Nadine Jansen gets naked at

I don’t mean to tease you all today, but I have just seen the most exceptionally hot erotic video I’ve encountered in my entire lifetime as a big breast lover. It’s called “imperios” and stars none other than 38J Nadine Jansen and comes courtesy of

Nadine Jansen 38J at

…the reason that I’m apologising in advance for teasing you is that I don’t currently have permission to show any clips from the video. :~( However, I’ll be contacting the lovely Danni Ashe – owner of – to see if she’d allow me to feature a few preview clips of the amazing action that lies therein. So keep your fingers crossed, guys & gals, and I’ll try to get the authorisation I need to show you what I’m talking about.

However, I’m sincerely hoping that Danni won’t mind me showing you a handful of quarter-resolution vidcaps from this most magnificent mammary movie – the actual video was shot in 720×528 resolution DV quality – as it will assist me in illustrating the story: Essentially, it’s a POV virtual lap-dance with Nadine starting off in a sexy belly-dancer outfit whilst an anonymous male sits reclined in a chair before her. After dancing seductively for a bit, Ms. Jansen permits the lucky bloke to undo her top (something of which we can all but dream), thus releasing her gigantic J-cup juggs to freedom. Nadine then begins to approach him seductively, getting ever closer until, ultimately, she drags her 38J breasts across his face before rearing back to lick her nipples. Spinning around, she settles down into the tormented tit-lover’s lap (but not before grinding her beautiful ass in his face and allowing him to cop a feel). He settles his hands on Nadine’s tummy whilst she writhes against his chest for a bit before taking hold of his hands with hers and slowly edging them upward until they grasp her big tits. *phew*

But that’s not even the sexy part! No, it’s an altogether different sequence shot in vintage black & white which runs in parallel – interspersed with the lap-dancing action – that made me cream my jeans every time it was cut in. In this evolving scene, we get to play voyeur as Ms. Jansen removes her panties to expose her beautiful pussy with its luscious labia lips and considerable clit. She begins writhing on the couch and grinding her hips and ass as if fucking an invisible cock and just generally being all too sexy for our own sanity. Nadine then settles back on the couch – not totally naked apart from her black stockings – and spreads her legs to provide an unfettered view of her full-frontal nudity before beginning to stroke her pussy in the one of the most horny porn movie moments I’ve ever witnessed. double-phew*

Leave it to Nadine Jansen to come up with the most seductive solo scene ever shot in black & white. Nestled comfortable within the cleavage of the full-colour imperious lap-dance story, her succulent pussy and monochrome massive mammaries mess with your mind in a manner I could have never imagined. But enough teasing, as I do have permission to at least show you a few photos of the stunning 38J Nadine Jansen courtesy of

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at

Nadine Jansen 38J at    Nadine Jansen 38J at


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9 Responses to “Nadine Jansen gets naked at”

  1. BigBoobFan Says:

    Love Nadine! I’ve been a long time fan of hers, and many of the ladies at, as I used to be a member of the Hot Box a long time ago – what an excellent site Danni created over there. The girls there were all top notch and beautiful. I think Wifey got her start over there.

    Reese – I don’t think Danni is involved with it as much any more. Danni’s Hard Drive was sold in 2004 to John Morisano who put Layne Thrasher in charge of it. In 2006, Penthouse Media Group Inc bought and Video Bliss Inc. (owners of the website) for $3 million.

    That Nadine is one gorgeous woman! Great blog Reese.

  2. curious Says:

    wasnt nadine pregnant? does she have any lactation videos?

  3. MaGnUs Says:

    How sexy… Danni, or whoever is in charge, please give Rese permission to show us that vid!

  4. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    It’s great to see Nadine here, but weren’t these pix taken in like 2001? Thanks for the new stuff scoremag. Ah well, I shouldn’t complain, at least Nadine is here. She’s long been absent.

  5. Frank Says:

    Nadine is one of my all-time favourites. The ultimate curvaceous beauty, possessing a pair of stupendous breasts and a wonderfully rounded bottom. And as softcore as her material is, with every photoshoot there is always hope of seeing more of her gorgeous pussy.

    Yes, Nadine did give birth and I believe she did some lactation material for her own site. It would be wonderful to see more of this!

  6. dreyfuzz Says:

    Mr. Unnatural, you’re right. Those pix are taken several years ago. I believe Nadine hasn’t done anything for Scoreland or since 2002 or 2003. Which is shame and something I don’t really understand. Maybe she and Daktari wants to keep all possible content on Nadine’s own site?

    Anyway I’d like to thank Reese for an excellent post! Nadine is definitely my favorite model and it’s always great to see her blogged here (or anywhere). Reese, thank you for a good job, you have told about the difficulties concerning Nadine (and Milena Velba) so it’s really great you found this possibility to blog her.

  7. JJ Says:

    ive been following after nadine for almost 6 years,she was my first busty model id ever seen.she is the greatest and still my fave,if u goto u will find a lactation video i put on there.

  8. Vadd Says:

    Love Nadine. She, like many of us I assume, was one of my first introductions to TRULY big breasted women.

  9. Biz Says:

    German Girls are number 1 !

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