Maxi Mounds 36MM – World’s Biggest Fake Breasts

I’d taken a walk to our local shop yesterday to fetch some provisions for the evening (namely red wine & chocolate) and, as I was standing in the queue, I noticed a big stack of Daily Sport newspapers folded over on the stand so that only the top half was showing. The most prominent headline read something like “It’s Official! I’ve Got the Biggest…” and that’s all I could read. Curious, I picked up the paper and turned it over to find that it was the biggest breasts they were referring to along with a pic of Maxi Mounds and a parenthetical subtext promising nude photos inside.

As I’m not terribly fond of the Sport since they’d shafted Vix back in 2004 by publishing nearly a full-page spread of her without including so much as a link to her charity site from which the photos were taken, I didn’t buy a copy. However, considering that the story qualified for an amusing little “boobs in the news” post, I decided instead to look it up on-line and found the following photo from the Telegraph (although the accompanying article has since been inexplicably removed from their on-line edition)…

Maxi Mounds 36MM has the Biggest Fake Tits per the Guinness Book of World Records

…apparently, Ms. Mounds had contacted the Guinnes Book of World Records some time ago after having seen their record for the biggest natural breasts and suggested they have one for fake tits as well. Although they’d turned he down initially, the Guinness folk got back in touch with Maxi a few years later and asked if she was still interested as they’d recently created a new category to encompass fake boobs. And, with an official chest-over-nipple measurement of 60.5 inches, she won!

Although I don’t normally blog surgically enhanced breasts on MyBoobSite (unless it’s someone like Hannah Callow where the implants are not so obvious), I do rather enjoy how the British press obsesses over breasts. Indeed, not a day goes by that I can’t open a newspaper and find some article about big tits or topless photos of some well-endowed model. And, since Maxi’d made the front page with this story, I figured it might be fun to momentarily break our customary tradition of huge natural breasts and give her an honourable mention here.

Ms. Mounds’ enormous boobs are the result of polypropylene string implants which, once inserted into the breast tissue, continue to grow perpetually by virtue of their absorption of bodily fluids. This procedure, which was only truly popular amongst adult entertainers and sex workers, has since been banned both in the U.S. & Britain over concerns about its safety. Maxi, unimpressed by what could be achieve with standard silicone implants, opted for this “silly string” solution to her mega-breast enlargement aspirations back in 2000 and they’ve been growing ever since.

My first stop in seeking out content to include with the story was, of course, Score – well renown as an equal opportunity employer of both big naturals and artificially-enhanced breasts – but was able to find but one gallery of Ms. Mounds amidst their promotional content…

Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at



…and so, I turned to PhotoClubs, who cater primarily to admirers of the unfeasibly large silicone queens of yesteryear (presumably before so many girls started growing huge tits naturally), and hit the MM-cup Maxi Mounds motherlode…

Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at

Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at

Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at

Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at    Maxi Mounds 36MM at



…but, truly, to get a firm perspective (and I do mean firm) upon the extreme breasts brought about by the dangerous and now-banned string implant procedure, we need videos. And, since Photo Clubs does precisely what it says on the tin, I instead had to hit up their video-based sister site Bosom Box to find Maxi Mounds’ massive mammaries in motion. Oh, and since I was there, I though I’d include a few more of BB’s monster tits models for their tit-illation value. And so, once again, here’s 36MM Maxi Mounds along with Chelsea Charms, BB Gunns & Colt 45 courtesy of

Maxi Mounds huge fake tits videos at    Chelsea Charms huge fake tits videos at

B.B.Gunns huge fake tits videos at    Colt 45 huge fake tits videos at



…gosh, I’m glad that breast augmentation technology has advanced so far since then, as the fake tits I’ve head the pleasure of fondling in recent times are so indistinguishable from their all-natural counterparts in look, feel and dynamics that you’d be hard-pressed to tell them from the real thing (even if you do press hard!)! Ah, the miracles of modern medicine… ;~)

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36 Responses to “Maxi Mounds 36MM – World’s Biggest Fake Breasts”

  1. Sam Says:


    I don’t care how big they are, they’re fake and plastic therefore they belong on a different site for a different audience!

    In fact I could have fake tits as big as hers if not bigger as long as I was prepared to pay for them. Not knocking her or anything but just saying she’ll get no takers here maybe the next shop will cater for her type of admirers..!!!

  2. Sam Says:


    Except Hannah she is shockingly beautiful. Any chance of getting more of her…..?

  3. tony Says:


  4. CtexsinsChelle Says:

    I have to go you one better Reese. LOL I know the fake boobs is not the guys thing, But like you I know of someone is actually larger than Maxi. That is Mistress Rhiannon ( She is actually a
    64 MMM and stand just 5 foot tall. To quote her bio page …
    The Ultimate “Slim & Stacked”

    Not to mention she is quite the talented lady.

    XOXO CC Hope you enjoy.

  5. Joey Says:

    Absolutely hideous. Please, no more of these monstrosities Reese!!

  6. Bill Says:

    Real or fake I don’t care either way. As long as they are large. :)

  7. Dale Says:

    I myself are not a big fan of the fake tits. Most women with surgically enhanced breasts are easy to spot. A woman with all natural tits are able to give them a real good squeeze and they will get the skin, fat and muscle. Fake tits are like palming a basketball.

  8. ZEE Says:

    I always die a little inside when I see tits like these. Not attractive, not enticing, just a whole lot of sad and scary.

  9. Sam Says:


    By admission, this site isn’t exactly what you’re looking for!!!!!

  10. Mohinder Says:


    Check out the grotesque shenanigans at I don’t think Guiness would consider them for distinction, but they are truly the largest fake breasts in the world.



  11. Andrew Says:

    Score ripped me off!

    I recently subscribed to some Score sites and found that they had charged me $29.95 too much – I was able to contact jetbill and have this reversed, but then they, obviously in retaliation, discontinued one of my subscriptions over 3 weeks early with no explanation. I sent 2 e-mails to their support line but they were ignored – they provide NO telephone number so I can’t talk to a real person.

    Screw them!

  12. FrankNZ Says:

    When it comes to fake breasts, there is a case to be made to distinguish between the super-sized silicone extremes and what I would regard as more realistic breast augmentation. That is, the former are scarily over-sized, whereas the latter are almost indistinguishable from the real thing in terms of shape, feel and movement.

    When I first started watching porn movies in the early 90s, the woman that took my breath away was Celeste. Augmented breasts to be sure, but she looked like she possessed a pair of wonderful pendulous boobs. I think the difference was that she already had D-cups and only increased a cup size or two.

    Of course since then my preferred cup size has stepped up a notch or two. But as for Maxi Mounds… that just looks painful to me. And you could argue that such super-sizing makes a mockery of women with large natural breasts.

  13. Big Daddy Says:


    Andrew that’s why I don’t pay for it. Whatever is free is good for me. That’s also why I paid for CtexsinsChelle because I know there will be no ripoffs involved.

    And she is real.

    That’s bad Reese……..

    I’d rather see rehashed stuff or some new find that is all natural but maybe not the biggest cup or greatest looker as long as she’s natural. Maxi is a nice looking woman but those things are not boobs. Sorry Chelle but Rhiannon is beyond hideous, scary is more like it.

  14. CtexsinsChelle Says:

    Well Big Daddy, I know her looks are not for everyone. But you know me it is never about the looks it is about the person inside. She is a great person, To talk to as well as to know. I can get beyond anyones looks as long as they have a heart. So scary for some yes, but a really great person. I guess is the old saying never judge a book.

    I didn’t figure she would be for you all as I stated. It was to point out she is a bit larger tan Maxi.


  15. FriendforLife Says:

    I concur with Sam and the consensus as a whole. I can’t say I’m attracted to women with tiny breasts, but if they’re real they’re inherently more enjoyable than the hugest of fake breasts.

  16. Craig Says:

    This is really old news – Maxi has been the official record holder for a while now. From my brief encounter with her, she is a really sweet person and very, very attractive in person. I love her look and look forward to seeing her in person again soon.

  17. Sam Says:

    As far as I was concerned we weren’t addressing personalities, just bodies (specifically breasts). It would be impossible to judge someone’s character from an electronically generated, two-dimensional image. So, mother Teresa or not is irrelevant, it is about plastic, or not to plastic and I do not do plastic in any shape, form or condition, no matter how kind the person attached to them maybe.

    And yes, I think they are not attractive. They just look painful and unnatural! I would fall in love with a woman with aa cup breasts rather than consider one night with crude oil city chest!

  18. Hentaibee Says:

    Somehow I knew you’d blog this Reese :)

    Anyways, why not also mention, her official site?

    Her updates there are also quite good, even if bloggers dont make a nickel with it :) I blog her regularly in my silicone preferred articles at

    I mean, I’m the guy with Chelsea Charms and Maxi mounds tattoed on his back for a reason :)

  19. Philip Says:

    I don’t think we should dismiss these girls. They have a made a decision to have surgery to enhance themselves for our viewing pleasure at considerable cost (not only monetary) and pain to themselves. The ultra-large girls with string implants – Chelsea, Maxi, Keisha may not look good to some, but you can’t argue with the girls’ commitment.

    Frankly, the first time I saw Chelsea my jaw dropped. Maxi I find less attractive as her implants seem to have gone a little lop-sided, which is a shame. Keisha seems to have done it just to have massive tits – and you can’t argue with that.

  20. Joey Says:

    Sure, Maxi Mounds might have a great personality, but this isn’t a website about awesome personalities, it’s about tits. Genuine boob lovers like real ones. Fake tits can be had by anyone. Hell, men have fake boobs as well, they are called transexuals. If a pair of fake boobs are all it takes, then Reese you might as well start blogging about shemales here. Get back to the natural ladies please. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think the general consensus is that we prefer natural stacked women, not surgically enhanced frankentits. Most of the mega implant women just look awful.

  21. Sam Says:


    I don’t like people outshinning my comments! yours just did that. i’m not happy!!! you stealer of thunder!

    Love Sam

  22. FrankNZ Says:

    What Joey and Sam say: we prefer natural here… well, big and natural, but that goes without saying.

    As for “frankentits” – you could have chosen another name!

  23. Georgio Says:

    Glad to see most on here concur Reese and I think you must have done it to wait for the reaction or, if you are REALLY bored with big natural tits, gawd help us all!

    Awful, non-human, unsexy, repulsive. They don’t MOVE, even with gravity, that’s what gets me? No offence to the women as I’m sure their fake breasts don’t alter their personalities but just NOT RIGHT physically!

    Can you save our shocked eyes and broken souls with some real breasts soon please. I don’t care if they are just nice, pretty C cups but that was bad.

  24. Sam Says:


    What about the Frankenboobs?

  25. Hentaibee Says:

    And I thought most breastmen were kind of respectful people like Reese.

  26. mg Says:

    I love Maxi.

    I, for sure, prefer naturals, and in the fake world everything else is better than strings but I love her. I love her, Chelsea, Kayla, Minka, Keisha… I love them all.

    I can’t help it. If it is big I like it.

    And, apart from boobs, Maxi is really an amazon woman. 6 foot tall. I love that too.

    All the best. mg

  27. lolwrong Says:

    Yeah…I’m going to have to say no. Whoever made this decision obviously does not know Chelsea Charms or Keisha Evans. Maxi has always been small compared to them.

  28. Andrew Says:

    I need to partially retract my complaint about Score above. They did restore my access, though without telling me. I’m not sure what happened but this is still pretty bad service even if it was just a mistake.

  29. mike norleen Says:

    wow I think your breast are grate I would like to meet her some day don,t let other people make up your mined for you I truly hope things are going good for you.
    Your friend mike

  30. tony Says:

    nice discussion here. Chelsea has the biggest breast no doubt about it, followed by Maxi and Keisha. Rhiannon is big but not bigger than maxi and keisha.

  31. tony Says:

    i would love to see a big tit contest between maxi ,chelsea’minka, and kishawe need to see them put each other into a bear hug and see who gives

  32. julio cear Says:

    eu quero te comer hoje gostosa

  33. Guyl Says:

    Maxi looks fabulous. So fucking sexy as is Kayla, and all the other big tit girls. Thank God they do this for us. If you don’t have huge real tits then make them huge. Thanks girls. No flat (c-cup or smaller) chicks allowed in my world.

  34. Danny Says:

    what a fabulous girl…maxi i love you.
    have you seen THE BIGGEST BOOBS IN EUROPE…

    she is also very hot.

  35. yeyu Says:

    Maxi es enorme y poderosa con ese par de tetas me gustaria ver a maxi en un lesbico con la sexy alexis amore, la diferencia de estatura ,peso y atributos fisicos es mucha pero las dos son sexys.

  36. supermon Says:

    Tina Small,Chelsea Charms,,Beshine all look bigger

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