Maria Moore Overload?

I personally don’t think you can ever get too much of a good thing. However, this was precisely the conversation I was having with a mate of mine the other day with regard to Maria Moore. After having been on hiatus from modelling for a bit, she now seems to be cropping up more and more. For me, the trend commenced when I blogged Maria’s “big boobs in baby oil” shoot for HotSexyPlumpers late last year. Prior to that it was primarily softcore pics and the occasional complementary vid that went along with a photo series.

She seems to be doing a lot more in the way of videos now, and becoming more adventuresome as well! Shortly after the shoot for HotSexyPlumpers, we witnessed Ms. Moore’s second hardcore porn video ever (the first one having been for the BangBros some years back). It also bears mention that March is Maria Moore month over at Juggmaster, so our voluptuous JJ-cup vixen certainly seems to be getting around at the moment (which begs the question of over-saturation: is it possible to get too much of Maria?)!

Her latest foray into the world of full-motion mammary media sees her return to HotSexyPlumpers, this time with a trusty toy in tow for an epic 30 minutes of solo masturbation on video! Although I try to remain as breast-centric as possible here – after all, it is MyBoobSite, and Maria Moore’s JJ-cup breasts are nothing short of pendulous perfection – I can’t help but mention some of the extreme close-up pussy shots this video has to offer. To see the dildo penetrating her pussy and then being withdrawn to reveal her luscious, wet meat-flaps as Maria slowly drags the pseudo cock tip up across her clit is simply divine. Sadly, there was no preview of this bit in the following video gallery, so I decided to make my own! ;~)

My perverse penchant for pussy flaps out of the way, here’s 38JJ Maria Moore in her latest video gallery for

Maria Moore videos from



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15 Responses to “Maria Moore Overload?”

  1. Charles Says:

    Just a stunner. Can’t imagine the word “voluptuous” in the dictionary with any picture except hers.

  2. Over_and_Under Says:

    Asking if a Maria Moore overload exists is like asking a scuba diver if he prefers less oxygen in his scuba tank. ;)

    On the contrary, more Moore please!

  3. Boobfan65 Says:

    With all this talk of Maria Moore recently… why is there no mention that it’s Maria Moore month at Maria is quoted as saying that site is the one where where she looks her best

  4. Lance Says:

    Maria’s reported bra size seems to change wildly from site to site, although their actual size hasn’t fluctuated as much as the said sites would lead one to believe. Either bad reporting or she’s having some trouble finding something to hold in those knockers!

    As one of her biggest fans, it would be nice to know what her real measurements are…

    In any case, MOORE of MARIA, I say! :)

  5. Joey Says:

    Too much Maria Moore? That’s like having too much money…

  6. fenderman31 Says:

    too much maria is not enough….more of maria moore!!!!

  7. Maria More Says:

    Well… I think NOT! More me the better.


  8. Jack Says:

  9. T Man Says:

    Maria Moore overload? Surely you jest. This simply is not possible.

  10. Clint the Big Tit Cyber Pimp Says:

    We can never have enough Maria Moore. There are many LA models (tall blondes with big fake tits) who shoot so much that
    when you see a new scene or video from them people don’t notice cause they are already on 30-40 sites. When a model like Maria Moore and many
    of the models you feature on this blog who have 100 percent natural tits film new material it’s great. It is atreat to see them in 3-4 places in a month and getting the attention they deserve.
    The Moore the merrier (pun intended). Bring em on. Bring on more Maria Moore. Lets overdose on her.
    Clint the Big Tit Cyber Pimp Signing Off

  11. Native Son Says:

    You forgot Maria Moore’s other hardcore vid at

  12. Joey Says:

    Native Son, thanks for that man, did not know she did another recent hardcore vid!!!

  13. will lambert Says:

    Maria if you are reading, you are the visual essence of womanhood—-full stop!!

    We can never, never, never can get enough of your incredible beauty and your genuine smile!! You are the finest woman ever to grace the internet.

    Will you marry me?? Will Lambert (xoxoxo)

  14. Sharky Says:

    Maria, how about a photoshoot with Sapphire, or better yet your first lez scene. I would gladly donate a liver for it!

  15. mac d Says:

    I saw that video at the cheaters site. To tell you the truth I had enough of Maria and her husband doing videos. I want to see her with real porn actors.

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