Miosotis Claribel 54KKK – KKK-cup Breasts from ClubMiosotis

Forget Mastasia and extreme breast expansion ye fans of gigantomastia and virginal breast hypertrophy as I’ve just leaned that gorgeous Caribbean big tit queen Miosotis Claribel has taken her colossal KKK-cup chocolate cleavage to bust out on the mainstream porn scene with the official opening of her Club Miosotis website!

Honestly, I can’t decide who had the biggest tits – Miosotis or Nelli Roono – but would be more than willing to spend an erotic evening sandwiched between their gigantic breasts for the sake of scientific comparison. Just imagine, two giant juggs of mocha mammary meat on one side and an extra large helping of vanilla tit flesh on the other, drowning is a sea of boobs in the ultimate big breast lovers’ wet dream (although I would promise to remain objective throughout the ordeal).

Massive breast fetish fantasies aside, this gorgeous Haitian girl with huge hooters has it all wrapped up in one extremely well endowed super stacked busty black package. And so, in what I expect shall be the first of many blogs dedicated to the massive mammaries of Miosotis, here’s the lovely 54KKK Miosotis Claribel in softcore photos & hardcore videos that come with big chocolate boobs courtesy of ClubMiosotis.com:

54KKK Miosotis Claribel Softcore Photos from ClubMiosotis

Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com    Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com

Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com    Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com    Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com

Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com    Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com    Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com

Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com    Miosotis Claribel 54KKK from ClubMiosotis.com

54KKK Miosotis Claribel Hardcore Videos from ClubMiosotis

Miosotis Videos from ClubMiosotis.com


Miosotis at ClubMiosotis.com

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25 Responses to “Miosotis Claribel 54KKK – KKK-cup Breasts from ClubMiosotis”

  1. whatthefonk? Says:

    how can a black woman have KKK breasts?

  2. illuvbigtits Says:

    how can she not?
    allot of black women are Big Breasted.
    look at Cheron of Topheavy, young and big breasted for her frame.
    plenty of white gals out there too that are big breasted, but the black girls seem to get the bigger one on smaller frames. Yummy!

  3. Annonymous Says:

    A black woman with KKK boobs? IRONY!!!

  4. whatthefonk? Says:

    you CLEARLY missed the point of that statement.

  5. timmo Says:

    Stunning gigantic boobs. Would love to play with those tits smothered in oil.

  6. FrankNZ Says:

    I think you missed the irony there of Miosotis having “KKK” tits, iluvbigtits.

    Astonishing as Miosotis is, the quality of these photos is disappointing, especially after the beautiful photos we have seen of her when she was modelling for Nadine Jansen’s photographer, Bernd Daktari Lorenz.

    They even created a site for her (http://www.miosotis-claribel.com/), but no new photos have been posted there since December, so obviously that relationship came to an end. What a pity.

  7. Anthony Says:

    I continue to be amazed at how all that is necessary to earn a living is to be born with some abnormally large body part. The world is your oyster, so to speak.
    Do they need talent or charm? Nope.

  8. Sam Says:

    I am going to say this with all the implications but they are tooooo big! Fuck me they are massive. They are simply beautiful!

  9. toomuch Says:

    Miosotis did some superbly sexy stuff for Daktari Lorenz, both still and video. Her hardcore stuff, so far, is detached and not very erotic. Here’s hoping she gets a more skillful porn director for her future work.

  10. charles Says:

    Miosotiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!! I have been a fan ever since she appeared on the -.de websites of Nadine J and Milena Velba (Daktari). Totally built. Gorgeous face, world record tits. But what’s up? You said ‘haitian.’ I thought she was Dominican. I have heard she speaks spanish only, and only speaks english in her videos with someone prompting her.

    What a dream girl. Thanks for posting her here. She has one breast freakishly larger than the other, and this is why she has not ‘fit the mold’ of your typical model.

    As for KKK, that is just an American joke. She’s a Spanish speaking island black, not descended from emancipated American slaves dealing with bigotry.

  11. charles Says:

    Oh, and Miosotis is bigger than Nelli Roono. I’ll take MIo, no research needed. LOL.

  12. Funny Stuff Says:

    Wow this girl is pretty too. I find it strangely erotic that one boob is bigger than the other, hmmm.

    That voice on the video is prolly dubbed, don’t you all think? I told you Reese, haitian chicks are stacked, lol. Olrando has a ton of Haitian people btw

    I do web design for a really cool haitian woman with some of the biggest breasts I have ever seen. Believe it or not, she has a brain too. Sadly she is married heh heh

  13. Boobs4Matt Says:

    Her hardcore stuff i saw up til now is pretty disappointing. There were beautiful pictures of her on her miosotis-claribel.com, but the stuff on the new site is lame.
    Sorry guys who produce her, it’s just not only about having a girl with record breaking big tits in front of the lense to create succesful content. It’s also how to present it and to give the viewer the feeling that she is comfortable with it.
    And it seems to me, as bigger the tits get the more the girl itself gets lost behind it- litterally. I bet it’s not an easy job to make a model look good and sexy. But it’s easy too see if the job isn’t done right.

  14. Tony Says:

    Where has Nelli Roono been?

  15. charles Says:

    Boobs4Matt: exactly right. But to her credit you have to say that Mio turns a poorly planned porn set into a highly arousing and erotic interlude. Her first effort was not bad, with Cherokee d’Ass co-starring. However, when Mio was titfucking, the dude was positioned in reverse so he was covering her face. WTF?? This second one was a bit better on the sex, but not planned well. I enjoyed the strip tease at the beginning more than the sex. And Mio is so massively stacked you would think they would do a better job at finding a porn stud who could flood her face and tits in tribute. But no, they got someone instead who was more like a leaky faucet. Poor planning.

  16. Lance Says:

    @ charles.

    Miosotis is likely a Haitian woman whose family moved to the Dominican Republic (since it’s so nearby). So, while she is of Haitian descent she is a Dominican resident.

    And the video is interesting. I don’t think the voice is hers.. Unlikely that she would speak perfect English with an American accent. :)

  17. Anthony Says:

    She looks completely lost in the hardcore world. She might figure it out, but for now it’s not as much about fucking as it is about her bouncing up and down. That’s nice, but it’s not necessarily porn.
    The Cherokee vid is kind of strange. I wondered about the guy sitting on her face too. She probably didn’t know any better.
    And yeah, I’m sure the voice isn’t hers.

  18. Miosotis Claribel Says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Miosotis and remember seeing her with Milena Velba, I’m so glad she’s now got her own website not too sure about the 52KKK size… but it wouldn’t suprise me, they are pretty damn big.

  19. John Says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t find this woman attractive. I think she’s an example of “too much of a good thing”. They’ve gotten past the point of appeal for me. Whatever tickles your pickle, however.

  20. Dan_Sky Says:

    I like Miosotis.. she has huge boobs.. i am happy tht she has her own site now. and i wish u post more pics of her.. those are the kinds of women u find here in southamerica… black women with huge boobs and huge ass XD


  21. Dan_Sky Says:

    also I forgot.. Nelli Roono is better than Mio.. XD thts true


  22. sameer Says:


  23. Andy Says:

    I mostly lost interest when she signed up with this bunch. Daktari had great style in her videos and photos and he really can shoot! Those guys behind her website has caused massive troubles to alot of customers, so this is lost cause.

  24. matt Says:

    They label them ‘kkk’ for the ‘shock value’ I guess.

    Just as a DD is sometimes called an E, or and F cup is sometimes called DDD; the better term would be a ‘M’ cup (if that is the true measure of her wonderful tits).

  25. tony Says:

    i can’belive she so effortless crushed milena velba huge rack, no other super tit woman could even come close, i am sure milena now worshipping the only tits in the world that can flatten hers. would love to hear comments from both women . with the looser paying homage to the winner

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