A congregation of Faith…

The udderly-fantastic webmistress Vix from Tits-Out.com has assembled what may well be the ULTIMATE collection of free photo galleries from InBedWithFaith.com. The site boasts 30 galleries containing 492 pictures of the buxom G-cup teen Faith (why is it that all the latest big boob models wear a 32G bra size?), including her latest gallery released just two days ago. My only disappointment is that it doesn’t include any of her videos, which are absolutely incredible. Hmm, perhaps I should e-mail Faith and ask if she plans on releasing any video galleries in the not-too-distant future. And, if she does, you’ll definitely see them here on MyBoobSite! In the meantime, click here to visit Faith’s ultimate gallery collection.

InBedWithFaith Ultimate Gallery Collection


7 thoughts on “A congregation of Faith…”

  1. quiero decirles que me parece el mejor web de todos gracias por compartir eso con nosotros los que nos gustan las tetas grandes gracias gracias por favor envienme videos

  2. reese after checking out your archive i see you are a bit of a cocksman and a swinger… id like to see you in action with faith…. try to make it happen freind…

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