MyBoobSite’s Model Directory

Apologies for not being very talkative today, but I’ve been working hard on creating a comprehensive model directory for MyBoobSite! I’ve thumbnailed all of my favourite big-breasted blog subjects, and provided an index of all of the relevant entries in which they appear below the photos. You just have to click on a photo to jump to that model’s index. Check it out! :~)

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3 Responses to “MyBoobSite’s Model Directory”

  1. BigBoobFan Says:

    Nice job! All the ladies in one easy to access area. Mmmmmmm boobs.

  2. cd_RW Says:

    i thought you had sold your blog to someone or something when i didnt see the usual blog posts on haha. glad to see its all your work. nice job!

  3. Wunderbahr Says:

    Hmmm … aren’t we spoiled little peckers :)

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