More of Ginger 38H from Divine Breasts

Having introduced 38H Ginger mid-December to resounding praise and requests for more of this lovely and exceptionally well-endowed redhead, I thought it high time to bring her back to MyBoobSite for a second round. Besides, I was particularly touched by a comment made by Georgio wherein he wrote this about Ginger: “Those are just THE perfect size and shape in my book. They also remind me exactly of an extremely gorgeous and naughty girlfriend from over 20 years ago who to this day I still occasionally… ah… ‘dream’ about. That may be sad but no-one has ever fulfilled all my boob dreams like her ever since! More of Ginger please to help me relive the finest breasts and sex in my experience. Sigh…”

As one who relishes reliving the fond memories of past sexual experiences to the point of temporal distraction, however could I resist assisting others in indulging in the same prurient pastime? And so, once again, here’s gorgeous Ginger with her H-cup breasts at the ready courtesy of

Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at

Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at

Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at

Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at    Ginger 38H at

(note: actual photos available for download from the site are 1500×1000 resolution)

…however, unlike my last picture post, I’ve decided to cobble together a few video clips of Ginger’s juggs jiggling in a delightful display of dairy dynamics, taking her soft, squishy breast flesh firmly in hand and pulling her nipples erect in these mammary movies from

Ginger 38H Videos at    Ginger 38H Videos at

Ginger 38H Videos at    Ginger 38H Videos at



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17 Responses to “More of Ginger 38H from Divine Breasts”

  1. rex Says:

    Ginger ik wil met je op z’n russisch, frans, itiliaans, grieks en nog veel meer!!!

  2. Sam Says:

    I get the impression that she is Eastern European and working in one of those post war factories! Not sure I like the backdrop but I do think she would be a great way to see out those cold winter night! Lovely breasts and smile!

  3. Tony Says:

    That smile is to die for! WOW

    p.s. I think she also goes by Ana over at silicone free

  4. Udderly Delighted Says:

    Lovely Reese… good find… and yes like you she reminds me of an ex-gf whom had 40I breasts. She Ginger has the right amount of plumpness too that makes her breast seem soft but still have some body that they are bulbous and not flat. Cute face and lovely hips too… Good find!

  5. Georgio Says:

    Reese, what a gent you are! I’m sure you haven’t blogged Ginger again purely for my enjoyment but how thoughtful of you to recall my winsome plea. Oh those wonderful breasts, even better with the video clips. Cheers matey!

    I like Sam’s comment above about the setting :-) Like him I wouldn’t mind wherever she chose to reveal those boobs to me.

    Now I just have to persuade you that I also had a girlfriend who looked like Brooke in that school uniform in an earlier blog? (Ok, that would just be a lie.)

    Thanks for the memories of mammaries past.

  6. Jeff L Says:

    What a woman! Thanks for the pics, Reese. It’s lovely to see such enormous (and round!) breasts ballooning the figure of a sunny-eyed older lady.

    Ginger’s got a friendly, playful smile too.

    I’d love to see more of her.

  7. sempa Says:

    Amazing breasts and very nice suckable nipples. Very nice!

  8. Andy Says:

    didnt think much of her first time around but now I think shes quite the girl. Perfect tits, perfect smile, perfect pussy? :-)

  9. carlos BA Says:

    total agreement with Sempa, nice SUCKABLE NIPPLES!!

  10. FrankNZ Says:

    I couldn’t get past the weird “cleaning woman finds fish” theme from her last photo shoot. This is much more like it, but you do get the feeling that we should organise a night in a nice hotel suite for her…

  11. Grynder66 Says:

    I agree with Tony. She has 3 set at Silicone Free. I hope we get to see more of her. Love to see her totally nude.

  12. MarkQ Says:

    She has one of the best pair of tits I’ve ever seen. Trouble is she’s wearing too many clothes so all we see is her tits.Lets have a lot more of her flesh on show.

  13. Iceman87 Says:

    I think Ginger is hot, beautiul and if she is Eastern Europan, she is a great addtion. Nice smile, large round tits..Would love to see her spread her legs in layouts..

  14. martin Says:

    i love you ANA (Ginger) you are the girl of my dream.

  15. mark Says:

    Who wouldn’t love to eat her asshole out and then titty fuck the shit out of her! One of the hottest big titty models ever!

  16. ura Says:


  17. mariobrrrrrr Says:

    A todas estas bellas mujeres les besaria con ansias sus bellos y calientes anos y depositaria muy dentro de ellos varios kilos de mi semen.

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