Mommy Got Boobs

Riding the wave of MILF porn madness, the good folks who brought us such sites as Jug Fuckers & Jizz On My Jugs have decided to launch a new website featuring the most busty MILFs they could find: Mommy Got Boobs is celebration of yummy mummies that’s sure to appeal to lovers of more mature, experienced older women (with big tits, of course!).

These moms certainly know how to fuck, too (see? experience pays off!). And while I wouldn’t turn down a titfuck from young blonde Charlee – whose MILF status appears questionable, to say the least – or mind squatting for doggy-style sex over the stunning Milly Morris, it’s uber-MILF Penny Porsche’s succulent deep-throat blowjob that’s my personal favourite.

The best news, though, is that membership at gets you full access to 10 additional sites, JugFuckers & JizzOnMyJugs included, and a 2-day trial costs just $2.95! But enough talk, on with the tits:

Mommy Got Boobs    Mommy Got Boobs    Mommy Got Boobs

Mommy Got Boobs    Mommy Got Boobs    Mommy Got Boobs

Mommy Got Boobs    Mommy Got Boobs



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8 Responses to “Mommy Got Boobs”

  1. Very Free Says:

    That ‘stunning Milly Morris’ you mention above is that same tall Czech blonde named Monika Teruova that I mentioned in a recent blog. She may not be as big up top (E cup) but she’s got a real nice pair of long legs, and her breasts, areolas and nipples are extremely well-proportioned, IMHO. And like you said, she knows how to use her equipment. :-)

    I see other blogs have polls. I don’t know if Reese’s can do such a thing. I was thinking about going to and making a survey or poll of as many guys as possible to find out who has the biggest tits of all. Or who has the best set of lactating tits, or, or, whatever. Would there be any interest in taking such a poll? I’ve found that some surveys can be lengthy.

  2. Very Free Says:

    I forgot to mention that you can subscribe (it’s free) to’s group Club_XCel and see some nice pics of Lorna Morgan, Kerry-Marie (wow, what a head of hair!) and of course that object of Reese’s fantasies, Davina, AKA Gemma.

  3. jazzman Says:

    The only real problem I have with the content of this site (which I have viewed personally) is that none of these women are really MILFs. At best, they are pieces of ass… kinda like all “MILF” sites, you can guarantee most (if not all) of these women haven’t had kids, and honestly, I get kinda tired of the enormously fake boobs, and women on MILF sites that are probably in their 20’s. I guess I’ve just started to like natural boobs (of any size, preferably large) over any size fake tits. This is just my opinion.

  4. jazzman Says:

    By “women in their 20’s” I was referring to models like Milly Morris, Reina Leone, Stacey, Charlee, Jolee, Barbara, Luccia,Danielle Derek, etc., who looks about 25 at oldest.

  5. david Says:

    this is lackluster! you’ve become known for posting about women with huge natural tits and this collection features shots of gals with fake and ugly hooters.

    not up to your normal standards of excellence my friend.

    you need to have your wife do a strip tease for you, fuck your cock with her natural tits and then remember your mission: big tits, natural tits, massive tits.

    many thanks.

  6. J Says:

    DUDE! would you quit tempting me with ways to spend my money. ha!
    That is a great update! thanks for the links!

  7. Reese Says:

    VF: Will have to check into polling software, but I think that’s a great idea! Also, if you’d like to do a poll on Survey Monkey or something like that, I’d be happy to link to it from MyBoobSite as well…just let me know!

    jazzman: You’re absolutely right, which is why I’d posted the comment about young Charlee’s questionable status. Then again, I was recently amazed to find out that the luscious 36JJ Alicia from Divine Breasts is a mom! In fact, I’ll be blogging a video of her lactating later today.

    david: Sorry to disappoint in this one – will endeavour to do better in the future. However, Vix & I did get a smile out of the lovely suggestion in your comment: You think my wife’s boobs are natural?! ;~) Excellent!!

    J: Apologies for tempting you to spend your money, but thanks for the comments. Personally, I have no preference for real over fake boobs (as I’d mentioned in a recent comment on my Maggie Green post).

    ~Reese! :~)

  8. Jamie Crowley Says:

    You’re my new hero!

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