My Vagina Site – A place for my pussy pursuits…

Well, I’ve gone and done it. Based upon your helpful comments, suggestions and sundry contributions to my “What to do with E-cup breasts?” post, I’ve started another blog. Special thanks due to BillyC for tipping the scales on my decision when he thoughtfully observed…

“In solution to your problem, someone suggested ‘stick with tits’, you could do ‘just getting started’ for newbies who need publicity, or in line with your new obsession, a vagina blog which is more in parallel with mypenissite. Then you could stop inundating the boob lovers with pussy shots they may not always crave.”

…and so, “My Vagina Site” it is (the naming of which I’ve explained in my inaugural post there), providing me a place to pursue my pussy obsession without saddling all of you big breast lovers with my fetish. Not to worry, though, as MyBoobSite shall always remain my first love in the world of blogging. However, should you fancy a taste of pussy every now and again, just pop by for a visit:

My Vagina Site ...a pussy blog for lovers of the female genitalia.

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11 Responses to “My Vagina Site – A place for my pussy pursuits…”

  1. MaGnUs Says:

    I’ll be right there!

  2. Krille Says:

    Very good. My cup of tea, right on the spot. My mouth is watering!!

  3. Sam Says:


    As you get older you’re starting to worry me! You dirty old man!

  4. tyrr Says:

    … and I prefer breasts w/o all that distracting pinkness, so I’m happy to see those vaginas migrate.


    PS Don’t get me wrong! Real-world & real-time vaginas are heavenly. But I just don’t get turned on gazing into them…

  5. MrHooHa Says:

    Since you’re opening “My Vagina Site”, you should do a blog article on Amazing Ty. Talk about a vuh-j-j!

  6. Surplusexistance Says:

    “PS Don’t get me wrong! Real-world & real-time vaginas are heavenly. But I just don’t get turned on gazing into them…” ~ Tyrr, May 1st.

    You sir, have just summed everything I was thinking in one sentence. Vagina’s are only sexy to feel, not to see in my own opinion.

  7. bob Says:

    WooW!! eventually !!! :):):):):):) :D

    and ‘Surplusexistance’ really says it all, and I would ask people to please EDUCATE themselves, as Tyrr has, that you ‘look INTO’ them… :D

    as said elsewhere, ‘pussy’ was taken.. so as long as you know, the proper definition is here…

    Vulva is the medical term for the slang, pussy..

  8. Jes Says:

    I have to disagree. They can be quite arousing to see. Especially when you know what you’re doing with it. It’s all about her pleasure.

  9. FrankNZ Says:

    Reese, excellent work!

  10. BillyC Says:

    Wow I’ve only been posting for a short time and already I’ve made a difference. But the idea was just the logical conclusion of the way Reese has been going I’ve read nearly every backdated blog here and I just suggested what I thought Reese would have done eventually.

    PS to add to the debate, I personally am not that big on Pussy shots but I like to expand my horizons

  11. husoinhurrvf Says:

    thery nice

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