More big boobs from Poland…

Staring at beautiful, buxom babes all day every day, as I do, I suppose it’s possible to become a bit jaded after a while. Case in point: When I came across the four photos from included in today’s post, the first thing to strike me was that all of the girls appear to be in italics! All manner of conjecture began to run through my head. Is the terrain in my forefathers’ homeland naturally sloped? Does the photographer have one leg shorter than the other? Are they attempting an artistic interpretation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa – with breasts?

Whatever the case, I guess I really don’t need to justify showcasing more exceptionally-endowed lovelies. I’d first mentioned the in my “Busty Polish Co-op” post featuring Ines Cudna, then revisited it later with Maria Swan (or whatever her name might be)…and just figured that now was as good a time as any to present a few more of the models who share the site. So tilt your head slightly to the right and enjoy the ample assets of Ewa Sonnet, Bea Flora, Joanna & Anna Jota:

Ewa Sonnet    Bea Flora

Joanna    Anna Jota


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27 Responses to “More big boobs from Poland…”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Ewa is so beautiful! I would love to see some video!

  2. Reese Says:

    Here you go, Carlos! ;~)

  3. eric Says:

    uh, hi. Jim Carrey, you and I have something in common, we are, or share ancestory from poland. You look extremely gorgeous! Can I date you on tuesdays?

  4. jochen Says:

    Eine herrliche Dame

  5. Sempa Says:

    Is there more of Anna Jota?

  6. Thomas Coyne Says:

    How tall is this woman anyway? After much searching and careful, thoughtful (and thoughtless) consideration, I have decided that this woman is exactly what I am looking for and I need to marry her right now. Does anyone know where I can find her as she is the eptimoe of my dreamgirl from my early grade school days.

  7. Thomas Coyne Says:

    I am referring to Ewa Sonnet in the previous post.

  8. Lass Says:

    Do you that you are very beautiful? How can I be in contact with you? Please let me your contact. I have a lot of things for you. Kiss

  9. BoObyMaN Says:

    Why cant i see some ewa sonnet shots that shows her PUSSY…?!

    Is she ashamed of her PUSSY…?

    Can someone tell me the reason…??!

    How about you web master…??

  10. HSN Says:


  11. billy Says:

    Tan muy buenasasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Johnson Says:

    I love big boobs!!!!!!!

  13. Richie Rz Says:

    A natural beauty and can’t stop looking away

  14. Odo Afro Says:

    Muy caliente señorita, demás!!!!!!!

  15. ANGELO Says:


  16. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Obsessing over big tits in great detail… Says:

    […] …now, Joana’s no stranger to MyBoobSite. On the contrary, I’ve featured her here and here and here and even as far back as here, and those are but a few examples. Although I’d found her decidedly attractive with beautiful breasts and a body to match, I’d never paid that much attention to her and she’d never been included amongst my top 10 big tits models. However, when I encountered that singular photo above, my attitude toward Joana changed dramatically. […]

  17. T-Dog Says:

    Can you share more of this fantastic momma??

  18. horny-boy Says:

    they’re SO — HOT!!

  19. horny-boy Says:

    Joanna z my god

  20. titfuckingfan Says: is my favorite soft core titty site! Great chicks, and they really know how shoot big boobs! They’re the soft core equivalent of what Prime Cups ist to hardcore in my opinion. Both sites seem to know how to get huge tits to look as beautiful as possible (which is apparently harder than you’d think given all the shit out there). I’d like to get in on either of those sites and go on a titfucking rampage! LOL! :D

  21. ahmed Says:


  22. neel Says:

    very sexy & nice boobs

  23. geo india Says:

    what a boobsss…i like to brink……..hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm

  24. SEO rajasthan Says:

    thanks for share very awesome

  25. HARDFATCOCK24 Says:

    i came 5 times a day on her ass

  26. DINKYTOY Says:

    I am working with Polish people! She come also working with me…

  27. mikion Says:

    Anything latest from Bea and lorna

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