Nelli Roono – Udderly Amazing

Ever since mega-busty Nelli Roono’s debut over at, I must admit a sense of “udder” amazement every time I encounter new photos of her. With massive breasts bigger than her head, she simply defies description as the ultimate big boob lover’s dream and leaves me at a loss as to what I could write to do this beautiful, bountiful blonde and her gigantic juggs justice. Her most recent series find her looking more stunning than ever in a sexy black dress (but, then again, such an extremely well endowed woman of her profound proportions & pulchritude could probably make an old potato sack look good). And so, I sincerely hope that Nelli’s webmaster will not begrudge me sharing just one full-resolution photo from this series at the point where one huge breast slipped out of her top at once revealing both its staggering size and unfathomable beauty…

Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at

(photo courtesy of

…dumbfounded, I suppose I should now dispense with my dissertation and just let Nelli’s huge breasts speak for themselves (ah, if only tits could talk). And so I shall simply leave you with a few more fine photos of the amazing well-endowed wonder of nature that is Nelli Roono and her most bountiful bosom with nipples at the ready from

Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at    Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at    Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at

Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at    Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at    Nelli Roono pops her massive mammaries out of her sexy black dress at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 3072×2048 high-resolution)


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25 Responses to “Nelli Roono – Udderly Amazing”

  1. Tony Says:

    She is sexually beautiful!

  2. Sam Says:

    top totty simple!

  3. Vadd Says:

    That’s what I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT! She is stunning and has some of the best tits in the world. For me, another great example to point to when asked what a thing a good breast size is.

  4. Tony Says:

    Watch out but I think she may be lactating.

  5. Joey Says:

    I think if she is lactating, we need to pay closer attention. She’s amazing. I dig her. She oozes class and sophistication is these pictures. Like a sexy woman who is sure of herself and her sexuality. I love it.

  6. lostpath Says:

    Take a close look at the little white droplets on her nipples in the last pic. She very well may be lactating. And I certainly hope she is.

    Joey, you couldn’t be more right. She has such a wonderful air of elegance and confidence that makes her all the more alluring and seductive. I’m reminded of Milena Velba, Alicia Loren, and Chloe Vevrier. If she is lactating i hope she’ll share it with us for a long while to come.

    Nelli, you’re beautiful.

  7. Dean Says:

    Yeah in the last pic it definitely appears that she is lactating. Someone get a video of that ASAP!

  8. alex Says:

    she just defies all superlatives with sheer size. she can very literally crush all competition with each of her wondrous udders, and if she sets both those mountains of titflesh in motion i’m sure it can be measured on the richter scale.

  9. rex Says:

    Lekker elkaar onderspuiten! Zij met haar melk en ik met ‘mijn’!

  10. Highpriest Says:

    All save Miosotis, i’d love to see something with Nelli, Miosotis, and Milena Velba. 2 sets of white boobs and a set of black one would make a lovely interracial sandwich… makes you love humanity and womanhood…all this beauty.

  11. Jack Says:

    nelli and milena would be great. It seems to me nelli’s pics are all the same…..anyone else get that feeling as well?

  12. x Says:

    if you mean all her pics look amazing…then ya you are correct! Nelli is amazingly seductive !!!

  13. buntl1 Says:

    Nelli is so amazing she just makes me squirm. You know how you squirm when your cock is just getting hard and have to move around in your seat, well she makes me squirm. All the fantastic descriptions of her are so right on and could be doubled. She is a gift to us boobaholics and Resse thanks for getting those pictures. By the way, there is a little milk in picture number four also. Like WOW!!

  14. FrankNZ Says:

    Speechless. Nelli’s breasts defy description.

  15. jun lemon Says:

    Thanks for the post! i think she is really beautiful. I think she has a lot more potential which must be released.

  16. John Says:

    Does anyone know her bra size?

  17. grey Says:

    @John: The 12/13/08 update on’s “what’s new” page lists her size as 144cm, so roughly 57in., rounding up.

    I’m surprised Boobpedia hasn’t gotten wind of that information.

  18. Alb Says:

    She is much bigger than Milena Velba!!! Milena is defeated.
    But for Miosotis and Jenny Hill, who is more endowed in bust? Nelli win or not?

  19. EsosA Says:

    As at when i saw this tits i had an erection and was forced to mastubate,they are realy nic,i wish u cn snd me sme of ur pics

  20. asasas Says:

    how old is her?

  21. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Nelli Roono Sized Tits on Samantha47 - But who is she?! Says:

    […] Wow. I just got some photos in an e-mail from my mate Daiana that blew my big breast loving mind. It was a slim and stacked green-eyed busty blonde dressed as a naughty nurse who had most massive tits on her chest which brought back busty voluptuous big boob visions of the enormous chesticular endowments of Nelli Roono to my huge breast obsessed brain (not saying that my brain is huge, mind, just those gorgeous girls’ gigantic juggs)… […]

  22. Billy H. Says:

    Hi Nelli. it’s billy. someone who ‘Really” loves you. i do’nt care what that lying devil say’s. I’m just me. i’m not perfect, but i’m for real. you’ll be my last, and you know it. it’s up to you, but the dream is real!! anyway, i’m a man, and do’nt need to win a popularity contest. it can be just you and me.( is’nt that the way it’s supposed to be) I’m ready to stop looking when you are. Billy

  23. Wanker Says:

    She ranks right up there with Milena; Alicia and Maxi. However, Milena always remains my ultimate fantasy. Followed by Eden; Alicia and Miosotis.

  24. Wanker Says:

    @Rex: ja, maar jou melk is maar net water, en jy sal net jou slang moet trek ou vriend!

  25. lanie Says:

    she’s gorgeous and so hot! perfect breasts! wow! love the pics!

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