonderful!!

  8. Vadd Says:

    Brunette? CHECK
    Great smile? CHECK
    Slim/fit? CHECK
    Huge breasts? CHECK

    Yeah, I think we have a winner here guys. This girl is spectacular. One word: MORE.

  9. Yaya Says:

    She was a lot smaller in her earlier pics, special model boob potion or they know some really good surgeons. Especially when they all burst when they hit it big time.

  10. ajay Says:

    Too much silicone and way too much photoshop retouching…pass

  11. Ltyr Says:

    definitely makes up for jordan carver’s debut :X

  12. king Says:

    yes yes finally she hits the bug stage i been on her for like a year now and i was waitin for score to call, you know(since she is indeed all NATURAL!!)but they didnt so im kinda glad she started with them cause the glamour shots do her great justice!(shes no LDM ) but she does have a great smile!
    great post!!

  13. Mammary Man Says:

    One for the ages…

  14. king Says:


  15. king Says:


  16. king Says:


    haha talk about an all-star roster

  17. funny stuff Says:

    She’s quite pretty, but her boobs are clearly fake, and that always turns me off. Lovely figure and face though

  18. BrookeLawsonFan Says:

    Read her Bio on this site:


    and you will know if they are natural or not!

  19. Martin Says:

    I’m with what every one else has said…

    Leanne is such a hotty!! Her tits are wonderful…

  20. Martin Says:

    oh yeah only one way to find out if her tits are real… ;)

  21. Peter Ennis Says:

    You just made my day, she is awesome!!!!!

  22. putemondaglass Says:

    I don’t think her boobs are 100% real. I found her myspace page that has some older pics of her. Yes she’s big in those pics, just not as big as she is in these newer pics. She could’ve had a baby but we may never know. Besides at the end of the day does it really matter if they’re real or not? Boobs are boobs and hers look good!

  23. Nick Says:

    “jaw-dropping, gravity defying boobs”

    IS this how they call “FAKE” plastic implants these days?

    They look most unrealistic. A really poor boobjob.

  24. Ron Says:

    I too doubt the 100% real. Let’s see some video of them in motion. I doubt much if any bounce to them. Looks good though, but not the natural look.

  25. curvelover Says:

    In order to convince me they’re real, they will have to do a “doctor video” like they did with Jana Delfi. She is gorgeous but I don’t get how there could be no sag or stretch marks (even with this place’s penchant for Photoshopping).

  26. gl Says:

    PinUpFile’s photos SUCK. Too much Photoshop.

    She may have wonderful tits, but we need a different host.

  27. YsoSrs Says:

    So many busty models come from Britain/Europe in general. I think it’s time to relocate!

  28. Charles Says:

    Note to models about hair: the top photo is just awesome. something about having all the hair on one side. have to have long hair like her though. couldn’t take a bad picture of this woman leanne though! but still that’s hot!

  29. Charles Says:

    I still say Rachel Aldana rules this category of slim n stacked brunettes (my favorite). I just learned about Jordan Carver — awesome in her way — but simply putting pics up side by side, Rachel has the biggest rack BY FAR. Rachel is still the best in this category as far as I’m concerned.

  30. Titillating Says:

    To all those saying they’re fake…just wait until pinupglam posts a video pretty much proving they ARE real, like they did with Rachel Aldana and Jana Defi.

    Reese – I got the email update from pinupglam, but they didn’t give access to any topless shots. Thanks for coming through, brother! WOW, is she amazing!

  31. Yaya Says:

    It matters if they lie to people, the call on her it tougher but some outright lie and not going to support that.

  32. Joey Says:


  33. Nick Says:

    “Read her Bio on this site:

    and you will know if they are natural or not! ”

    No you will not. You will only know that they CLAIM they are natural. there is NO evidence or proof of that, and I’d rather believe my EYES than anything they print there.

    They look FAKE, and they most likely ARE fake.

    But apparently a lot of people do not mind the most ludicrrous fake boobs. Look at most playboy playmates of the last 10 or even 20 years…

  34. BigDee Says:

    She is perfect! just gorgeous!

  35. Xan Says:

    im going on record and saying theyre not fake after seeing a vid of her laying down.

  36. Nick Says:

    Would you have a link fro that video, Xan?

    I’m a doubting Thomas, I will have to see it to believe it.

    The pics I did see here are utterly ludicrous, they do not even make an ATTEMPT to make them look real. Only an utter virgin would possibly confuse these volleyballs for real.

  37. Nick Says:

    Hopefully she can get rid of the ludicrous implants and pose again, the rest of her body and face looks quite nice. Who knows…

  38. Anonymous Says:


    It looks like shes had partial implants, to increase the size of her breasts while still allowing for a natural jiggle.

  39. Joey Says:

    Those tits are real…real fucking awesome. Who’s with me?

  40. king Says:

    heres a vid

  41. Wiseguy Says:

    Fools! Think of what everyone first said about Nelli Roono…”Fake fake fake fake!!” And look how wrong they were!! These ARE genuine, all you need to do is look at that slight sag they have…not the nasty globular shape like Donita Dunes or anything. Granted, a video proving it would be excellent… If only to put you all in your places…!

    One word: MOAR!!!1

  42. Mentok Says:

    So Pinup has her at a 34HH, and Leanne says she’s a 32GG on nuts.co.uk. Love when they can’t get simple facts right. That and they do look bigger than her earlier pics, just like Denise Milani.

    Can’t we stick to all natural girls who don’t need angles and photoshop to be the size they claim to be?

  43. Markus Says:

    Here is a vid link:


    Boobs look natural here, but a bit smaller than they do in these pics. Wish she’d stand up to confirm it!

  44. nightwatch Says:

    pretty sure they’re real. breast growth from older photos is easily explained by the fact that she is obviously still pretty young!

  45. Steven Says:

    At already 42 comments, it’s clear that she’s generated quite a lot of interest and with good reason. She’s amazingly stacked, very pretty and has a knockout smile. What more can you ask for. Although I’m still not 100% sure, I would say at this point that she is all-natural. I watched her first video from Pinupfiles today and the jiggle of her breasts when she moved seemed pretty real to me. She’s certainly a natural in front of the camera.

  46. Vadd Says:


    I can’t agree more about Rachel. She is THE BEST out there.

  47. BrookeLawsonFan Says:


  48. Nick Says:

    Thanks for the vid, King. If you look at it carefully, it is again 100% clear that they are FAKE. You can see the discontinuity at their base, and you can also see the whole hemi-spherical shape of the implants in them.

    But the pics posted here look really terribly fake. For anybody who knows anything about the laws of gravity AND human anatomy. There are no bones inside a woman’s breasts, so they cannot possibly have such ridiculous shapes as in the pics.

    BTW, somebody mentioned Ruono. I never, ever doubted that hers were real.

    But i will make another statement, somebody mentioned Jordan Carver, I only saw one set of pics of her, not 100% naked, and I doubt hers are real either, but I will wait for more pics or Vids.

  49. Charles Says:

    Right on Vadd! I was impressed by Jordan Carver but Rachel is number one!

  50. BrookeLawsonFan Says:

    Everyone who think her tits are not real is a big fool!

  51. Nick Says:

    “BrookeLawsonFan Says:
    April 6th, 2010 at 11:33 pm Everyone who think her tits are not real is a big fool!”

    Oh that’s SO mature…get a life, loser! And try Grammar ans Syntax too, sometime.

  52. LikesTitties Says:

    Nick, we get it. You think they’re fake. Duly noted. Now move on. You’ve commented six times, and each one is more caustic than the last. If people like her, they like her. Apparently they aren’t as concerned with this as you are.

  53. Nick Says:


    Oh Really? if they were not concerned, why would they START (see post by “wiseguy”) calling names those who think they are fake?

    They are obviously very upset that somebody dared toi point the obvious.

    I had no desire to write seven posts on this matter. Actually, I have never ever posted anything in these forums, and only when I saw these pathetic pisc at Pinupfiles did I bother.

    If this site is a fake tits site, let me know and I will say goodbye for good, my time is too valuable to waste on fakos.

  54. ErikZ Says:

    If it’s a boob job, it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time.

    If you hate fake boobs because they feel fake, just look at her. Do those look like hard fake boobs to you? You should like them.

    If you only like women with huge boobs that come by them naturally because of some weird natural = better logic. Sucks to be you. There’s some serious irrational hate being posted above.

  55. Bern Says:

    # Nick Says:
    April 7th, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    “And try Grammar ans Syntax too, sometime.”

    And you could try spelling too.

  56. Nick Says:

    “# ErikZ Says:
    April 8th, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    If it’s a boob job, it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time.”

    I don’t waste much time looking at fakos (why should I when there are so many great looking real ones????), but from what i remember, these are NOT even remotely among the best (ie, most convincing).

    “If you hate fake boobs because they feel fake, just look at her.”

    Do you hate it when people tell you lies? Similarly when a woman puts on obviously fake boobs AND at the same time lies that they are natural.

    However, I already, long time ago here, commented that the rest of her looks great, and if she only took of these ridiculous baloons off her chest, she would look great AND real.

    “Do those look like hard fake boobs to you? You should like them.”

    This is a guy who in the next sentence talks about LOGIC? You woul dnot know logic if it bit you in the ass.

    As i said, the Pinup Files pics of Crow posted here, these nine pink pics, are As Fake As It Gets. If they were realistic fakes, my eye would not hurt.

    “If you only like women with huge boobs that come by them naturally because of some weird natural = better logic. Sucks to be you. There’s some serious irrational hate being posted above.”

    Oh yeah, Aristotle would have an orgasm reading this utter garbage which is not even in ENGLISH. Get a life, and study some anatomy to find out how real boobs hang!!! (LOL!!!)

    Oh, and PS, for the other genius, I am fully aware of my TYPO. Look up the diff between a spelling or syntax error and a typo. I am not a typist.

  57. Black Mantis Says:

    They are real

  58. king Says:

    here u go guys u asked for it!!

  59. king Says:

    Like I said b4 alll NATURAL!!!!! she even gives a good shake for all u non believers

  60. Bern Says:

    “I am not a typist.”

    True. You’re just an idiot.

  61. CCPony Says:

    You can clearly see the “double bubble” on her left breast which leads me to believe that not only they these implants, but that they are subglandular (as one would expect in the UK).

    They are implants. She started with a good amount of natural tissue, but THEY ARE IMPLANTS.

    PinUpGlam needs to grow up and treat their subscribers like adults. Stop playing these stupid pretend games.

  62. george Says:

    Nick! Wow…. Hey man, are you available for parties? What a delightful personality you have! You are utterly charming, but it seems you haven’t looked at a whole lot of boobs.

    I, on the other hand, have looked at so many boobs I think I could be a billionaire by now if I spent half as much time watching Tony Robbins videos. It’s a worrisome obsession and there’s nothing funny about that. Nonetheless, I think it gives me at least a few credentials to deliver a little schooling. Putting aside the fact that they really do look and move like real breasts, there are a few other factors at work here:

    1. She’s 21 years old and still growing. She has been modelling for a few years, even though there isn’t a hell of a lot out there to see (I’ve looked). From what you can find though, you can see a pretty steady growth in her earlier pictures. If you do agree that a woman can have huge natural breasts, they must grow to that size over some period of time. Some women, God bless them, keep growing into their 40’s and beyond. Imagine if Leanne does…. Oh God, this is why I need a shrink.

    2. Weight gain. It was difficult, but by the third viewing of her video I was able to tear my eyes away from her chest to look at her tummy. She’s got a lot more meat there than she did in her early photos — and I like it. Now, when a woman has very big breasts, she tends to put on a lot of weight in those breasts when she gets a little fatter, because there’s so many fat cells in there. Sorry to ruin the magic here, Nick. By the way, I hope she doesn’t slim down and lose that great cup size. This happens to a lot of models. Ever notice how the cup size they advertise never gets smaller though?

    2. Her right boob is bigger than the left one. Pershaps her surgeon has a lazy eye.

    3. This is important, Nick, so listen up. As a service to men like me and the others reading this blog, the talented photographers over at Pinupfiles use something called a WIDE ANGLE LENS. It makes objects in the foreground look much bigger than objects behind them. The girls at Pinupfiles already have huge projecting boobs, so you put a wide angle lens on them and WOW! Even bigger boobs. Now I’ll admit this is a little deceptive, because it allows Pinupfiles to claim that the boobs are indeed real. It’s the depth of field, in fact, that has been altered. Not the breasts. There is a lot of physics involved here, Nick, and it’s not that I think you’re stupid, I really don’t, but I’m just tired of typing. Here, read up on the wide angle lens…


    Your pal,


  63. CCPony Says:

    This conversation ensues every time a new model hits the scene. Anyone… and I mean ANYONE who believes that these breasts are natural is delusional.

    Now, I happen to like implants. Except for the very, very rare exception (i.e., Merilyn Sakova), plastic surgery is the ONLY way to satisfy a slim-body-huge-bust obsession (note: Rachel Aldana is NOT slim).

    I’ve known men who are so fixated on slim women with NATURAL huge breasts, that they will go to all lengths to delude themslves. Such is the case in this blog thread. Ultimately, in my opinion, it’s just best to acknowledge reality and try to convince your girlfriend to silicone-up.

  64. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Real or fake, she is totally hot to me. I must admit though, the PUF tank top and solid pink background gets really tired, even though I have seen some gorgeous women posing within that framework. And yes, I think they photoshop too much as well.

  65. anon Says:

    I agree with this comment:

    “It looks like shes had partial implants, to increase the size of her breasts while still allowing for a natural jiggle.”

    she had somewhat big boobs, but installed an not exagerated implant to make them look bigger and anti-gravity.


  66. CCPony Says:

    Anon – – what the FUCK are “partial implants”?????

  67. anon Says:

    For that I understood that “partial implants ” are implants of a size to just make an already big breast a little bigger, not taking the natural factor too much, thats not a case of an almost zero breast girl that wanted normal or big breasts. they would look fake.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    ‘Partial implants’ is the practice of having a pair of implants installed and only filling them up to 25-50% thus allowing the liquid (which is usually used due to the motion requirements, although they also remove any air inside the implant to prevent the water balloon sounds) to move around inside the implants, the implant structure still allows for a ‘gravity defying’ perkiness but the fact that they are only ‘partially’ filled allows them to have a natural jiggle.

  69. CCPony Says:

    * rolling my eyes * Do you mean UNDERFILL? There is not such thing as a “partial implant”, unless you’re talking about an implant that is partially placed under the pectoralis muscle.

    NOBODY does underfill. Such a procedure shows the implant folds and voids the manufacturer warrantee.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    With the OLD implants maybe, but the teardrop ones can be fixed into position in such a way as to prevent its folds being noticed when ‘underfilled’.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Additionally, ‘partial’ implants refer specifically to underfilling one of the newer models of expandable implants which can be partially filled or even overfilled.

  72. Bee Says:

    I agree with many of these comments – she had natural 32GG/H (which are huge!) breasts to begin with, and has increased them through a small implant. I have natural H/HH cup breasts myself, so I’m generally able to pick the real from the fake! I’ve never doubted Rachel Aldana and Jana Defi – because they are 100% real.

    But Leanne Crow has had a considerably miraculous growth that can’t really be explained (and not by weight – she’s slim in many of her recent photos but still has the much bigger chest). George – as I’ve said in another comment, because she was slim to begin with, I doubt she’d put on weight straight to her boobs. Whenever I lose or put on a few pounds, it never affects my chest, because I’m very slim. If her breasts were big because she was fat, losing/putting on weight would affect them (but she’s not fat). When you have a considerable amount of breast tissue to begin with, implants can generally look relatively natural. I’m convinced this is the case with Denise Milani as well.

    On a side note – Leanne herself has written she has 34H’s or 32GG’s (depending on which profile you look at and when it was made), so I’m not sure where the 32J comes from.

  73. Konami X Says:

    To all the HATERS

    .. YOU. ARE .RETARTED, and stop trolling around as well! I mean seriously! It’s ridiculous your arguing over something so dumb!! And your also dumb-asses for looking at stuff you don’t like!!! Goddamn..

    It’s just one big wow.
    Have a nice day you ass-clowns

    To the LOVERS

    It’s nice you defend such a nice woman, but it’s just troll fuel for the haters..

    Do what you must, I guess

    ~Konami X

  74. Carla Brown Says:

    Leanne’s a friend of mine, I work with her at Glamour Stars Live and I can assure you her breasts are 100% real – I’ve had a good look and squeeze, no scars and they’re completely soft :)

  75. Delany Decolleur Says:

    Real or fake these boobs are fantastic. They look pretty nice and soft when she is lying on her back so I’ll go with real nice! I would love to work with her on my site anytime. Shes very pretty, looks like one of my cousins.

  76. Ramon Ivan Rivera-Lopez Says:

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  77. george Says:

    fakes as well as jordan are fakes but I don’t care just love me some boobies!

  78. TGGGG Says:

    These are not fake, why doesn’t someone watch videos, and come back and say they ‘re natural, because fake tits don’t move like this, fake tits are worse than the McDonald’s diet. She is nice, maybe these photos have altered. If you can’t squeeze tits, like naturally – then what makes you think I want to watch them?! Fuck off!

  79. Paul Says:

    is that what partial implants look like? I was wondering why both her and Rachel Aldana have this strange roundness, firmness, and perkiness that defies all laws of aging. I call bs, because those things just look too flawless.

  80. Chandan Says:

    I love u leanne crow n her big boobs can i kiss your big boobs n fuck u leanne crow??

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