Miosotis Claribel Video from XX-Cel

Although less than a month of massive mammaries have passed since I last blogged the super busty big black boobs of colossal Caribbean cleavage queen Miosotis Claribel from her debut up at the XX-Cel site…

Miosotis at XX-cel.com

…I’m bringing this exceptionally well-endowed ebony goddess back to My Boob Site since she’s just released her first video chock full of enormous breast fetish content therein, from big bra removal with huge breasts falling freely to gravity’s pull to jiggling her gigantic tits on the couch whilst casually masturbating her pussy (hmmm – Miosotis Masturbation – you know, that’s almost as good as that other Mio-ism I’d come up with!) to dangling her mocha monster boobs in your face and more! Besides, you’ve got to respect a girl who shows so much tit flesh in her Miosotis nude big boobs from behind pose. And so, I give you the stunningly beautiful busty black female anatomical wonder of nature that is our most magnificent Miosotis in videos from XX-Cel.com:

Miosotis Claribel videos from XX-Cel.com    Miosotis Claribel videos from XX-Cel.com

Miosotis Claribel videos from XX-Cel.com    Miosotis Claribel videos from XX-Cel.com


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6 Responses to “Miosotis Claribel Video from XX-Cel”

  1. Busty Babes Fan Says:

    Wow Misotis has a plenty of boobage, could spend a lot of time with 1 boob – bustybabesfan.co.cc

  2. S Sinclair Says:

    l always thought Miosotis breasts were all natural, but looking at your first pic Reese do I detect a scar under her right breast? giving thoughts to a breast enlargement?

  3. Boomstick Says:

    She is really nothing short of amazing. I would give anything to witness that third video in person.

  4. Boobs maniac Says:

    she is all natural, i found a picture of her where she was thiner and her boobs still giant
    [mod edit: apologies, but, while I can vouch for your photo, we can’t allow hot-linking here and there was no watermark with details of where I could obtain the necessary permission to repost it]

  5. SuperD Says:


  6. ed Says:

    now thats a pair of tits ,suck them all day

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