Nelli Roono

From the moment I first beheld beautiful Nelli Roono at, I’ve been seriously struggling to come up with a title for today’s big boob blog. Trouble is, this well-endowed woman is so absolutely amazing in the massive mammary department, words fail me. Thus, unless I come up with anything better in the interim that would come close to capturing the degree of flattery this stunning girl is due, the title is and shall simply remain “Nelli Roono”.

It was my webmaster mate who runs TheBreastFiles that I hold responsible for setting me off on this torturous journey by Yahooing me this link in the course of causal conversation yesterday. My first thought was, “Could these be real?!” I mean, I never imagined in a million years that I could find a big boobs model to rival Tina Small (whom Nelli Roono brought to mind instantly by way of comparison), but then I remembered the general consensus that Tina’s titanic tits were nothing more than huge prosthetic breasts attached to her torso much in the manner of Zena or Cindy Fulsom from days gone by. This saddened me greatly as I’ve always lived in hope, keeping the faith that such exceptionally well-endowed women could exist in reality.

It was this hopefulness that such huge natural breasts could be more than just a fantasy fostered by such breast-fetish fakery that inspired my next thought; that perhaps Nelli Roono suffers from Virginal Breast Hypertrophy or VBH (more commonly known as juvenile macromastia or gigantomastia within the medical community), a condition I’d first described in my TW Girl blog and in which a girls breasts grow to unfeasibly large proportions during puberty. If this is the case, then Ms. Roono’s massive breasts with their colossal cleavage are indeed her own, making her one of those well-endowed wonders of nature we witness all to rarely and kudos to Nelli for being brave enough to share her big boobs burden with us who can appreciate such remarkably ample endowments on a woman.

That resolved comfortably to my mind, the next major challenge facing me was which pictures to choose for Nelli Roono’s debut on MyBoobSite. Big breasts aside, she’s a gorgeous girl with a reserved slyness in her smile that implies an underlying sexy nature. The distinctly different inner qualities that shine through in each and every photo rendered this a near impossible task. In the end, though, I settled upon a dozen that captured the essence of allure I found in this busty Polish girl who could well come to rival Kate Bona in terms of my affections toward beautiful big tit blondes from my family’s homeland! And so, it is with profound pleasure that I present Nelli Roono in her big boobs debut at

Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at

Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at

Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at

Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at    Nelli Roono at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1536×1024 high-resolution)


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55 Responses to “Nelli Roono”

  1. Sam Says:

    They look great I just can’t see them why doesn’t she let them free.

  2. God Of boobs Says:

    I did great work here im very prous

  3. Joey Says:

    Where are these women coming from? Simply marvelous!!!

  4. Gary in Wisconsin. Says:

    Love this girl, looks like Maxi 32JJ, don’t you think??

  5. BigBoobFan Says:

    Wow – I hope we get to see more of her very soon. She’s certainly got the looks! What a beauty.

  6. BoobLover Says:

    for a blog title – how about “My God…”

    yes…that about sums it up…

    Perfect first set of prints – kick’s the imagination into high gear, especially pic 2 – just enough to give you an inkling of their true mass. Wonderful fodder for fantasies. I only pray that they are natural…they seem to be…

  7. Tony Says:

    Holy Cow, are those real? I hope she uses her assets to make money – did someone say ‘…suffers from VBH’ she isn’t thinking about the cardinal sin is she? Hope not :P

    Can’t wait till she does her own sight with some really good big breast photographers and camera men.


  8. Sam Says:

    G-d of boobs,

    Do me a favour learn to spell or use a new line if you can’t!


  9. MizuInOz Says:

    @ Sam always plays the teaser at first with all of her models… just to get you cumming back for more. I really like the site except for the inconsistency of updates.

    Nelli looks like the woman of many of my dreams! I think I need to head to Poland on my way to the Ukraine and Russia! Man oh man!!! I would volunteer to be her bra!!!

  10. Tony Says:

    Maxi has really sexy lips. This woman is beautiful in her own right. Beautiful. Wonder what her mother looks like, hehe.

  11. ray jackson Says:

    I’m sorry…but is she lingering under the illusion that people will respect her more because she doesn’t actually show her boobs in full?

    She’s definitely hot.

    But show your tits or don’t show your tits.

    …this half way stuff is ridiculous imo.

  12. Big Daddy Says:

    I’m with you Ray.

    Show em’ or don’t, you’re a big boob model not a swim suit SI model.

    I also think there are a few others that are very sexy big boob models that don’t show it. What’s the sense? I can see if they are under age and waiting.

    Even if you just do boob shots and none down under, at least show the goods, that’s what us gents and some ladies are here for.

  13. suebustybi35 Says:

    When you think there is no one that would evr equal Milena Velba for natural size, shape and lusciousness along comes someone like Nelli…..She is an incredible wonder….oh my….WOW!
    You men might not agree but….. take your time Nelli and tease us somemore with erotic poses but….not to long I want to se them in all their glorious wonder too!

  14. lucifugens Says:

    The problem with polish-busty is that there’s always a 2 week to 2 month “tease” period when all updates are fully clothed/obscured. If you want to pay a monthly fee for that, that’s your business…I can see clothed big tits on the street all the time.

    However, this latest update reminds me of a comment about polish busty in which the poster said, “I take back every Polish joke I ever told”. Me too.

  15. swayers Says:

    She had better not be pulling a Zena Fulsom with some prosthetic b-s going on under that shirt. I don’t THINK she is, but until she takes the shirt off, they look to have the exact same form and shape as Zena’s. If she is natural, MY GOD!! – What an AMAZING woman!! :) And yes, if you want to see her completely topless on, wait, because it’ll take a couple months for those buttons to get undone and the shirt to come off.

  16. Tony Says:

    F that, i’m tellin more!

    HAHA jk

  17. Sam Says:

    Actually! Pound for pound I think Cherons breasts are bigger so there is no drama waiting for this girl to set them free as Cheron has already done so! Go Cheron!! Oh, and to top it off she is Brazilian, which means she is really dirty as well the future’s bright, the future’s Cheron.


  18. Mickshnal Says:

    I totaly agree with suebustybi35, I am all for a bit of teasing before seeing it all, (though if I was paying a monthly subscription I might get cross).
    But Nelli has one of those racks that make us drool and weak at the knees, I hope she will make a vid that shows her releasing those babies!! I like the dressed then undressed booby vids!!

    Thanks again for your blog here Reese:)

  19. darrell-san Says:


  20. Frank Says:

    Granted that Nelli’s breasts are of epic proportions. However, I don’t find these photos very teasing at all. Nelli is a huge-breasted woman who has kept her shirt on.

  21. Sam Says:


    Well said!

  22. BoobLover Says:

    I would love to see her assets just as much as the next guy, but why the rush?

    Actually I take that back, I’d rather see her, or any woman for that matter, in a corset or a bustier rather than seeing her in her birthday suit. That’s far more sexy and erotic than just boobs for the sake of boobs.

    Of course then I then picture them spilling out of that restrictive clothing and enveloping me…but nevermind that right now…

    What’s wrong with a little tease? Or in this case a rather ample tease? No, give me food for thought every time.

  23. b8ck5 Says:



  24. Josh Says:

    I saw her pictures on thebreastfiles and damn near fell out of my chair! This is going to be a great year for the big boob industry. With all the suppliers of big breast material this industry is only getting growing bigger, just the way we like it!

  25. Dave Says:

    The Tina pictures that came to my mind were the ones with her nightie on. Looking at Nelli’s pictures, I just can’t believe how far out her shirt goes. I pray she’s for real, and if so, she could be the find of a lifetime. Thanks for your expert commentary.

  26. Suebustybi35 Says:

    I changed my mind….nelli stop the teasing I for one can’t wait…..
    Hey guys I’m going to steal her all for myself!!! LOL

  27. Alex Says:

    There are not real otherwise we would see those completely !
    It is like the model Jennifer which we can see on Dailymotion…
    Too big to be true !

  28. ray jackson Says:

    It may be a tease.

    …but Kate Bona still hasn’t shown her nipples.


  29. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Yeah, she reminds me of Kate Bona. A hot, super-busty, polish, blonde… that doesn’t show her boobs.

  30. kernowgypsy Says:

    I think a lot of ‘ hot air ‘ over this one – The crappy website cant even post a topless set of pictures. Hardly erotic what we have been shown so far is it? Some of these webmasters are just poor, clueless as to what the customers want – another example is Miosotis – first vid is of her cleaning toilets ! How non – erotic is that !!

    Maybe if Bangbros get hold of Nelli it may be worth a look !

  31. wotsleft Says:

    i ‘m going to nee to see the shoulders i can always tell prothetics by the shoulders. That and the outside shoulder meat. Its like ordering bar-b-que! don’t get the ribs, or the rib tips, its all about shuldrs outside inside. I’ll refrain from the x-tra white bread comment, this aint that kind of site.

  32. Megaptera Says:

    Milena Velba is dethroned by Nelli Roono, wow!

  33. Tardis Says:

    WOW now she really rivals Milena, but i still have Milena on the 1st place:

    2. Nelli Roono
    3. Rachel Aldana.

    Just imagine the fun you could have with those!
    and just imagine what videoes and cameraangles there could me made of her, i just hope that the webmaster on bustypl will use their imagination.
    And that we dont have to wait 2 months untill she sets them free for the world to see…

  34. Suebustybi Says:

    I agree with one and two, until Nelli reveals at least, no Milena is still the all around #1 for me too. Three would go to Cheron right now and her amazing breasts and slender figure. Of course we all have our opinion. Still even placing Cheron at three is hard to do given Mickey, Terry Nova and Christy Marks are all “very” exciting to along with maybe 10 or 15 others….lol. Forget it I’m just going with one and two!!!
    Fickle female enough for you!

  35. curvelover Says:

    yeah always does this “tease” thing…teasing is fine but we want to see the goods…within the same pic set. and if not, then some better teasing photos. her top is not tight and she’s barely showing any skin at all. and she seems like she’s *very* shy, so all she has are her physical assets until/unless she develops a better camera presence.

    regardless, i’m dying to see what’s underneath there. let the countdown begin.

  36. Dave Says:

    She has a brilliant future. That’ certain

  37. Alan Says:

    Yep, the webmaster must be ‘poor’. He runs a very successful site and similar blogs all over the internet are debating Ms. Roono and her charms. How ‘clueless’ is that? Ever heard of creating demand through the engendering of publicity? Ever heard of ‘tease’? Perhaps girls should never wear clothes and immediately start doing hardcore just to satisfy those whose lack of patience is matched only by their paucity of imagination?
    She looks like a potentially great big bust discovery and it’s exciting to see what will literally be revealed in the months ahead. Also, what does it matter if she looks as if she hasn’t done much modelling before? It simply reflects who she is. The confidence can come with time and constructive comments from would-be admirers.

  38. mindy Says:

    my pussy is soaking for those huge beautiful breasts

  39. Lawrence Says:

    Nobody has noticed her resemblance with Anna Jota?
    This article explains that she could be Anna after an hormone therapy:

  40. tardis75 Says:

    WOW a video of Nelli is now out yummi


    Fellas and ladies,
    I have video that I recorded from my desktop of a woman from Germany that cams up in a very popular chat program. She, and this is no BS, would top any of these luscious women by double digit cup sizes. She claims to be MM and looks every bit of it. …like 2 huge watermellon sitting on her lap and legs. The best part, from what I can tell from the cam angle, (she’s usually seated with the cam pointed from a higher position showing chest and top of her legs) she’s as thin as most of these women!! She turns her desk chair sideways and I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. The most incredible HUGE busted woman I”ve ever seen in video and pictures. She has a profile pic of her entire body and face also. It’s a bit fuzzy but she looks cute. This women would stand the big boob world on it’s ear and become an instant smash. If you ask me, she’s totally wasting a lucrative opportunity by messing around on a silly chat program for all to see for free. How and where can I post a few pics from the videos I shot for a shocking teaser to start??

  42. daniel jarvis Says:

    they look preety big,i wanna fuck them

  43. Etherman Says:

    Absolute perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Nelli Roono Bares her Massive Breasts in Videos Says:

    […] Well, the long, frustrating wait is at last over. After having been teased relentlessly with the massive breasts of Nelli Roono for three interminable months, she’s finally got her huge tits out for all to see. Who knows? Perhaps she did take her cue from Emilia Boshe or, more likely, it’s just been some sort of sneaky marketing ploy by the otherwise-good people over at to keep us coming back for more (or testing our patience, more like, because I know a fair few folk who’d refused to sign-up until a topless Nelli Roono appeared upon their screens :~P). […]

  45. bladerr Says:

    She is awsome but not as spectacular as Milina Velba she truly has amazing breasts sorry buy Milina 4 me

  46. Firuz Says:

    Very good guls

  47. Roberto Says:

    Cheron’s & Milena’s boobs aren’t as big as Nelli’s!
    It’s not even close.
    Yes, Milena has more personality with her shots, allowing more options for subscribers, etc, than Nelli, but Milena’s aren’t as big as Nelli’s. And for Cheron, at least Nelli shows her face. I’d rather have pictures of Cheron that are like Nelli’s, which is more clothing, because at least you can see Nelli’s face. I have an idea what Nelli is about. For Cheron, without a face, there is no identity!

  48. Fira Says:

    Wow – I hope we get to see more of her very soon. She’s certainly got the looks! What a beauty.

  49. A MacDonald Says:

    This woman has it all for me

    holy shit

    thats delicious !

  50. KINGMONEY Says:

    i love nellie roono she,s nice

  51. Johnny Says:

    Err, where did she go?
    Where did go and why has she vanished?
    Anyone got any news?

  52. Dimo Says:

    I like and i love Nelli Roono because she has a very nice vision of photo model super natural breasts and every photo set with her is 100%s awesome :-)

  53. bartek Says:

    neli jesteś najpiękniejsza na swiecie

  54. john r Says:

    Anyone know how big they actually are? What are her measurements?

  55. Pato donal Says:

    quiero tocar una asi!

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