Big boobs that swing both ways…

Alfred Kinsey, in his breakthrough study of human sexuality in the late-1940s, reported that no one was totally “straight” or totally “gay”. Instead, everyone was graded on a scale of varying degrees of bisexuality. Considering the wife Vix & my own circle of swinging friends, I would tend to agree…in fact, we’ve got a lovely, busty, blonde girl visiting us this afternoon who “swings both ways” (but that’s another story). ;~)

I must say, however, that the porn industry’s feeble attempts at portraying girl-on-girl action typically leaves a great deal to be desired. These “lipstick lesbians” appear just to be going through the motions for the benefit of the video camera, rather than genuinely enjoying themselves and each other. This just doesn’t do it for me. I want to see people having real sex – not just pretending. Needless to say, I’m often disappointed with this so-called “lesbian porn”.

So, whilst perusing the ‘net for big breasts, I was thrilled to come across the following video of 38H Bozena & 42F Kelly Kay from the massive Score archive. After sharing a sensual shower, they hit the bed with more than enough pussy licking and grinding to prove they’re not faking it! But it’s the double-ended dildo scene that really clinches it for me, with both girls off in their own little worlds, furiously rubbing their clits to indubitable orgasm. And thus, my faith in porn has been restored…

Kelly Kay 42F  & Bozena 38H Lesbian Video    Kelly Kay 42F  & Bozena 38H Lesbian Video    Kelly Kay 42F  & Bozena 38H Lesbian Video

Kelly Kay 42F  & Bozena 38H Lesbian Video    Kelly Kay 42F  & Bozena 38H Lesbian Video    Kelly Kay 42F  & Bozena 38H Lesbian Video


28 thoughts on “Big boobs that swing both ways…”

  1. Dam, that’s good stuff! This does seem more “real” than many others. I’d love to see more of these two together!

  2. Found a couple of Bozena boy/girl clips on Melons.TV, and thought she was just terrific. She reminds me a bit of Susie Wilden (about whom I’ve written you before) — looks cheerful and pleasantly overstuffed, while taking care of a guy in comprehensive fashion. Looks just like the fabulously voluptuous, sexually aggressive, good natured girlfriend we all would die for!

  3. Good-God, I just found this website, and for some reason, I can’t seem to stop beating-off! I’m gonna have to see a professional about this!

  4. my girlfriend cannot get enough of me inside her pussy maybe i can get her to try this stuff but how … I think it would excite her too!

  5. Blonde vs brunette, it is apparent that these two have managed to suduce each other. Just look at their nipple size. pretty evenly matched, but it looks like Bozena is winning in the endurance contest, she is loving it, in these clips. Understand that kelly Kay edged out Bozena in the popularity contest earning 2301 votes made Kelly Kay the Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year. Bozena, a big favorite with 2283. Again stiff competition, but as Bozena I see Bozena does hard core, she may influence Kelly to do the same or hopefully in future shoots together. It would appear they are rivals that turn each other on as they are in other photo shoots together in which they appear to have a thing for each other. Maybe they have something to prove to each other “hopefully”.
    Bozena is another discovery from the Czech Republic but she is distinguished from that prestigious group in two ways. First off she came to modeling later then the others. On one site, the info on Bozena says she was in her late twenties when she began1971
    B-day : Sept. 28, 1973
    Height : 5′ 8
    Weight : 162 lbs
    Stats : 46-30-39 42-26-36 (42F)
    Looking at the clips it looks like Kelly Kay`s stats are similar, neither one really has anything on the other,, It makes I guess if the info I found is correct 34 years of age, maybe a turn on for her to be able to sexually compete and win against a girl, “Kelly Kay”, who is said to be 21 years old.Kelly can not let a older woman win against her is sexy contest can she ?? endurance and time will tell…Dan

  6. Hi Reese,
    Any chance of you getting some pics of a real cutie teen Russian babe named Yulia Nova? She has a body and a fantastic rack that would put Anya/Merilyn to shame!!! If you’ve not come across her man you’re in for a treat…..

  7. Hi Reese,
    You did it again!!! Everytime I say you can’t do better than that you pull another beauty out of the hat…
    I’m talking about Kelly Kay & Bozena getting it on. That is no pretend pussy sucking…Kelly looks as if she can’t get enough of Bozena’s pussy…and like wise Bozena….What chance do us guys’ have unless we have a pussy??? So we’ll just have to enjoy watching them pussy eating….More of the same Please, preferably with Kelly and Bozena

  8. Reese,

    There is nothing like a couple of women with giant tits getting off on each other. I can’t get enough! Keep it up!

  9. Had the chance to see the 8 minute version of this flick, Kelly plays to the camara at first but Bozena working over kellys pussy turned it into a hot dual. they are both focused on each others tits and pussy. They really do make each other cream, I`m sure it did not stop after the camara did

  10. Yulia Nova is gorgeous but kinda boring after a while as she doesn’t really do a whole lot except stand in different poses.
    I read a while back that she was only being photographed by a Japanese dude and she was using the money she was making to save up for school. And then that was it, no more shoots once she started Law school I think…haven’t seen any of her since so maybe she’s prosecuting KGB by now…

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